Ol’ Remus: Default Looms, And The Scramble Is On

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…The economy has failed. We’re insolvent and well into the maneuvering phase. It’s both different and the same as “the” Depression. In the 1930s, bank runs happened on the streets, this time they happened on the upper floors of financial institutions, although at the start there was a parallel run on ATMs. By all accounts it was a bloodbath. By all accounts the Federal Reserve was more helpful than their charter, or even simple ethics, allowed. Meanwhile, our creditors see us paying debt with more debt and getting close to where we can’t even meet the carrying charges and interest. And worse, we’re spiraling into a black hole of prior commitments that couldn’t be met by a galaxy of tax-paying planets.

Anybody solvent is tip-toeing away, the rest are going Galt or long torches and pitchforks…

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  1. The cockaroaches be eatin’ my food stamps and my wife, she sleepin’ wid da Bees.

  2. Excellent read, depressing but on target and relevant. My best buck ever was an 8pt (I’m a meat hunter not a horn jockey). He weighed 185 field dressed. That son of a gun came nosing along the trail and I took him w a Rem 870 using 12g slug. Clean double lung from 20yds.

    He ran off 75yds like a bat out of hades. My point here is that buck kept moving after catching some damn heavy lead at fairly high velocity.

    75 yds later he piled up just like I suspect our economy/culture will. It already caught the lead you see…

  3. Anonymous

    I’m sooooooo happy to hear this news. I means that people (when the financial SHTF comes) will have to shit or get off the pot. Your estimate of III percent being able to do what is necessary when the time comes is a gross underestimation. The real numbers will shake out to 5 to 9%–and this means around 17 million to 27 million patriots doing what is necessary. The more viscous the DC thugs become–the more the numbers will grow.

    Sure there will be millions of “gibsmedats” in the urban areas rocking back and forth on the curb, waiting for blocks of government cheese to arrive. But the more the DC thugs crack down on protestors and resistors, the more the movement will grow…. and an economic collapse will be the perfect catalyst to set the whole party in motion.

    If you doubt these numbers, just take a look at Afghanistan where we have had over 150,000 government employees of all types and nationalities trying to (unsuccessfully) hold the lid down on at the most 5000 OPFOR at any time in the country.

    Now reverse these odds in the states in a much larger geographical area, and with people who can actually operate flush toilets–and 17 million FREE-FOR versus at the most 2 million THUG-FOR… well you get the picture. The numbers are overwhelming and no amount of high-tech toys (as in Afghanistan) or force multipliers will pull their asses out of the fires.

    So please bring forth an economic collapse and watch what happens.

    • Bill Harzia

      “…Now reverse these odds in the states in a much larger geographical area, and with people who can actually operate flush toilets–and 17 million FREE-FOR versus at the most 2 million THUG-FOR… well you get the picture. The numbers are overwhelming and no amount of high-tech toys (as in Afghanistan) or force multipliers will pull their asses out of the fires…”

      And of those 2 million THUG-FOR, how many of them will quit the battlefield the first time they see their buddies catching a Molotov cocktail face first? Or realize that they may have to take the Ceaucescu challenge (i.e, can I get this rope off my neck fast enough)?

      Remember, for over thirty years now, “officer safety” has been predicated on the premise of going home at the end of your shift. Inadvertently, the so-called “elites” of USSA may have been brainwashing their minions to do just that without realizing it.

      The short version is, “Fuck this – I didn’t sign up for this.”

      • And Bill – that last sentence of yours is a classic.

        If possible, don’t aggravate that crowd by direct attacks.

        Remove their political and organizational infrastructure (by gentle reason and appeals to conscience, of course) so as to neutralize them.


        “No one gives a shit about lawyers – not even their families.”

        • I’m rather fond of Lawyer Barbie.

          To answer Bill’s question about quitters, every cop-turned-contractor I saw in Iraq quit when he met an enthusiast. Apparently there is no Iraqi word for “presumed compliance.”

          It should be pointed out, frequently and enthusiastically, there ain’t no FOB to hide on here….

          • The irony of a lawyer saying no one gives a shit about lawyers is apparent, nu?

            As someone who used to do the job, I can tell you two things:

            1) Being a big city org crime prosecutor is presumed to be a 100% untouchable position.

            2) There is ABSOLUTELY ZERO pack loyalty amongst govt prosecutors – compare that fact to the bonds between local cops and even between (the usually much more swish) Federal agents.


            • Jim Klein

              “There is ABSOLUTELY ZERO pack loyalty amongst govt prosecutors”

              Wow, that’s news. I would’ve guessed extreme agreement, at least philosophically. Actual lone wolves, eh?

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  5. Jeffery in Alabama

    Imagine the morning when the EBT’s do not swipe. Then, contemplate the third day. Even if there is some type of temporary.gov relief for the urban dwellers, I imagine such a scenario would resemble the LA/Rodney King riots multiplied to some infinite power.

    • But the EBT’s WILL swipe. After all, its not really money in the real sense anyway, now is it? Then the store owners who take EBT’s will refuse those customers because they KNOW there’s no money coming to them from the .gov after the customer walks out with the goods. The .gov will have easily put the conflict into the streets with the focus on the business owner who, probably is already looked at with distain due to his or her skin color or perhaps their social/wealth status. That’s how its gonna play out. The fantasy that those EBT cards will stop working is just that, a fantasy. You think the same .gov who’s been printing money out of thin air will ever let those cards stop working? Hell no. They need the store owner to do the dirty work and set the stage for where the line is drawn in the sand for sides. Who’s the largest EBT service center in the country? Walmart. Yeah, how do you think this is gonna go…..?

      • Which is why any business taking EBT now is a remora that will ultimately be eaten by the shark it has attached itself to.

      • Good point. However, the outcome is the same. Store owners do what they do for profit, not for the good of the peeple. As soon as the money stops coming in, they liquidate. The peeple are still gonna starve.

  6. Ya they are doing everything they can to “encircle” prior to actually shooting patriotic liberty minded folks. This was 2010-12. Despite all the bluster, a fight is a fight, the outcome is never certain and you rarely know how good the other guy is till you take that first punch.

    So what say u commies n fascists man up and really go for it. Many of us on our side pray daily for the strength to do what’s right when the time comes. Who do you wanna b standing next to when it goes down? Phil Robertson or Jay Carney? Ann Barnhardt or Arriana Huffington? TL Davis or John Boehner? The ghost of Chris Kyle or Lon Horiuchi?

    A million redneck deer hunters or a million OBammycare babies? And to you .mil who have already refused this blatantly unconstitutional directive and resigned thank you! To those of you who think it’s ok you have chosen your side.

  7. Pete Longstreet

    THUG-FOR (I like that one) will be so busy trying to control the urban youth that they wont know what hit them. They barely have the manpower for that, much less try to deal with the likes of us. Problem may come when they want to organize and arm the urban youths against us.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      I still believe that will be a key deciding factor in the festivities. L.A. probably has more gang members than there are people in Wyoming, THUG-FOR will have themselves all wrapped up trying to stay alive on a local level without ever even getting to the rural areas, every city across the whole country will be in the same situation.
      Either way, they’ll be in for a shitstorm like they never imagined. Payback will be muthrfukr.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        “L.A. probably has more gang members than there are people in Wyoming”

        In a lot of places, the local gangs will become the new government: they’re armed (at least somewhat), funded (at least somewhat), and organized (at least somewhat). They’ll simply take over openly (many are already the de facto rulers in their areas) as the gov withdraws.

        • Yeah, I think so. As to LA gangs and Wyoming, there is some distance between the two, so the comparison is pointless.

          We don’t care what happens in LA. Let the gangs have that place. We can trade with them, though. They aren’t necessarily our enemies. City gangs overtaking the countryside only makes sense if no one is trading with them. They ain’t farmers…

          • Jimmy the Saint

            It wouldn’t necessarily be a city gang that takes over a rural area, though in some urban-adjacent rural areas, it might (Mexican cartels have a pretty strong presence is So. Cal., even in some of the rural parts). Rural areas already have groups that are armed and organized – they’ll just shift their allegiance from the government to themselves (as they did in post-Soviet Russia, for example).

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  9. Anonymous

    Same old sky is falling story since the collapse. Same old predictions and mental jerk-offerey for the glorious “SHTF” scenario and the subsequent SHFT porn. When will you people learn that the people with the most to lose are the people/organizations propping the whole thing up, have done so for at least 100 years, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future? If you SHTF porn freaks really wanted to see it all burn, then maybe you should stop masturbating to your new long gun or camo-toothbrush for a while and think about what exactly are the pillars propping it all up, and how to topple a few of them.

    • Nah, it’s too much fun masturbating. But maybe you missed the point of the article. When people propping it up stop being paid in money of any value, the pillars will come down by themselves. So pardon us for trying to anticipate the future before it is on us. We will stop it until our wise Mr. Anonymous moves on.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      ” ….and how to topple a few of them.”
      Voting maybe?
      Anything else is just tin foil conspiracy theories, right?
      Myself and others here have brought up the shadow people on many occasions, only to be ridiculed for such idiotic thoughts. I’m beyond giving a fuck about any of it, except filling out my next voting card. It’s my patriotic duty.

    • If you’ve got all the answers, then why aren’t you the lead hitter? Same reason a lot of sane people aren’t, I’m guessing.

      Either be hasty or be patient, but speak for your damn self and not all us masturbators.

      Now go get ’em, tiger.

  10. Different Anonymous

    The middle class rulebook for the “liberal” game:

    1. Tax-fund the most costly and valueless activities you can think of. Building pyramids is good. War is better, because it costs more. Feeding the poor is best because it has a positive feedback loop that compounds growth.

    2. When most of the other seven billion humans agree with you that your activities are valueless, whine that the government should value them anyway from taxes.

    3. Repeat growth of government until starvation of population and collapse of government.

    4. Repeat liberal game with next government.