Fascism, FUSA, And The Future

On this Memorial Day, please take the time to read John T. Flynn’s classic 1944 warning of approaching American totalitarianism, As We Go Marching.

Those with limited time can skip to Part III of the book, entitled “The Good Fascism”, in which Flynn looks at 1944 America through the lenses of both the Italian and German fascist structures – both of which were still extant as he wrote.

Or you can use this Mises excerpt of the work and see Flynn’s description of fascism’s essence:

…As we survey the whole scene in Italy, therefore, we may now name all the essential ingredients of fascism. It is a form of social organization

– In which the government acknowledges no restraint upon its powers — totalitarianism

– In which this unrestrained government is managed by a dictator — the leadership principle

– In which the government is organized to operate the capitalist system and enable it to function — under an immense bureaucracy

– In which the economic society is organized on the syndicalist model, that is by producing groups formed into craft and professional categories under supervision of the state

– In which the government and the syndicalist organizations operate the capitalist society on the planned, autarchical principle

– In which the government holds itself responsible to provide the nation with adequate purchasing power by public spending and borrowing

– In which militarism is used as a conscious mechanism of government spending, and

– In which imperialism is included as a policy inevitably flowing from militarism as well as other elements of fascism.

Wherever you find a nation using all of these devices you will know that this is a fascist nation. In proportion as any nation uses most of them you may assume it is tending in the direction of fascism…

Thus the terrible irony of the iconic image above, occurring near the culmination of what Bill Buppert calls “the war to save Josef Stalin” as Flynn’s book was circulating amongst those demonized as “isolationists” and the Bretton Woods global financing infrastructure was being built:

Average Russian soldiers meeting average American soldiers, each fighting a horrific war on behalf of their own respective dictators and bankers against average German soldiers commanded by another group of dictatorial monsters and their financiers.

Now roll the film forward seventy years and view the players again:

– The vanquished German National Socialist empire was dismembered, borders recast, dissolved again, borders drawn again, and now stands primus inter pares at the core of the (soft) totalitarian European Union superstate;

– The triumphant Soviet Socialist empire crushed its brownshirted competition on the European continent and snarled at its American imperial former ally for 45 years, then dissolved, resurrected, and is stretching its sinews once again towards its former geopolitical positions; and

– The equally-triumphant American democratic socialist empire stood astride the globe for decades, defying the laws of arithmetic, extinguishing individual liberty within its borders as it proclaimed itself the global guardian of freedom, and spending itself into feckless impotence.

A Memorial Day moral to the story?

1) Remember the dead, as this commenter eloquently states.

2) But remember as well the soft-palmed men who got them there, as well as the international banking syndicates that, today just as yesterday, stir conflict and suffering for profit.

3) And know always that anyone understanding the formula of private property and individual freedom is an ally for prosperity and the defeat of the ruling classes, whether you are a Thai marcher in Bangkok, a Novorussian freedom fighter in Donetsk, a Christian home-church leader in Zhejiang, or a Three Percenter building his family’s cabin in the American Redoubt.

The struggle for freedom is universal and eternal, as are the adversaries.

Resist tyranny.

However you can.

No matter what.


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  1. Paul Lemmen

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  2. Remember both the sacrifices, and the lies.

    As Edward Abbey put it, “There was never a good war, or a bad revolution.”

    • nonsense. The Spanish-American War was a nifty bit of American Empire building, at the expense of an empire that was collapsing anyway; in particular, had the US not hijacked the Philippines, the Japs – who grabbed Formosa in 1895 – would have done so then and there. And WW II, Pacific theater, was the very best kind of war: A Race War.

      good “revolution”?? The ones that come immediately to mind were complete catastrophes: the proto-communist seizure of Power in France, which resulted in vast domestic massacres and then the Napoleonic rampage; and the Judeo-communist seizure of power in Russia, whose results are well known. And BTW, we have not yet had a “revolution” in this country, but two secessions: the first, America from England, succeeded…while the second, South from North, failed. True, revolutions have to happen from time to time, forced by the violent corruptions of those in power. But the results are often/usually even worse than what preceeded.

      • Spanish-American war? Yeah, just what we needed, an empire. Good for the rulers, bad for the rest of us.

        Anyway the point is that wars are instigated by and profitable for the ruling class. Revolutions are not. That doesn’t guarantee every revolution will have a nice outcome; but they are worth doing even if there is risk.

        As to the American revolution, yes it was a secession but we didn’t end up with our own local King, so it was a revolution too (I’m talking about 1775, not the counter-revolution in 1787).

  3. Waiting in Idaho

    Thanks CA. Great post on this special day. And thankyou to all of you who have defended liberty.

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    I really couldn’t agree more. Yes, it’s possible to honor the fallen while acknowledging the struggle was not for what the propaganda told them it was.

  5. T Cumsehi

    Highly reccomend Savage Continent. Heavy read but provides a lot of insight into how fhinks can come apart.

  6. Ditto what NWL said above.

  7. MtnTopPatriot

    You know everyone talks weapons and tyrants, who is to blame, what is the turning point etc. When the answer is right before our eyes. It is us, our belief in winning or loosing which defines us. It is those who believe they can win who define their future, but it is those who believe it is not only possible, but they believe in their fellow Patriots who believe it is Liberty and the belief of it that wins.

    This right here what CA wrote below, well it says everything. And if you don’t got it in your heart, all the bullets and beans in the world don’t mean a thing.

    “3) And know always that anyone understanding the formula of private property and individual freedom is an ally for prosperity and the defeat of the ruling classes, whether you are a Thai marcher in Bangkok, a Novorussian freedom fighter in Donetsk, a Christian home-church leader in Zhejiang, or a Three Percenter building his family’s cabin in the American Redoubt.

    The struggle for freedom is universal and eternal, as are the adversaries.

    Resist tyranny.

    However you can.

    No matter what.


  8. J. T. Flynn was quite a good writer. I read one of his books recently, an account of how FDR ran the Great Depression, which included a story about how FDR would peg the current price of gold as he was getting breakfast in bed in his pajamas.

    Too bad for me and them both, my parents paid quite a lot of money forty years ago to send me to be educated at Michigan State University, where I was told about how nicely FDR did. It is nice, in my old age, that I did discover Flynn’s books.

    It hurt me quite a lot to find out several years ago that my grandparents, small business owners who had been wrecked by the Depression, voted for this FDR person. Guess I was wanting a Wendell Wilkie moment from the prairie lands, which did not happen in the rural place where I grew up.

    My father is stiill a fan of FDR at age 89. We don’t talk about that much. A lifetime of embracing statism by default (since there was not many other oars in the water during the golden years of the late ’50s to mid-60s, save the “extremist” John Birch Society), has caused that. And, he went to war for FDR as a teen-ager.

    In his old age, he’s wondering what went wrong as he continues to live, and ever will, live in a blue state that is getting bluer with the greater influx of goat eaters. And I can’t tell him my view and get him to understand it much on the phone, two days’ drive away from that blue place.

  9. Great read…..I always thought how ironic it was that we went to war in WW2 to defeat Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy and Imperial Japan and in the end we became more like them rather than not while all the while being allied with the USSR. FDR was as big a criminal as Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin ad Tojo but he had better PR and his side won.

    • Actually, “we” went to war to save the English ruling class, pull their chestnuts out of the fire.

  10. Here in the South, we have been trying desperately to believe in the ” New America” since 1865. How many of us have fought and died in her wars since then ? More and more, people are seeing through the lies and propaganda, young and old. It is hard to realize you have been supporting evil and tyranny your entire life. I wouldn’t fault your Dad for trying to be what he has been told is a good American. He wasn’t given the full story and had no way to find it. Today we have the internet and that may prove to be decisive.

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  12. Cassandra (of Troy)

    Believe it or don’t, there are some foreign & domestic bright spots that pierce the gloom.:

    City plans to attack economic segregation by moving poor into middle class neighborhoods, richer into poverty spots

    Multicultural Mayhem in Brooklyn

    Education Left Squeezes White Suburbia

    Diversity-Hating Liberals On College Campuses Wage War On Tacos, Spanish Language

    The Perils of J Street

    Jewish DePaul Student: ‘I No Longer Felt Safe on This Campus’

    Family of Dead Armed Robber Speaks Out Against CCP Holder Who Shot Him & Calls For Stricter Gun Laws

    Parents of Jordan Davis bash Stand Your Ground law during Jacksonville town hall

    Wannabe Gangsters Just ‘Tryin’ To Eat’ When Killed During Break-In

    Sheriffs opt to free suspected undocumented immigrants

    A chilling message from the cartels: Billboards with hanging mannequins warning cops to choose ‘silver or lead’ appear in Texas
    (Poor ol’ John/Jane Law just cain’t win for losing what w/ folks runnin’ around recordin’ cops a whoopin’ an’ a stompin’ an’ a killin’ people who say they ain’t crinimals when that’s uh plain LAH, other folks w/ them damned assault weppins asayin’ they’s agonna shoot ’em if’n they keep on enforcin’ tha LAW like they’s been doin’, an’ now the REAL crooks’re tellin’ us they’ll kill us an’ our famlies stone dead if’n we don’t do what THEY say whal our Imperium Masters tell us we’ll get locked up if’n we do sechlahk. LE shore is a tuff life)

    New Jersey Set To Ban Common Hunting Rifles

    Teacher Asks Second Graders To Draw What They See In Clouds, Boy Sees Gun, Teacher WRITES UP BOY

    UK Scraps Subsidies To Solar Farms ‘Blighting’ The Countryside

    Australia to cut spending on climate change by 90%

    Don’t go Pollyanna & declare victory because of the above, also don’t overlook the educational opportunities they offer.

    Cassandra (of Troy)