Good Question

Are You Talking to a Provocateur?

Excuse for inaction or legitimate OPSEC issue?

You make the call.

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  1. Paul Lemmen

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  2. Anonymous

    I’ve looked over a number of militia busts. One thing that struck me about the fed agent, that I didn’t remember seeing in the article, was that they were able to fill a ‘need’. Do you need someone who can make that IED? He can do it. Do you need someone to provide you with that weapon mod? He can do it. You need to buy explosives? He has a contact.

    The agents, in the cases I have looked at, tended to not just be the guy that encouraged the group to take that next (or two or three) steps, but also the guy that provided the ability for the group to do it if they lacked the capability.

    Watch for that, maybe even use it for a check – but be careful of buying into a conspiracy charge through entrapment.

    • Battlefield USA

      There you go. I couldn’t sleep last night, so I got up, laid on the couch, and turned on the television. As I was flipping through the channels, Al Jareeza caught my eye… we actually have a Al Jareeza channel, I didn’t know. In this case, not a bad thing. The were doing a documentary on the Colombian FARC… and, how was it infiltrated? By someone fulfilling a need, gained their trust… and, “Hey, I know this guy.”

      For instance… the FARC used local river boaters to move troops and supplies. They had the need and he had the means. But no one bothered to ask around. Hey, it this guy a local? How long has he been around? Etc. They just jumped right in… they had a need, he had a means. It was even as simple as… Do you have some cotton towels? Yes, here. No, no… we need more than that. She provided the need, continued to provide needs, and she was in.

  3. Play ’em. And if confirmed, do ’em. This ain’t a game.

    • Anonymous

      I strongly suggest you do not do that. That is just about the worst thing you could do. You are not going to “do’em” and then just have the feds forget about it. Doesn’t work that way, not even a little tiny bit. This will not be the time chest thumping, but instead a limited window in which you can do some damage control.

      First, you need to accept that you have been busted. They know. Your only advantage, if any, is that they may not know that you know…

      You have to use that advantage.

      What do you do? You act ‘normal’ in every way other than you do not do anything incriminating – do not give them a reason to believe that you are on to them. Meanwhile, you sanitize everything. You do whatever you can to make any evidence against you vanish. You cut contacts to others, and as best and safely as possible let them know that you are compromised so that they can do the same.

      Next you try to flip the situation. Hopefully the provocateur is still in ‘lets motivate them’ mode and hasn’t put you in ‘doing illegal stuff’ mode.

      Do the best you can to set things up to look like you guys are concerned about MR provocateur. From the minute you find out you start sending text and email messages back and forth about how MR P is nuts and you are just shining him on in hopes that the cops can take care of him before something bad happens. Make sure you include language about how not only would you never DO whatever provocateur is suggesting, but that without him you would not even be physically capable of doing so. Everyone sends messages with variations of how they wish MR P would just go away so you could go back to just talking smack, shucks, it isn’t like you guys could even DO the stuff that was talked about.

      If you can keep that going for a few weeks, so much the better.

      After a few weeks, you now need to expose him as a provocateur, and you as nice innocent good guys. You concerned upstanding citizens you. You go to the sheriff yourself, about the provocateur. See something, say something – so you are. “Look sheriff, we might talk a bit after a few beers and all but we would never actually DO anything. Heck we couldn’t if we wanted to! But this guy here…he is fucking nuts! And we thing he can…” Offer to help the sheriff ‘sting’ MR provocateur.

      • Jim Klein

        Sounds like a lotta work, Anonymous. And as PJ notes, probably to no avail anyway.

        I’m a big fan of creative thinking, but a War without Treason and its attendant consequences is stretchin’ my mind a bit. I’d prefer no War, but that’s not my choice to make. Plus, how often is OG wrong?

    • The only problem with your approach is that you are assuming a functioning justice system that you can then subvert. It’s not functioning (for us) and you can’t subvert it. If they can’t collect evidence, they will make it up. Good luck, working within the system.

      To me, when the time comes that you are at war, then you are at war. No point in doing things half-assed.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      If you’re going to go down that road, you need to go at least one step further. As Roy DeMeo and Jimmy Coonan used to say: No corpse, no corpus delicti.

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  5. while at the range I’ve twice been approached by militia recruiters. Something about an M1a seems to draw them. I don’t doubt that both were legit, and I’m equally certain that >10% of the members of any local unit are .gov narcs. Who, once the real fight begins, will molt from informant/provocateurs to active backshooters. This is why I’m going it alone until after the shake-out

    • I agree. Keep any such associations limited to a few people you have known forever; joining large groups looks crazy to me.