Barnhardt: Negative Nominal Interest Rates – Highway to a Cashless, Statist Hell

Sign Points to Hell
Do you understand yet?

You will.

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  1. HHH Old Vet.

    I suppose that folks want to wait another decade before they do anything, Hmm??

  2. If you can understand this you are financially/economically more astute than I am. That’s not saying much so don’t break your arm patting yourself on the back. I have the feeling that it must be at least worth trying to understand when someone is promising me a royal fucking. I know that even though Ann thinks she is writing for dummies it is still beyond my comprehension.

    • I too have problems with much of this although I think her prediction is correct (nationalization of the banking sector and destruction of the above-ground economy). Where I think she goes wrong is her prediction that the lives of people in the future are leveraged to finance this scheme. There will be a reset long before that happens. Assuming there still is an internet (which I think is a pretty safe guess since so many want it), there will be a bit-coin like currency which will avoid all this mess, along with gold and silver, and that will be what the economy runs on. TPTB can loot and loot until the victims withdraw their assets from a lootable condition; then the looting stops.

      • I should add that the great estates built up by the banksters will be attacked and divided up as well. This is not a land of aristocrats and serfs.

    • It boils down to massive c economic collapse. Short-term efforts and goals which are already known to be counterproductive in the long term.

      To wrap your mind around the ramifications the last time we saw such debt levels was 500 years ago, the Late Middle Ages. Disease, famine, constant social unrest and the 100-Years War reduced the population by 2/3. Massive unemployment, starvation and disease were normal aspects of life.

      We will see similar effects, but on a global scale. Unfortunately the greed of the banksters has compelled them to export their financial virus to every country on the planet; there is nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.

  3. The international fiat-money bankster system has effectively been in existence for 100 years. In that century pretty much every western country has so hopelessly indebted themselves, that there is no escape. They- the corrupt banksters- have also exported their fiat-money system to just about every other country in the world. I find it ironic, that the invention with the most significance in the last 500 years, wasn’t electricity, harnessing the atom or putting men on the moon… it was the creation of a financial virus, that has infected… EVERYTHING.

    The current debt levels are of such magnitude, that has not been seen for >500 years… and the economic implosion will the similar to what happened in the Late Middle Ages. In other words, the final chapter of the Roman Empire.

    Nobody will escape, not even China; their entire economy is based on producing cheap consumer shit that other people will buy… by trading fiat-money for. Their real-estate market is collapsing, with 50 million unoccupied homes newly built and no tenants… yet they’ve neither sufficient water, rice or wheat to feed their people, and must grow their economy 10% annually just to keep up with the population…

    There’s nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.

    So what does all this mean, in practical terms? Massive unemployment, famine, bankruptcies and lawlessness… endemic wars, pestilence and disease will take a huge toll. It also led to the 100-years war in France. These conditions reduced the population in France by 2/3.

    THIS is the magnitude of what we face. Ann goes into the technical details- watered down as best she can- but truly, these are the practical results of what she describes.

  4. If you store 500 gallons of gas make sure you rotate your stash and use a fuel stabilizer…

  5. jamesgwolfe

    Clueless—You WILL get it, but too layte


    It seems to me that what she is describing is another method for government to keep: :kicking the can down the road.” Whether this satanic scheme works or not remains to be seen. The handwriting on the wall for all of us “Joe Schmoes”(and Jane Schmoes) is to keep as little money in banks as possible, try to get out of debt, store tangible assets with which we can barter, and organize into small groups of like-minded folks.
    No, I’m not saying we should start militias, but what Ann is describing is a huge straw in the wind. Come July 1st, the new currency law goes into effect and that will have an impact on investment. You-know-what rolls down hill. All that matters to me now is my ability to feed, shelter, provide for and defend myself and my family. We are one step away from another Weimar Republic.

  7. Clueless, all you gotta know is that money is not wealth. Understand the difference and it’ll be clear. Ann’s got it right except that with fully debt-based currency, there’s nothing magical about the zero interest line. Unconsumed wealth chases return and currency returns are all relative. The only reason negative interest rates matter is because they show the absurdity of the whole scam. It was just as absurd yesterday, only a drop less obvious. Maybe try this for a general overview:

    Besides, you got the important part right—they’re promising us a royal fucking. Lucky for us, they’re liars anyway. If good people can’t see through the scam(s), then we probably deserve to be slaves forever.

  8. Read an article that banks are already discussing charging for deposits. This was the other day.

    Cattle cars are coming…

    • Jimmy The Saint

      If banks start charging for deposits, Islamic banking will become a growth industry overnight.

  9. jstp (Joe)

    Hey check this guy out, Jim Willie

  10. 98 percent die broke. When my dad was born in 1899 yes we still had gold coins and still 98 percent died broke. 1899 was pre IRS and SEC. Back to those 98 or 99 percent who die broke, what they leave behind ends up in the land fill or a consignment shop or a yard sell. Now for us 1-2 percent left who want to build something and pass something on other than a funeral bill, we have to build away from the masses and their little political bosses who keep them fed and amused with TV.