Why secession?

Why not?

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  1. Why not?

  2. Paul Lemmen

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  3. this kind of “noos” is what we get when relying on Google auto-complete to do searches fore us.

    Duck Duck Go!

  4. I’m in Connetistan, people here just want their weapons and other rights to be taken away and to be left alone! Preferably in chains.

    Mullah Malloy has issued a Fatwah on the Constitution and it appears “The Immortals” are preparing for Jihad. Now stop all this hate speech and let’s get going with welcoming our new guests from down south! We want all these children to be ready for the LGBT Pride parade in the fall so we need to get them started on Common Core. Maybe one day they will lead a brave seal platoon too.


  5. From the embedded link:
    “Google Autocomplete is notorious for taking a standard search and anticipating something completely ridiculous.”
    2 lessons here: First, particuarly for analysts & collectors, a good lesson in white noise. Correlation does not make causation. Return to collecting meaningful local intel. Second, author repeatedly misspells ‘secede’ so shouldn’t be allowed to perform lettering or design placards for rallies – find him other duties.

  6. I’m disappointed in Kentucky’s “wants” on this map. I think we should want to secede.

  7. As much as I hate it – and I think many of you know I passionately hate it, the economic implosion or forced FedGov action will devolve us into a continent of City-States. Many of them will find democracy and republicism repugnant. Many will be run by warlords. Many of them will quickly get their hands on .mil stockpiles, including nukes.

    Unless in the opening hours and days and weeks, a major majority of those fucks are returned to the food chain making fat maggots.

  8. bloodyspartan

    And then we will have a King or Emperor if he has the balls and brains.

  9. Cassandra (of Troy)

    Re: Secession

    How NOT to do it.:

    Advocates of splitting California into six states gathering signatures

    The ‘Solomonic approach’ is much more likely to work due to the historic precedents for it which allows people to consider the idea’s validity in contrast to the above which will be portrayed by opponents as overtly ‘political’ (‘racist’/’sexist’/etc.) & chaotic. It also helps to have a reasonably sane economic/political system available for examination by potential supporters (as well as a name for the new state that sounds sensible; Jefferson, PONDEROSA? Oy!) instead of the ad hoc/”we want to have our own state to get away from filthy, evil, Godless creatures like YOU!” mission statement commonly promoted by secessionists. In this day & time proper advertising’s crucial to getting your proposition noticed/considered/supported & those who believe that all that’s necessary to win is a calm reasoned presentation of their position are at best naive as the pro-2A folk have finally realized.

    Cassandra (of Troy)

  10. The Sierras-my part of the Empire-would like to be- NOT California. The idea of the state of Jefferson has been kicked around since before WW2. I support it, most of my friends support it, and we are taking our water with us. Jerry Brown can go live in LA with his wealthy base, Nancy Pelosi can represent someone else, and the border in Jefferson will be secured from Central Americanos with barbed wire.