Nothing To See Here

Not one political candidate in any election in the U.S. in 2014 or 2016 will raise these issues.

— Colonel B. Bunny, commenting on this Fjordman article

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  2. Paul Lemmen

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  3. Marlo Stanfield

    100 million gun owners. How many are Walter White and don’t have cancer and who are connected to a group of males who have that go to spirit and don’t talk or post on the net? Our targets are not even behind bars. I have to quit watching cable. LOL! 

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “100 million gun owners.”

      Just remember that not all of those 100 million are going to be on the Liberty side of things. As was the case in the Revolution, there will be militias on the side of the State, too

  4. Samenokami

    No candidate ?
    Even some people posting on WSRA don’t believe muslims are an issue.
    I’ve been flamed for the observation that islam constitutes a serious threat.

    • “…islam constitutes a serious threat.”

      Sure, and what doesn’t? So does your local SWAT team. Putin’s no friend. Mexican Catholics are an immediate threat, now. Power brokers around the world, as always, remain an unfathomable threat.

      This tree ain’t gettin’ cut down limb by limb. “Strike the root” or don’t, but at this stage nothing else will make any difference. If that doesn’t become widely obvious very soon, this story’s told.

    • Frankly, I see Islam as an evil .org, but they had nothing to do with 9-11. Also, ask any politician about ‘why WTC 7 ‘ fell and they will run from you.
      There are a lot of things these folks won’t talk about

      • outlawpatriot

        I’ve always had a problem with WTC7. But since I got a problem with things in general on a grander scale I very rarely bring it up. If in fact the video is not doctored (and I have no knowledge one way or the other) it does speak volumes.

  5. The BBC bitch announced it fell 20 mins before it fell. It was in the shot behind her shoulder as she was uptown. Jim is right, musloids are but one head of the hydra. They are scary looking to the Fudds, I suppose. And it’s PC to lambaste them, while we mustn’t point out the doings of racist blacks, the Vatican, hatefilled queers, chauvinistic Jews , feminazis , etc.

  6. The first world has had admirable success recently containing every fire within the building it started in, but that’s not guaranteed. The reality is that blowing up intact buildings to make firebreaks has been a part of big city firefighting ever since they’ve been able to blow up buildings. That’s why the fire department had detonation charges just sitting around ready to use and the people who knew how to use them, it’s part of the big city firefighting job.

    Imagine: two planes crash into two buildings. There are no firefighters available to fight the fire in WTC7, all of them are attempting to locate and rescue live people, therefore WTC7 is going to be lost. Still, the WTC7 fire needs to be stopped from spreading, and the simple answer is to explosively demolish the building, which takes all the air passages away and smothers the fire. The building will get weaker and more shaky the longer it burns. When is the best time to send firefighters into the basement with demolition bombs? The answer is right now, when the building is as strong as it will ever be, the area around it is both evacuated so no person is endangered, and already trashed so no other properties will be damaged. Add in a little insurance fraud so the tenant’s insurance pays off in a situation where he shouldn’t, and you get what you saw. The firefighters blew it up, and nobody official is admitting it.

    • outlawpatriot

      Welllll, ok. Haven’t heard that one to date but certainly sounds plausible. Question. How long would it take to set the charges in a building like that to implode it. I’m fairly certain that you just don’t place those charges willy-nilly. I don’t think firefighters are qualified to do that. One would need a structural engineer and time to do the math. But what do I know.

  7. In the US, the greatest threat to freedom and liberty is in fact the USA government. That threat is arresting anyone attempting to physically stop the invasion of the southern border states by Mexican invaders, and is preparing to attack various other places and people all around the US.

    Both Muslims and Jews are a serious threat, their numbers being approximately equal, with Jews holding the high ground inside the US government for the most part. They control banking and US government foreign policy.

    Muslims are working furiously to change that equation, their efforts are being bankrolled by the Saud family and other oil sheikhs.

    We can only prepare our various nations within the US, my nation is the south, my country is South Carolina. I’m comfortable with setting the stage to protect both.

  8. @Anon, WTC 7 fell at 5 pm , 8 hrs after the attack. ‘Firebreak’?! You are either a troll or a moron .