Federal Judge Upholds Colorado Magazine Capacity Limit

RITR has the details.

Opinion here.

8 responses to “Federal Judge Upholds Colorado Magazine Capacity Limit

  1. The weapon and ammo are, or will be, illegal too. no bfd, since judges and courts don’t matter wrol.

    Supply chain becomes a little more pita, but still viable with higher costs. I expect cargo drones will begin unregulated deliveries for PM-prepaid customers just as soon as FedEx and UPS don’t get through most of the time.

  2. Bill Harzia

    Make friends with the guys down at the custom car/custom motorcycle shop. Metal brakes, lathes, CNC machines, and plasma cutters abound.

    Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

  3. I’m surprised they can still count that high.

  4. Gary Smith

    Surely you did not expect the fed judge to validate the sheriffs
    position, did you ?
    The entire judicial system is a mockery of it’s self.

  5. For some reason, gun blogs are reporting about the magazine ban being upheld, but not mentioning the background check law (ban on all private transfers), which was also upheld according to the Denver Post.

    I didn’t follow the arguments, but I did read the original Complaint. It was depressing, because our case was presented so weakly.

    The plaintiffs should have made the argument that requring a photo ID to buy and sell a gun — which is what the background check law does — is racist, and trotted out all of the liberal arguments about voter ID. If nothing else, it would have added a lot of entertainment value to watch the State of Colorado explain how photo ID requirements do not infringe on the exercise of Constitutional rights.

  6. Grenadier1

    Dont worry Mike V is going to smuggle enough Pmags to supply all of you…

    • Think about it for a moment this might be a good place to take a stand…I wonder how many would keep doing it after the first ones disappeared enforcing it…

  7. Marlo Stanfield

    100 million gun owners in America. Counting every one who works for the fed as an agent adds up to what? The problem is not the judges but the dip shit lazy ass………………!