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Sam K. discusses very small units and their uses.

More here and here and here.

Very small groups.


Already in place.

Limited comms, so limited ability to intercept.

Acting in defense of freedom.

By any means necessary.

Think about it.

By any means

DTG: Travel Light Without Freezing At Night

You do know how your gear stacks up in adverse conditions, right?

DTG makes some suggestions.

Dear Barry: FOAD

A Powerful Memorial Day Letter To Barack Obama


And every Congresscritter who could be doing more.

Famine Fighter

Give widespread distribution please to these food foraging videos.

They are excellent.

And they will save lives.

(H/t NCR)

AAR: Defensive Training Group LLC – Train The Trainer I/Essential Skills

Screen shot 2014-05-26 at 10.16.08 PM
It’s April, 2015.

Fortunately for you and what’s left of your family, you did buy and read A Failure of Civility before the world went Tango-Uniform.

The Chicago nuke didn’t send much fallout your way, although strong NNW winds remain a concern.

But your wife didn’t want to give up her granite countertops and her Viking stove to “move to the sticks”.

You weren’t willing to get divorced over it.

Worse yet, you didn’t train with any of the various FREEFOR training teams before the Collapse.

It was always going to be “next season”.

You understood how important it was to not only read, but to learn and do under experienced guidance.

You just didn’t execute.

And what the next season actually brought was the death of the dollar and the birth of a continental savagery in North America never seen before.

Your wife didn’t make it.

Nor did your son, who ran back in the house to help his mom and was cut into ribbons by a half-mag out of a full-auto AK.

So here you are, crouching in the basement of a looted strip mall, trying to teach your daughters, your nephew, and Mrs. Garson from across the street how to plan their escape route should today’s scavenging mission go sideways.

By flashlight.

With at least half of your class coming from the pre-war “I don’t do maps” mindset.

You begin again your explanation of why magnetic declination matters when out of nowhere, someone starts pounding on the basement door and screaming “Come out with your hands up!”…

If that scenario hits just a little too close to home, hie thee hence to DTG‘s Train the Trainer I course forthwith.

Here’s the quick and dirty details of the course:

Course: Train the Trainer 1: Essential Skills

Objective: Learn & Review primary survival and SUT skills to be taught to beginning Neighborhood Protection Team members through lecture, discussion & performance based classes & events.

POI Design: All subjects taught/reviewed ‘known to unknown; simple to complex.’ Performance objectives designed to incrementally exhaust stored energy beginning upon arrival and ending at last evaluation.

Fitness Pre-Requisite: All attendees should be physically fit to a reasonable level.

Capabilities should include:
Carry a 60 pound pack 3 miles without water or rest in under 50 minutes.
Perform 25 elevated (feet on pack) strict form push ups wearing load bearing equipment in less than 2 minutes.
Perform thirty 30 degree crunches (arms on chest) with ankles held wearing load bearing equipment in less than 2 minutes.
Perform 30 Side Straddle Hops immediately following crunches in less than 45 seconds.

Arrival: Team assignments, course orientation, ruck walk and review proper wear of clothing in the field.
Edged Weapon Care & Use: Tool selection & choice pro’s and cons, proper sharpening techniques & basic edged weapon use in defense.
Primitive Adaptation Skills: Fire building, shelter construction, water purification, diet supplementation, and hygiene.
Individual Movement: Crawling, walking, running in a manner that does not get the trainee hurt and lends itself to extending survival in WROL scenarios. Practice magazine changes from prone.
Night Activity Fundamentals: Development of night vision; use of micro-terrain as ‘false horizons’; sound travel; vision augmentation with standard optics.
Team Movement Techniques: Moving in/around urban/rural areas while securing team integrity. Buddy Team and 4 person NPT.
Camouflage, Cover & Concealment: Definitions, examples, and practice for self and equipment.
Security Patrolling: Concepts and principles; plan and conduct a Reconnaissance Patrol against a manned location.
Practical Marksmanship: Forced march with LBE/MBR, push ups, crunches, side straddle hops, perform Quick & Dirty AQT. At this point, the participants’ energy level is at its lowest, and is performed in the morning without benefit of breakfast.

Some of my key lessons included:

1) Headlamp
2) That commercial 15-degree bag in a GI bivy sack really does work, even in prime hypothermia 30-35 degree F rain/sleet/snow weather
3) Ditto a 7′ x 7′ piece of 1.8 oz/yd silnylon, which with its lines and pegs weighs about as much as a watch cap
4) Full ALICE LBE and large Alice pack can provide the basis for my extended field work, even with my crappy lower back
5) I must return for one of DTG’s fighting-knife-specific classes
6) More map practice
7) Stop being a candy-ass on my aerobic PT
8) Much more practice needed moving quietly through swampy brush (or brushy swamp)
9) It’s better to sweat during movement with a light fleece under your BDUs than to be comfortable and then freeze when you stop
10) Thinner socks can protect my feet over an extended field weekend
11) Leaving all of your gear at the ORP save for a spare mag is risky, but a possibility to increase stealth on the approach to target
12) Surplus German mess kits and USGI canteen cups rock when MREs are n/a or previously consumed

Safety of the students was always a primary concern of the instructor cadre, even while they encouraged you to press on. The instructors were complete professionals deeply conversant in their respective specialities, and always took time to answer even repeated questions. In addition, we had in our class a veteran paratrooper leader whose experience and insight contributed greatly to the class.

Here’s the bottom line: Drop a line to the DTG team at tomorrow and get them to help you get your people up to speed.

And yes, Virginia, you are running out of time.

Next ‘Train the Trainer I – Essential Skills’ class 7 -10 August. Interested parties should register by writing to ‘’. Course fee: $500

Highly recommended.

Codrea: Veteran cemeteries denying rights to surviving Memorial Day mourners

One more way to rub their power in the serfs’ faces.


Not America.

Fascism, FUSA, And The Future

On this Memorial Day, please take the time to read John T. Flynn’s classic 1944 warning of approaching American totalitarianism, As We Go Marching.

Those with limited time can skip to Part III of the book, entitled “The Good Fascism”, in which Flynn looks at 1944 America through the lenses of both the Italian and German fascist structures – both of which were still extant as he wrote.

Or you can use this Mises excerpt of the work and see Flynn’s description of fascism’s essence:

…As we survey the whole scene in Italy, therefore, we may now name all the essential ingredients of fascism. It is a form of social organization

– In which the government acknowledges no restraint upon its powers — totalitarianism

– In which this unrestrained government is managed by a dictator — the leadership principle

– In which the government is organized to operate the capitalist system and enable it to function — under an immense bureaucracy

– In which the economic society is organized on the syndicalist model, that is by producing groups formed into craft and professional categories under supervision of the state

– In which the government and the syndicalist organizations operate the capitalist society on the planned, autarchical principle

– In which the government holds itself responsible to provide the nation with adequate purchasing power by public spending and borrowing

– In which militarism is used as a conscious mechanism of government spending, and

– In which imperialism is included as a policy inevitably flowing from militarism as well as other elements of fascism.

Wherever you find a nation using all of these devices you will know that this is a fascist nation. In proportion as any nation uses most of them you may assume it is tending in the direction of fascism…

Thus the terrible irony of the iconic image above, occurring near the culmination of what Bill Buppert calls “the war to save Josef Stalin” as Flynn’s book was circulating amongst those demonized as “isolationists” and the Bretton Woods global financing infrastructure was being built:

Average Russian soldiers meeting average American soldiers, each fighting a horrific war on behalf of their own respective dictators and bankers against average German soldiers commanded by another group of dictatorial monsters and their financiers.

Now roll the film forward seventy years and view the players again:

– The vanquished German National Socialist empire was dismembered, borders recast, dissolved again, borders drawn again, and now stands primus inter pares at the core of the (soft) totalitarian European Union superstate;

– The triumphant Soviet Socialist empire crushed its brownshirted competition on the European continent and snarled at its American imperial former ally for 45 years, then dissolved, resurrected, and is stretching its sinews once again towards its former geopolitical positions; and

– The equally-triumphant American democratic socialist empire stood astride the globe for decades, defying the laws of arithmetic, extinguishing individual liberty within its borders as it proclaimed itself the global guardian of freedom, and spending itself into feckless impotence.

A Memorial Day moral to the story?

1) Remember the dead, as this commenter eloquently states.

2) But remember as well the soft-palmed men who got them there, as well as the international banking syndicates that, today just as yesterday, stir conflict and suffering for profit.

3) And know always that anyone understanding the formula of private property and individual freedom is an ally for prosperity and the defeat of the ruling classes, whether you are a Thai marcher in Bangkok, a Novorussian freedom fighter in Donetsk, a Christian home-church leader in Zhejiang, or a Three Percenter building his family’s cabin in the American Redoubt.

The struggle for freedom is universal and eternal, as are the adversaries.

Resist tyranny.

However you can.

No matter what.


DumpDC: Memorial Day – How About A New Meaning?

Russell looks at costs, justifications, and reason.

God bless those who died, and may He comfort their survivors.


Wiki – Federal State Of Novorossiya

RT: Self-proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk republics form ‘Novorossiya’ union

FPRI: Putin’s “Greater Novorossiya” – The Dismemberment of Ukraine

WaPo: ‘Novorossiya,’ the latest historical concept to worry about in Ukraine




The American hegemon has fallen and cannot get up.

The entire world is in play.

Just watch.


The EU takes it in the shorts.



NC Renegade: The 5 stages of Grieving/Loss Process In Relationship To The Battle for Our Republic

Death is a part of life.

Political life as well.

Grieve, and then begin to move on.

Paranoid Much? Or Not Enough?

Curtis asks a series of hard questions – with supporting material.

Read it all.


And remember that thinking is the High Blasphemy against which all collectivists struggle.




No matter what.

Max V: *NEW* Night Fighting Class: Night Optical Device Firing (NODF)

Details here.

You really want to get some training and practice before you have to use these tools in earnest.

Tempus fugit.

CNBC: Vladimir Putin On The Current Situation

ZH posted this synopsis yesterday.

Here’s what CNBC has posted.

The American hegemon has fallen.

And it won’t get up.


The entire world is in flux.

Look broadly.


Opportunity and risk come as a set.


Screen shot 2014-05-24 at 9.29.57 AM
‘We Don’t Have to Go All the Way to Socialism’

Bring it.

Worse, better.

And please keep creating more dollars.


An alternative view here:

Southern Mountain YapFest & BBQ – WARNO

Recon this weekend.

Hold the 2nd weekend in August.

Northern GA to help cut the heat.

We’ll have some speakers, some demos, and some open sessions.

The idea is to get a chance to meet new friends and to catch up with old friends.

More asap.

Food For Thought This Weekend

H.L. Mencken On Abraham Lincoln and the Gettysburg Address

Remember Why They Died

Challenge the myths that support your belief systems.

People have lied to you your whole life.

Confront the lies.

In preparation for the next onslaught of statist propaganda.

Think freely.

Americans Did Such Things

SiGB: He Had The Right Stuff – But Never Went Into Space

And can do them again.

Let’s win.

And retake the High Ground.

Per ardua ad astra.

Tyranny Explained

Via NCRenegade.

Sic semper tyrannis.

Roger That

Via Maggie’s Farm.