Maleficent 2016

Hillary Maleficient Poster
From a reader.

What difference indeed?

11 responses to “Maleficent 2016

  1. Paul Lemmen

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  2. Not much. Who ever runs against “Cankles”, is going to be some compromising asshat anyway, and guaranteed to be a squish even if elected. If people thought having a Kenyan socialist dog fuck half breed was bad, wait till they get a load of having a menopausal harpy skank for Prez. who will murder and obliterate her way to supremacy no matter what the price. We’ll wind up with less of a chance of survival than the fat kid in the Donner Party.

  3. as frightening as a plate of cold spinach? I think not

  4. Stuka Pilot – have the black Suburbans with guys talking into their hands pulled up outside yet?

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  6. Hey! Those motherfuckers in the Black Suburbans are always parked on my street! Mebbe I should take them some lemonade and cookies……………