Max V: Mental Preparation For Combat

Tempus fugit.

Best get to it.

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  1. im not sure why you are training in the boonies.i think the coming unpleasentness will be fought up and down I-95 and its tributaries and with in twenty five miles either will be fought from vehicles and from safe houses and warehouses.there will be some fighting on other corridors in other parts of the country.this is just my opinion.your friend truckwilkins

    • Iceni26AD

      If you don’t mind my asking, why do you think this?

      • Because city centers = locus of power/source of insoluble conflict, Interstate avenues of ingress/egress/interdiction/resupply… containment!!!

        • Iceni26AD

          I get that part. I was seeking clarification on what appears to be a case for few problems outside that limited area. I think once those areas are in total chaos, it will spill over…be it a tank of gas away, or “average distance on foot, over uneven ground.”

          In many ways, what “Truck” is opining here is a best case scenario, it appears to me.

    • luckyrogue

      Without trying to step on your toes here truck, I think what will happen in these corridors will more or less be chaos and looting, not so much of fighting. Granted this is all speculation on both of our parts, but ultimately I would expect high crime rates within urban areas and an attempt to mop them up. Any sort of battle would likely be over some sort of resources; food, fuel and the like. I-95 would become people trying to survive against each other in desolated space with limited resources and no means to escape the area. All the while authorities would be caught in the middle of it and make the mess even worse.
      Likely the truly prepared/trained fighters aren’t going to rush into a killzone like a big city along I-95. I would think the trained would want to overwhelm what ever forces are in rural areas that are cut off from supplies and backup already, then just keep knocking em out as they show back up.
      Maybe I’m dead wrong here, but I think a lot of lessons got learned from the last decade of OEF/OIF.

      • yes when the time comes we must begin the chaos.this will force the fedgov to concentrate on its on problems.this is their soft underbelly.i am not sure how you would train for this but how can you conseal weopons in a car or truck how can you fight and eliminate a highway patrolman? how do you run an ambush in an suburban setting. how do you then fade away into the landscape after an alterction? these things are to me important.i am just an old blind man so all these things are just speculation.and I honestly don’t want any of this to happen but I don’t hold out much hope.look to the dc sniper incident and multify that by a hundred or a thousand the mind bogles.your friend truckwilkins

    • Cassandra (of Troy)


      Although you make a good point about primarily rural training, after thinking about what said training consists of you understand that such activities would be SEVERELY disapproved of by the residents of sub/urban areas & those who control same, i.e., the ruling class & their edict enforcers. Also remember that in a systemic collapse those in developed areas like cities/suburbs/large towns will do whatever they can to escape, & w/ them will come the predators & crazies some of whom will be what once were ‘nice’ people.

      ‘Safety’s just a tankful away’ is what a LOT of people will think & they’ll expect to be fed/clothed/housed/protected/entertained by their ‘fellow Americans’ despite the fact that they’re highly unlikely to do so for others, “I/my family/whatever have a RIGHT to survive” combined w/ the automatic entitlement mentality that’s been driven into the minds of people of all types for 5+ decades will be ‘justification’ for all sorts of heinousness & depravity. A trip thru most shopping centers/malls will confirm this as will a review of events like the 1992 Rodney King riot, the aftermath of hurricane Katrina, & the now common carnage that erupts after sports victories/defeats.

      Trouble’s like disease, tw, it tends to travel, & smart folks understand that fact & will do what they can to be ready for it.

      Cassandra (of Troy)

      • how far out from the cities will they make it?an accident and a huge grid lock for miles any more than a few hours delay and few would get would have a large parking lot full of angry people I don’t think most will make it many miles from the cite and you can predict I would think pretty accurate where that one tank of gas will take them and where ever that point is will be another cluster F!@#k to be dealt with by the gov.more and more things to tie them up.whn you have cut off the electricity and therefor their water and have cut off or restricted their food and feul washngton dc will be hell on earth they want have the time or resources to deal with us. your friend truckwilkins

        • Just congestion in of itself would be all that was needed to gridlock the highways. Then once people realize that the walls of civility around them have genuinely collapsed, it won’t take long before the mob violence follows. By then the boulder would be rolling, and disaster would build upon itself.

          I have hope that even in the midst of the darkest parts of the cities that there would be hold-outs, groups of armed people who have still maintained their humanity. And who are willing to kill the vicious new fauna that besets them in order to maintain that humanity.

          Time will tell.

      • As it goes I have my choice of hunkering down in the ‘burbs where I am now or making a break for the rural areas outside of the town. The largest ‘city’ in my state holds approx. 65k people. It’s tiny compared to true cities, but it’s also right next to me. It’s also full of EBT aficionados, drug users and your seemingly ubiquitous Prog/Hipster. A threat in numbers, and will become quite vicious once they realize their choice of the vapid culturista lifestyle has left them with nothing going for them. But that selfsame lifestyle has rendered them mostly unarmed, and un-educated (no skillsets, no forethought in regards to disaster contingencies), so they’ll be much like zombies in a sense, but more motivated by feral rage than a simple disease.

        Hopping on the highways or byways and making a run for the hills seems like a precarious position to me, personally. Those who will be doing the same likely won’t be terribly friendly, and I can only imagine that those already in the rural zones faced with this onslaught will be any friendlier than those clogging the road ways. Besides, I can only carry so many rounds/rifles/cans of food.

        In the vicious economy of war and survival, I’ll take the devil that I know as opposed to the one that I don’t.

        Even if it may just be me digging my own grave….

  2. this is an interesting idea, and suggests that the current Regime is a paper tiger, i.e., we will be carrying the fight into the urban communes fairly quickly. Maybe

  3. Cassandra (of Troy)

    Excellent article, read also MV’s On War piece as well as the comments of both. Good stuff there & MUCH food for thought.

    Cassandra (of Troy)

    • Cassandra (of Troy)


      Something else to consider.:

      The Female Social Matrix: An Introduction

      Cassandra (of Troy)

      • Iceni26AD

        I tried, Cassandra, truly,…to get through that one without a single judgment regarding the intellectual bent of the author.

        Alas…miserable failure on that count.

        But, feeling generous of spirit this morning, will merely conclude that the author needs to get out more.

        Or…I could have missed your point…always a possibility…but for the life of me cannot see how shoe selection tells me anything about other women except what is important to them…which has little to no bearing on what is important to me.

        Maybe I need to get out more.

      • Great article. It reinforces that liberalism is driven by female energies. Feelings, trophies for participating, etc.

  4. the power is along I 95.political,eonomic and media.i have to say I pray that things can be fixed without a civil war but I think things have gone to far for a peaceful resolution.the interstates are the life blood of the cities and if they can be merely disrupted let alone shutdown the internal dynamics of the cites will cause them to implode shut off the food and feul for a few months and mass geniside would ensue a terrible thing to contemplate. the first thing to do is clear the roads of leos.most are in their cars by theirselvesat least to begin with and when they have to go about in groups this will cause them to not be able to cover as much ground and have as big of a presence.the use of a modern Q ship a box truck or van aromered up.sniping from overpasses etc.when the people figger out that if they leave us alone we will leave them alone things will get better.if we have reteated to the boonies we have lost they will be able to hunt us down idvidually not good we need to swim in the sea of our enemy and attack him at our time and place.your friend truckwilkins

  5. let say you are a middleaged person and if you ran for more than a hundred yards you would keel over from a massive heart attack.what can yu do?lets say that the president has declared himself pres for life and a junta has been declared and they’ve started arresting people.what could you do.could you collapse washing ton dc. the leos who took an oath to defend the constution are still on the job so I say fair game. so you and a buddy aquire a Q ship an old work van a work truck with a covered trailer a bread truck you use this as your blind.your in your fiftys sixtys maybe seventys buuuut your still a pretty good shot with your deer rifle you get you some workclothes a hardhat tool belt some big traffic cones and you set up and ambush or take out a few the people in dc can really only run in two directions duen south on ai95 or west on I66 and of course secondary road but most sheeple will opt for the interstste, so you start peeling the onion and I know this will take more than two guys but lets say there are 250 divided into 2 or 3 man cells and they wouldn’t have to be too closely coordernated. so your set up in your Q ship with your partner/spotter/back up on an on ramp or beside the interstate within rifle call in a 911 emergency on a old car on the shoulder of the road when mister leo who took an oath and betrayed that oath when he gets out of his car you shoot you can bug out then or maybe shoot his back up this happens a few times and the local leos are no longer going around solo.their going around in packs and I would the outer layer of the onion has come off because some of the leos will quit some will shirk.with no electric no water no food in aweek or two there will be a mass exit but we don’t want them to live we want them to suffer the consequences of their behavior they voted for the clowns they are suckin on the fed teat. so you make the road ways impassable then the urban utes will go nuts. well I guess im a heartless basterd but this may come to pass I pray to the good lord that our leaders have the sense to draw back from the abys but liberty will die with us unless we stand up fight. your friend truckwilkins

  6. Jimmy the Saint

    Something else occurs to me from that picture. Soldiers, police, and militia are all going to look *a lot* alike, especially to folks who aren’t really familiar with uniforms.

    Like as not, that’s going to create some interesting moments and unfortunate misunderstandings in any festivities.

  7. Jim Klein

    Great comment thread. Truck, I think you’ve got the situation right…that’s where the people are, after all. Thing is, it sounds like a problem without a realistic solution. I know it’s easier said than done, but I’d recommend getting the hell out of there.

    Not that rural areas will be a cakewalk either. Fewer choke-points, especially for vehicles, make it easier for OPFOR to control. OTOH fewer people, and much fewer assholes, make it easier for FREEFOR to control. Plus, that’s where the food is.

    Best of all would be for the Bad Guys to realize that the 30 pieces of silver are counterfeit, but that’s looking less likely by the day.