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DTG: Why The III Percent Society?

III Percent Society FAQ

FAQ – IIIPSFA – 24 June 2014

1) What is the IIIPSFA?

The III Percent Patriots Society for America is a 501(c)(4) tax-exempt educational organization established in 2014 to restore rightful liberty in America. “Rightful liberty” means, in Thomas Jefferson’s words:

[U]nobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add ‘within the limits of the law’ because law is often but the tyrant’s will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual.

We like that idea, and we think a lot of other men, women, and children will like it, too.

2) OK – now really – who are you guys?

Oh – you want the real story? OK, but remember – this is code word stuff, subject to all of the provisions of the official Secret Squirrel oath and code of conduct:

The III Percent Patriots Society for America is a 501(c)(4) tax-exempt educational organization established in 2014 to restore rightful liberty in America.

Peaceable men and women, passionately committed to individual freedom and political liberty, educating and supporting other like-minded individuals.

Keep it under your hat, though. OPSEC, you know. The walls have ears. John has a long mustache. 🙂

3) Are you a militia?

Short answer: No.

Longer answer: No, but we in the Society are supportive of militias, other consensual freedom-minded groups, and individuals who believe in fundamental human rights and are willing to work to re-establish those freedoms in America

4) What is the mission of your organization?

We’ll spare you a repeat of the Secret Squirrel routine, but really – we say what we mean, and we mean what we say. The III Percent Patriots Society for America was established to work for and achieve the restoration of rightful liberty in America. Nothing more – and nothing less.

5) What does that really mean?

First off, it means we have a heck of a lot of work to do.

Go read Harvey Silverglate’s Three Felonies A Day website at . Better yet, go and read his book.

How many people in modern-day America know what Silverglate is saying, let alone understand it?

More work.

Now add in all of the Snowden disclosures of domestic data interception and intelligence analysis by Federal agencies.

More work.

Fast and Furious? Benghazi? IRS emails?

Still more work.

To re-establish rightful liberty in America, the Society has to

a) awaken people to the tyrannical threats faced by all Americans,

b) provide them with the information they will need to change that situation, and finally,

c) support them as they do just that.

In other words, a LOT of work.

6) How do you propose to do that?

You start with a core group of people who aren’t afraid of hard work and who understand the situation. Then you look for gaps and fill them. Wash, rinse, repeat. You’d be really surprised what happens once people realize that their consent is all that holds the entire Potemkin village together. Withdraw that consent, weather the ensuing storm, and build for the first time in living memory a society based on individual freedom and opportunity.

7) Won’t that mean anarchy and destruction of society?

Ask yourself these questions:

Did I not rob a single other human being today because of the police?

Or did I not do it because I am not a person who robs people?

America is in the position it is today because generation after generation has been taught that the police and other government agencies are the only thing holding back chaos. Such a belief is just not true. Individuals who refuse to be predators are the core of society, and frankly, government is simply not the answer to all (or even most) problems in life.

8) When did you begin your organization?

Although it has been in the works for some time, we launched the Society on June 15, 2014.

9) What have you done so far?

So far, we’ve

· established our presence on the web,

· opened the membership roles, and

· begun the process of outfitting one of our first projects, which is designed to respond to situations like the Bundy Ranch and make sure that the truth gets out, regardless of what the government and their media accomplices do or not do.

10) Can anyone join IIIPSFA?

Anyone who wants to help restore rightful liberty in America is free to do so, regardless of their race, creed, gender, sexual orientation, or any other of the false divisions used by the global oligarchs to hold onto their power and keep the masses fighting among themselves.

11) How do you differ from the NRA?

Well, we certainly aren’t Washington insiders who have been part of every major Federal gun control measure since the National Firearms Act of 1934, if that’s what you mean. More importantly, while we are very pro-gun, we are at our cores individual freedom zealots, for we know what Ayn Rand meant when she said:

The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities.

12) How do you differ from the Oathkeepers?

As an organization, we aren’t a mildly-less-senile American Legion post holding a copsucker/copsuckee co-dependency square dance to raise money and sell swag. Our individual members don’t have a track record of turning and running away at the first hint of possible danger or controversy. We are a group of men and women who run towards the fight, not away.

13) How do you differ from smaller gun rights organizations?

We’re just as poor or poorer, so that’s one thing we have in common. We are broader in our interest areas than groups such as JPFO or GOA, but any individual, group, or business that supports the pursuit of rightful liberty is an ally and a potential friend.

14) There’s a lot of folks who claim to be for freedom and want my money – why should I join you guys?

There’s only one real question to answer:

Do you see the Society as a way that you can help the fight for rightful liberty in America?

If so, you should consider joining us in any way that you can do so. If not, that’s OK with us too.

15) Won’t I be endangering myself and my family by joining the Society?

You and your family are already in danger from the ravages of an out-of-control government that believes that you, your children, and all of your assets already belong to it. What remains to be seen is what you plan to do about it. Helping us restore rightful liberty is one constructive way to channel your outrage.

16) I’ve heard some bad things about some of the people in the Society – is it true?

On the internet, you never know what someone is going to say about you. The truth is that at least two of our members have criminal convictions. Both are productive, respectable members of society today – and that’s what counts for us. Do your own research, consider the sources of the information and their motives, and make up your own mind. Take nothing on faith.

17) What about violence?

As individuals, every single one of us has a God-given right of self-defense. Many in the modern world would infringe upon that natural right or ban it altogether. Such people are evil, and we stand in direct, open opposition to them. As an organization, the Society has the same policy as did the Minutemen at Lexington Green:

Don’t fire unless fired on.

That works for us, and we hope it works for you.

18) Can you tell us more about your future plans?

Not any specifics right now, but keep an eye on our blog at You’ll know the latest right there.

19) Do you expect trouble from government investigators?

You’re not suggesting that government agencies such as the IRS might harass individuals and groups based on their political beliefs, are you? That’s crazy talk right there… 🙂

20) What about kids – can they join?

At present, the Society does not have a junior membership program planned. But kids are always welcome at any of our events, subject of course to the good judgment of their moms and dads.


73 responses to “The III Percent Society For America

  1. He asked some good questions, then dodged around the answers. I’ll wait and see.

    • We EXPECT you to do your homework. All we ask is that you go in with an open mind and use critical thinking, not preconceived conclusions to make your decision.
      If it’s not for you, no problem, you go your way.

      Miss Violet

    • outlawpatriot

      Who’s “he”? Dodged “how”?

  2. Paul Lemmen

    Reblogged this on Dead Citizen's Rights Society and commented:
    Just join already! And while you’re at it, consider joining (at least as a supporter, no charge!) the III Chaplain Corps ( too!

  3. Henry Bowman's Dog

    Why all the bashing of Oath Keepers? I belong and our group has zero ‘copsuckers/ees’. In fact we have few (0?)LEO’s period. We are for the same ideals, right?

    • The retreat from the Potomac in 2010 and the Bundy retreat in 2014 would be the issue.

      • Henry Bowman's Dog

        That was not the members. The childish name-calling is tiresome.

      • Remember, “Oath Keepers” simply refuse to obey certain orders. There is nothing in Oath Keepers about actual resistance to tyranny except the refusal to follow along. Therefor should we be so harsh on them for retreating when it is not in their charter to stand and resist?

        Of course, there is that part in the ORIGINAL oath…something about defending against all enemies…blah, blah, blah. I took it twice.

        Maybe we need to just stick with the original oath, then tucking tail is not an option any longer.

      • anonperson

        Forgive my ignorance, but could you post a link or quick overview of the 2010 Potomac incident?

    • There are a few Oathkeepers organizations who are on-point at the state level and work with little direction or involvement from the national “leadership”.

      We can bash Oathkeepers all we want (and I agree that Stewart Rhodes needs to go), however, they’re still our allies in this thing. We know that we can’t count on the national organization but we still need to support these state level leaders who make a difference.

    • Battlefield USA

      Henry, if it is still around, try to find the comments section in the OK’ers sanctum “Damn 5-0.” Back when OK’ers first started, I joined as a veteran and came to know many other vets through OK’ers. Long story short… many of us veterans were kicked from OK’ers for trying to hold the sanctimonious LEO’s to a higher standard other than the “poor old me I’m a cop and I don’t make the laws I just enforce them blah blah blah you’re a cop hater.” I forget the guys name, but it was that now dead green beenie who went on a witch hunt threatening anyone who dared to try to hold the cops accountable to the oath they swore to uphold.

      Many of us, rather than quitting, made our case… then we were kicked.

  4. Colorado Pete

    “John has a long mustache.” Heheheheh.
    The chair is against the wall.
    Wounds my heart with monotonous langour.

    Good job folks.

  5. Sounds nice, but the 501c bit means Someone has a firm grip on the family jewels, and not in a loving way. Look elsewhere.

  6. What’s the difference between this society, and voting yourself to freedom? Don’t they both require exactly the same condition of a majority wanting relative freedom?

  7. I am thinking about this,” ……12) How do you differ from the Oathkeepers?

    As an organization, we aren’t a mildly-less-senile American Legion post holding a copsucker/copsuckee co-dependency square dance to raise money and sell swag. Our individual members don’t have a track record of turning and running away at the first hint of possible danger or controversy. We are a group of men and women who run towards the fight, not away.”

    And how utterly childish and asinine it just made you and this upcoming org sound. Sooner or later we will ALL have to work as one, but you so called GROWN MEN, who make asinine statements to make yourselves feel like men, continue to play kindergarten bully games. Can’t we all just get along and work to making America great again?!?!?

    • Grenadier1

      Dont take it personal. Oathkeepers problem is some of the leadership not the average member. I have met some of the lower level leaders and members and they are squared away guys with good intentions. Just like the NRA….

      • Amen and ditto.

        Plus no patriot’s interests are served by pretending that the NRA is actually everything that Wayne The Peter says it is. The NRA did what it did.

        Wash, rinse, repeat.

    • Henry Bowman's Dog

      Thank you! 100%agree.

  8. “Sooner or later we will ALL have to work as one… Exactly right….and your comment helps everyone get there how? More precisely, what are you doing to bridge/fill the gap or take a stand?

    • Henry Bowman's Dog

      Calling people names certainly will NOT get us there. It creates a gap where none should exist.

      • Why the butthurt? Were you responsible for the Potomac, Bundy, and the other dubious OK managerial decisions?

        BTW, what about the Watertown MA sturmtruppen fest? Were there no OKs in any of the participating LE agencies?

        Just askin’…

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  10. Oathkeepers who are active LEO are liars and hypocrites of the highest order. They won’t enforce unconstitutional laws? They do it every day, yet they promise not to do so in some SHTF future?

    opera non verba…

  11. Well done; looks nearly flawless to me in principle. Personally though, my rule is, “Don’t fire unless going to be fired upon.” Defensive is not synonymous with reactive.

    • “Don’t fire unless going to be fired upon.” Defensive is not synonymous with reactive.

      DING! DING! DING! And we have a WINNER.

      • Uh-oh. Last time you said it means end times, and it’s lookin’ like you were right!

  12. Tax exempt? Seriously?

    • Why not…Maybe you think feeding evil is a good thing…

      • Correct me if I’m wrong but tax exemption is 1/2 the reason why the church has zero power in this country. The Feds dangle this exemption over their heads to keep them in line….. Unless it’s a minority black church that is. Growing up in the church allowed me to see how neutered the govt keeps it.

        On principal it’s asking the govt permission to assemble, but I get your point.

        • So, Stewie, are you suggesting we really show those big bad Feds and send them a voluntary tax check, just to show ’em. The churches have inordinate latent power they just don’t use properly. The NRA could re-shape America tomorrow, with it’s 501 status, if it could muster an ounce of testosterone from the Board. Power is in numbers. Let’s get the number, then USE THEM. 😉

        • Every now and then I hear churches crying about losing their exempt status. Good: It’ll toughen them up and they can knock off the social justice nonsense and get busy.

  13. Seriously Guys…Did you read who was part of the group that formed this thing and put effort in to get this thing going…Its the guys that you train you, teach you, and open your eyes to what is wrong with this country and solutions to right the ship…They just gave you a way to take your little bit and combine to be a force to restore Rightful Liberty in our lifetime…You bitch and moan about how bad this country is but when it comes time to do your part however small that might be you bitch and moan and nitpick the idea…Is it because it makes you feel better in your eyes to tear down the one idea that actually might have an effect…I know we get some trolls on this site so we have to factor that in the equation but come on if the idea is so bad then don’t join but why try and tear it down with your snide remarks…Some people need to just grow up and stop being childish…

  14. Why all the name calling etc?
    I know a lot Oathkeeprs here in Ohio,and all are stand up guys,I get bashing the national “leadership”, most guys I know here do the same.
    A lot of us have our own small groups,because that’s all the guys we can find who think that things are fucked up,need fixed,or else it’s gonna be a very long SHTF scenario,and are willing to get the gear and train,and try to get others to do the same.
    It took us years to get more than 4-5 guys together-now we have a few more-and there are lots of guys like us,they are the guys that need to get on board with the III Society idea.
    I’ve been getting prepared for any future SHTF scenario,as have a few of my friends,and a few of the guys we have met,and read enough posts from enough people on enough sites,to know that there has to be a national effort to connect all of the small groups of guys out there.

    This appears to be the best effort to do so-I will be joining,as will the guys I train with.

    • Glad to hear it – and the Socity is already giving you more than OKs ever will – discounts from Trainer, JC Dodge, III Arms and more. And we’re just getting warmed up.

  15. jstp (Joe)

    So, your going to be the next GENERAL to tell the militia to stand down in Texas and you will need big brother IRS permission to do so.

    How about just picking up your rifle go to Texas and take back this country.

    • Grenadier1

      Uhhh no.
      That’s not how this works, thats not how any of this works.
      You apparently missed the whole part of the movie where the III had to reach across the gap and make nice with the Militia. There are no generals in the III or FREEFOR although some of us can be Major assholes myself included.

  16. Utter un-needed bullshit is my opinion…. An “organization” and “membership” is utter bullcrap, period…. perhaps donations to help with getting the “word” out is ok, but really? do you actually think getting 501c status and getting members is going to accomplish a solitary thing? They (and I) are laughing at you….. “We do not like this system, so we are joining it and going through all the hoops to make it all legal” WHEN ALMOST THE ENTIRE US GOV IS DOING ILLEGAL THINGS ALL DAY EVERY DAY!!!!!!!

    the utter foolishness is mindblowing……..

    • I think what Mr. Steele is trying to say is that obtaining 501(c) (4) status for an organization simply to avoid taxation is going to force it to be limited because of the rules involved to be compliant. Churches have found this to be true, and their feet and hands have been cut off by compliance. Why would a patriotic organization intentionally cut off its feet and hands just to avoid paying tax on contributions? You are going to pay one way or the other: either you will be restricted in your activities and speech (by remaining compliant with the 501), pay taxes, or bleed.

      Realistically, people donate to that in which they believe (regardless of its validity or usefulness.) There are plenty of III’s willing to voluntarily donate to that which they believe will actually be effective and useful to the end cause, and 501 status reduces effectiveness.

      Profit is not evil. Incorporate in a non-partner sole prop New Mexico LLC (Officer(s) and corporate address are not required on public records: meaning they are hidden or “ghost” corporations), and reinvest any “profits” into tax deductible infrastructure and consumables (like a T.O.C. and the supplies needed to operate it.) Be even smarter and create an umbrella LLC that owns other “holding” LLCs, which each owning a single infrastructure item and some consumables. This way if a T.O.C. gets into an accident, or some other type of legal issues arise, only a single company that owns it and its limited assets can be targeted. Its owners, if they have done their work properly, are shielded. Further shielding comes from creating Blind Trusts to hold each LLC.

      I know that myself, and likely many others out there would be willing to pay a fair (and profitable) price for quality products (guns, knives, LT food, camping supplies, tactical gear, etc.) from a known and trusted III who uses the profits to support the objectives and protection of Rightful Liberty. Donating to a cause is generosity, but supplying and equipping patriots while also creating a backside support system for those same patriots is, in my humble opinion, superior.

  17. I forgot to add one final thought….. I do applaud you for trying, at least you arent just sitting around typing on the internet and doing nothing else like many others…

    • Grenadier1

      Please recall that the IRA was the militant arm of Sinn Fein, They were no different at the highest levels. Just because one jumps through the hoops the lion tamer holds up does not mean you cant bite that fuckers head off when he turns his back.

  18. Prepping Preacher

    I would question the validity of any effort made that did not have it’s opponents and detractors… Christ Himself had Judas… here’s the breakdown: there are those who still believe that we can vote ourselves out of the abyss into which this nation has fallen… these would include but not limited to the hangers-on in groups like NRA, OK’s and such like regardless of the level of involvement – national, state, local, etc… toss in the Tea Partiers as well… I belonged to all and have forsaken them all… one of two things has happened to each… compromise from within by progressive moderates or stagnation and neutralization of purpose through politicising…

    there is no “olive branch” that can be extended from any .gov arm which is worthy of any true Patriot’s consideration… they mean to either: 1) absorb or 2) extinguish any movement which threatens the political goals of the progressive establishment – ALL Cap Hill occupiers are the same, each of the 535 there… this is what is now “the American Way”…

    the III Percent Society of America( I would prefer the word “for) has been formed to restore “the American Way” of Rightful Liberty – NOT to play footsies with those who are constantly shredding it… the Bundy Ranch event should have made every American wake up to the reality of our national situation… it didn’t because the corporate-controlled media was silenced but for a trivial amount of post event misinformation distribution… one of our two main goals is to get the truth out to the public in a broader way by any means we can muster… I am convinced that .gov backed down because dirty harry’s skirt got pulled up and his dirty underwear got revealed… the progressives couldn’t have their Ruby Ridge Redux because they couldn’t be seen directly murdering Patriots for harry and his son…We, the III, will be there Lord willing, the next time such an event warrants such a response…

    so, pay your membership fees, have someone else vote for you, and go away shaking your head that more compromises are being made then renew that membership next year… as I’ve seen said it here: wash, rinse, repeat – until your group looks nothing like it was intended to look and you’re paying someone else’s million-dollar salary to sell you and your few remaining rights out…

    Prepping Preacher III Chaplain III to III

  19. Hi Kerodin…..what I mean is, there’s always a quid pro quo when you make a deal with the Masters where they let you forego paying tribute. Why bother with Caesar’s rules if your organisation is supposed to be inmical to him? It stinks. At this stage I’d go cautiously, and most cautious of all is to avoid entanglements with yet another cause, movement or group. Prepare, train, but wait until the fan has scattered enough of the effluent to begin sorting sheep and goats. You won’t be restoring the USA as it was 30 years ago, or 50, let alone 100, 150, or 200, and even if you could, sooner or later you’d end up……back here. This is not an accident. If you lived in Germany in 1935 and knew what we know now, what would you do? Hunker down, or bug out? Unless you’ve got a gazillion bucks and the connections, bug out is the answer. Or, prepare for interesting times, and accept that you’ll be presented with a flood of temptations to compromise. Most do. Three percent? Optimistic by an order of magnitude at least. Beware!

    • Optimistic regarding 3% – absolutely. But we have enough to make enough of the baddest people change their ways. And for every dollar we do not have to send to IRS, that’s a dollar we can spend on “social welfare” – like stocking beans for people…

      They’ll probably kill me one day, but they’ll have to kill me while I’m swingin’ 😉

  20. Your point is valid, Stefan, but it offers no comment on this particular decision of this particular organization.

    Compliance is a huge issue on the individual level. Hell, I’m still in knots over a busted license plate light…I can’t quite grasp why I should be forced to spend those two bucks.

    An organization has to choose which way to go. So it chooses and moves on. It finds out later if it was the right choice. All organizational decisions are like that. That’s one of the reasons “profit” is such a great thing—it can help focus those decisions, and it happens to be the greatest goal anyway in a pure business/ethical sense. Profit MEANS benefit. But profit or not, such choices have to be made…corp, llc, non-profit, nothing, etc.

    Speaking only for myself, I’m looking closely for principled errors on the part of the IIIS. That’s what I do. Haven’t found any yet. Any practical errors can either be corrected by them or improved by someone else. Reality will take care of sorting that out, and I’m stunned that so many commenters (not you) find it worth their time to say how foolish others are for doing what they see fit. Me, I wish EVERYONE would do as they see fit and the Good Guys would win in a romp.

  21. Colonel Angus

    My thoughts are this, at least you are moving forward with something. I believe the LLC route would be better terrain to fight from being that the IRS is a political weapon and with keystrokes could revoke the non profit status and crush the organization for tax evasion. I think there should be a maintained supply list of the basics such as medical supplies, MREs, water, wool blankets, cooking fuel, batteries, etc. non combat items that get ate up quick that people who may not want to join your group but are willing to put by items needed for you. Sort of an Volunteer Auxillary. Prepositioned in every State. You maintain the list, through email individuals keep you up to date with inventory that they have purchased with their money they are donating for the restoration of The Republic. What do you think?

    • LLC is just as bad, if they want you. Every dollar in is personal income and you’ve got to prove what is not personal. One tiny mis-step, they “Pierce the veil” and sell your home for $40.

      • You are wrong about LLCs. In some states, yes they can have your ass in a strap before you can blink. But done properly there is nothing to take if you were to get sued/audited.

        Example: Company A is a service company and is publicly known; Company B is a purchasing and holding company that is never revealed publicly. Company B leases warehouse space (this should not be your home or any personal property, but something more like a storage unit, etc.)

        • Company A sells products and services on the web, or at events (If company A sells from a storefront, Company C should own it and lease it to company A through an intermediary.) 100% of all products sold are purchased from Company B exclusively at cost. Company B makes all purchases from manufacturers and distributors.

        • Company A owns no products except at the exact time of sale. Company B transfers single products to company A at the exact time Company A makes a sale (This is nothing more than a ledger entry.)

        • If Company A gets sued or in a legal bind, it owns nothing that can be confiscated/garnished. Profits were donated to a Charitable Remainder Trust, and Company A holds no inventory and does not own any tangible property.

        • Companies B and C (and any other holding companies used) are completely separate entities not directly tied to Company A.

        • Company A should only have profits that are below the taxation threshold, with all profits above the line donated to the Charitable Remainder Trust (which can grow profits tax free.) Company B only holds property and should not show any significant profits since it only sells to Company A at total cost. Any other companies created to support Company A for the purposes of holding real property should reinvest any profits above the taxation threshold into its own infrastructure. With this structure very little, if any, income taxes are paid by the respective companies. Your personal income taxes will be based solely on how much profits you decide to take for personal expenses. Low personal expenses = low taxes (if any), high personal expenses = high taxes.

        The reason I previously mentioned the New Mexico LLC was because of its blind nature, and there are no reporting requirements. Done properly, the Articles of Incorporation (and subsequent public records) will only show the address of the registered agent. Your agent should be someone you trust.

        Further shielding comes when you use various types of Trusts on the front and backsides of your LLCs. This keeps them from “selling your home for $40” because you are not the actual owner of the LLC, a Trust (or another LLC) is the owner. You can get New Mexico LLCs for $40 each, and a couple of Trusts for less than $100 (my lawyer gave me blank Trusts for free, and I simply made hundreds of copies. Anytime I need a Trust, I fill it out, get it notarized, and instantly have a new Trust with NO PUBLIC RECORD of its existence.) (On a side note, a Charitable Remainder Trust can cost upwards of $5k to create. But if you have substantial monies and property to shelter that cannot, or do not want to, use LLCs to guard, it is well worth the money and protection it offers.)

        To shield yourself even more, as I do, I have LLCs in one state, with corporate address in another state (or a different country for that matter), with warehousing in many other states, and my operating office in a separate state. NONE of these know where I actually live, and I do not own a single thing in my name. If someone wants to serve me, it will be quite expensive and inordinately difficult. If they do find me, I do not own anything. Of course I have nothing to fear since I am not committing fraud, but frivolous lawsuits, and over zealous LE do exist.

        Setting this all up cost me less than $500, and yearly maintenance is less than $200.

        Get started by reading the free e-book: “How to be Invisible.” It will change your life.

        I am not a lawyer or legal adviser. My statements are based on personal experience. You should seek out a competent lawyer who knows what the fuck he/she is doing, of which there are very few.

  22. What I still haven’t heard is an actual plan to accomplish all of this… So they’re going to get on the Magic School Bus and go publicize some future events where LEO or the regime have harmed Americans. There’s nothing wrong with that. Having more “eyes on” these events is certainly welcome, especially if they get the message out and start turning the ideas of others into action. (Sounds a little like winning the hearts and minds of the populace to me.)

    Two things still needed, and to this point are unannounced near as I and others can tell, is:

    1) HOW this organization is going to accomplish anything? We know the goals – great. I can go along to get along with those goals. I want to know what steps are going to be taken to accomplish those goals. What’s the game plan? What’s the way forward? What is this III% Society going to do? What’s the strategy? I don’t want to hear a concept or an idea; I want to hear solid steps that move the ball forward. My major criticism with the “One Week Plan” is that it wasn’t a plan at all. It wasn’t even a strategy. It was a concept (with a lot of loose ends) that was supposed to somehow magically evolve into a nation-wide struggle for Liberty. What’s in the middle, between the Organization and the Goals?

    2) I dig Rightful Liberty. Most of us do. But what I still want to know is what’s the vision and the process for removing the Socialists from elected political office AND having the populace go along with it. For this abomination of a government to be deposed, the people need to understand the proposed alternative and need to know that its replacement will be better. No Patriot is interested in trading one tyranny for another. WHAT IS THE PROPOSED OUTCOME aside from the very vague, “hopey-changey” equivalent of Rightful Liberty?

    I would be 100% supportive if I knew and agreed with the means to the end, not just the end. I’m not going to donate or aid to the organization without knowing the projects associated, regardless if they share the same goals as me.

    Phase One: Collect Donations
    Phase Two: ???
    Phase Three: Liberty and Justice for All

    • That’s fair Culper, but it just shows there are different ways of accomplishing goals. It can make huge sense to know exactly what you want to do before you create an organization. But it can also make huge sense to have an organization to do whatever you later decide to do. Surely the planet is large enough, and Rightful Liberty good enough, to allow for both approaches.

    • Aw, Mike – can’t even connect three simple dots that are all public source?


  23. HHH Old Vet.

    If you are not an OK or III% in your HEART, then there is neither. No signature on a .GOV. Form makes either.
    Cohesion is a joining at a Molecular level and No signature from anyone makes it so.
    Do you read me?

  24. Saw this over at Curtis’ place…and it came to me..again..that all this internecine fighting is doing nothing for Team Freedom.

    72 categories of American citizens specifically categorized as either ‘problems that need to be dealt with’ or ‘potential terrorists’….here’s the last paragraph of the linked article:

    “Some of the documents linked above refer to these groups of people as “problems” that need to be dealt with. Documents also specifically warn military members and law enforcement officers to avoid these categories of people at all times, or else face disciplinary action. Free speech is no longer free, and the American government is bringing the “War On Terror” to its own people.

    And we’re still playing ‘circular firing squad’….we’re still arguing about piss ant issues when the elephant is about to walk all over us.

    So long as the guy down the street is doing his best to fight the forrest fire with you who gives a shit if it’s not the way YOU would do it?

    Don’t want to join the III Percent Society? No problem.

    Have some suggestions to make it better? The blog is at and there’s a comment option. Have at it. Be constructive – tell us why it’s wrong and wont work (back it up with facts and not just emotional opinion) and then how to make it be RIGHT and effective. Otherwise, you’re wasting time keyboarding.

    Otherwise, with all due respect (sincerely) to all detractors: See ya’…we’ve got work to do.

    • I scored 52. I award myself +25 for being a tall, blue eyed white guy. What’d I win?

    • Many times, the biggest issues come down to one simple item:


      • CAN they do what they say they are going to do?
      • WILL the organizers do what they say they are going to do?
      • WILL the monies be spent/used wisely?
      • Once the shit starts flying for real, will the III come together, show up, stay, and do whatever it takes, including at their own personal risk?

      These are but a few of probably what would be dozens of questions a person considers before “joining.” Because the past organizations have let down, and burned a LOT of people: NRA, OKs, Militias, Tea Party, Republican Party, Democrat Party, Police Departments, Sheriffs Departments, State Police, Federal Police, Federal Government, and our own military, just to name a few. What’s to say that this one will be any different?

      Because of this, an organization that starts online usually must have, or develop, some form of reputation. A hard earned reputation can be easily ruined by poor decisions, simple mistakes, or direct intrusion. When trust is the main issue, each step must be considered with great forethought as to how it may appear to existing and potential members, as well as the outside world. There are those, including myself, who believe that 501(c)(4) is colluding with the enemy. Was it a mistake, or a poor decision; or was there some other plausible reason for making such a choice? To some this matters, and to others it does not. So you are working against a couple of pretty big obstacles: the view of colluding with the enemy and the haunting past of other organizations that have not lived up to their potential. It’s about trust.

      For myself, even thought I consider the 501(c)(4) status for the organization a poor judgement call, I still trust the people who are behind the effort. Having done something similar myself, eventually gaining over 3000 members, it is a very tough road, fraught will much peril, and I wish the best of luck to all involved. But as Culper indicated above, there is still a lot of work to be done. Once there, the hard part begins: staying true and not allowing the movement to be co-opted by more powerful people/organizations.

    • “Saw this over at Curtis’ place…and it came to me..again..that all this internecine fighting is doing nothing for Team Freedom.”

      Here’s a deal, Trainer. You keep pounding that and I’ll keep pounding that it’s not doing anything for themselves either.

      Good spot for that top ethical line from the 20th Century, at the end of Trading Places—“Can’t we have both?”

  25. III could learn a lot from ISIS. I read where before they took Mosul, they had a shadow government in place. They went to the generals in the city and told them what they were going to do, and the generals and other leaders fled, and they stepped right in.

    • A shadow government is one of the requirements for a resistance movement to be successful. See also DC bureaucracy for those of you who still think we can vote ourselves out of this mess. GS grades should really be SG, as they effectively are the shadow gov’t.

      Mosul may have had one, but my thoughts are it was still a hive of insurgency which facilitated its rapid collapse from within. That opinion is dated from observations made during the surge in 2008. I’m sure there was organizing going on using the Sharia governance model. Even with an armored cav regiment augmented with an Infantry battalion and a ton of enablers, there were no-go areas. We should be striving to reproduce that here, minus Sharia.

      The insurgency hive is a good model, though. Keep building tribe….

  26. outlawpatriot

    An irritable panda.

  27. I am an OK and our local group is made up of good people of which I have no intention to leave but I will not be giving $$ to the national again until they get new national leadership just like I will not be giving $$ to the RNC again until they get new leadership (people that are real liberty loving conservatives advocates and not just political hacks interested in power), even though I will be supporting ($$) some local R’s for office who are freedom loving (In my neck of the woods there is no D that is not controlled by a special interest that opposes liberty IMHO), oh btw I will be voting as long as we can vote without having a gun being put to our heads, it isn’t totally useless here yet IMHO.

    I am a NRA member at the endowment level but have not gone the next step to Patron because I don’t like their support of RINO’s but on the state level we will soon be having a fight concerning an anti gun/freedom vote of which I intend to support ($$) the NRA’s efforts in defeating.

    Some of the founders of the III% society have said things that really grit me, primary concerning a convention of states, so I can honestly say I have my disagreements but on the other hand being able to have disagreements is the very foundation of freedom.

    Therefore I have joined the III% Society not for what they have done but for what I hope they will do. However for my continue support righteous action will be require. Also I hope the rhetoric from the organization becomes more professional and less personal. Now that doesn’t mean individuals shouldn’t be the individuals they are, it is all about the hat that you have on at the time because sometimes you represent more than yourself, again IMHO.