Above The Law

Herschel sends:

Massachusetts SWAT Teams Claims They’re Private Corporations, Immune From Open Records Laws



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  1. Paul Lemmen

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  2. Hey, I’m in a Blue City. Wicked shocka. I can’t wait to get the F^&* out of here.
    “Ense petit placidam sub libertate quietem
    (By the sword we seek peace, but peace only under liberty)”
    — Massachusetts State Motto

    • I’d imagine you’re heading south, hopefully to greener pastures.

      If you’re a masochist and love cold weather and a target rich environment, then perhaps consider Maine.

      I’ll buy the first round if and when you arrive in the Greater Portland area.

      • Yes, looking at Atlanta area, or possibly Raleigh/Durham area. Way more affordable to live, as well. I have an 800 sq ft condo, paid $225K for it 7 years ago. Seeing houses, 2000+ sq ft outside of Atlanta for $150-160K.
        Not to mention the gun laws are about opposite of those here in Central Moonbatistan.

      • Jimmy The Saint

        “If you’re a masochist and love cold weather and a target rich environment, then perhaps consider Maine.”

        Isn’t it called North Somalia, now?

  3. Massholes.

  4. Yeah instead of Boston Strong it should be Boston Thong. And we here in Connecticut are from “The Constitution State”. The irony is endless.

    To our friends in Lawr enforcement I would say “When the rule of law dies gentlemen all the paper protection won’t be worth a shit and truly here in FUSA the ROL is SOL.”

  5. Bill Hrazia

    From the comments in the linked article:

    “The Hell’s Angels Motorcycle Club is incorporated, too. Just sayin…”

  6. everlastingphelps

    It seems to me that if they are private corporations, they have no Qualified Immunity and no Sovereign Immunity. Time to start suing those corporations for bad raids, and their employees for their actions.

    • Jeffery in Alabama

      Excellent point. I’ve been saying this for years. There is not any personal liability for incorrect behavior. Now, in most cases, when LEO oversteps their bounds and the PD or SO is sued, it is the taxpayer’s money that covers the settlement check. Officer friendly never misses a penny.

  7. Corporations being above the law which governs over individual citizens is not new. This just reinforces why you should join a corporation.

    Keep in mind the word “company” has both military and civilian meanings.

  8. As mentioned in the other place I saw this, if they’re a private corporation, they don’t get some of the legal protections Leo get.

  9. Abitdodgie

    it is true they are a privately owned corp, and in turn it is a subsidiary corp held by the UNITED STATES a privately owned corp as listed on the SEC, when your parents got a birth cert for you they wavered all your rights and made you a CITIZEN of the UNITED STATES ( basically an employee ) 99.9% of Americans have never been a Citizen of the United states of America and as such have no rights .That is why the police can kill you with impunity, just like the Pinkertons (police) could in the old days , once you become an employee you have no rights . The trouble with the United States of America is that it has been taken over by the UNITED STATES

    • “That is why the police can kill you with impunity…”

      You don’t need the whole Citizen theory to explain that. They can do that because nobody stops them and they almost never get punity. Personally I think stopping them is the wiser choice of those two, but even punity would be acceptable at this stage.

  10. Specific type of corporation gets police force with arrest powers:



    Sec. 7. A hospital police officer appointed under this chapter may exercise the powers granted under this chapter only upon any property owned, leased, or occupied by the hospital, including the streets passing through and adjacent to the hospital property. Additional jurisdiction may be established by agreement with the chief of police of the municipality, the sheriff of the county, or the appropriate law enforcement agency where the property is located, dependent upon the jurisdiction involved.

    This bill was signed into law. BTW, even without an agreement how far is “adjacent”?

    So what’s to keep other types of corporations such as the big box retailers from getting the same thing?

    Take it a couple steps further: after arresting people go ahead and try them in the corporate court and then put them into the corporate prison.

    If only Mr Sinclair had such laws available when he hired Burns.


  11. Their very proud of the term “Masshole”, they should be, they worked real hard to earn that title

  12. Cassandra (of Troy)

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