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    • he’ll be OK, provided he avoids the VA…currently deadlier than the Taliban for US soldiers. BOT, I wonder if other kinds of pine trees are as tasty and edible as the white?

      • snowmizuh

        I don’t know if they are as tasty, but other pines are certainly edible in the same manner. I believe white pines are rare in Alabama, but we have long-leaf, short-leaf, virginia and loblolly.

        See episode 72 of this show “a Walk in the Woods” (about 10 min mark) for several wild edibles of Southern Appalachia. He makes tea from cedar boughs. Make sure you know your cedars and pines from hemlocks!

    • Anonymous

      Top Republicans on the Senate and House armed services committees went so far as to accuse President Obama of having broken the law, which requires the administration to notify Congress before any transfers from Guantanamo are carried out.

      The law requires the defense secretary to notify relevant congressional committees at least 30 days before making any transfers of prisoners, to explain the reason and to provide assurances that those released would not be in a position to reengage in activities that could threaten the United States or its interests

  1. Great video clip — one point of correction, it is only 1 year growth between the whorls, not 5 years. @Stuka, not sure… of course avoid the Hemlock… although a very good tea for the enemy 🙂

  2. Acorns. Google it.

  3. gunnyginalaska

    Pine sap is also good for you. Birch and Spruce are tasty. To gather pine nuts put green pine cones close to a fire and they’ll open up.

  4. The Wild Food Trail Guide by Alan Hall, Holt, Rinehart and Winston.

    Library of Congress Cat, Card No. 72-91562. ISBN:0-03-007701-X

    Small enough to pack along, limited to seventy common plants so as not to be overwhelming, with very good line drawings, detailed descriptions for ID, uses and preparation. Distribution maps, habitat, seasons, uses other than for food (dye, soap, insecticide, medicine and many more too numerous to list). And most importantly, a section on poisonous plants, some of which bear a striking resemblance to edible ones. I really can’t do it justice here, except to say that it’s one of the best such I’ve seen.

    Highly recommended.

  5. Question ; is it also true that groves of Coniferous trees can hide ones heat signature ? .

    • just from watching nocturnal videos from attacking helicopters, it seems that any kind of trees or thick vegetation will conceal heat signature(?). Of course, if “they” even suspect you’re there, they’ll saturate the area with 30 mm. and you’re dead anyway. So I’ll volunteer for the Day Patrol & you can do the Night wandering

  6. Thanks and keep ’em coming….

  7. Paul Lemmen

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  8. Lot of stuff out there to eat — day lily’s, wood sorrel, dandelion greens, lamb quarters, berries, etc… know your SOP and how to forage.

  9. swan832013

    Soooo he BROKE THE LAW AGAIN….. and NUTTIN will be done about it… NO SURPRISE……

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