Rank, Duty Position, And Authority, Or Not Being A “Colonel of Corn”

JC schools readers on some important differences.

Don’t be these guys.

Southeast Michigan Volunteer Militia (SMVM) train at their annua

14 responses to “Rank, Duty Position, And Authority, Or Not Being A “Colonel of Corn”

  1. Paul Lemmen

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  2. Marlo Stanfield

    If the enemy is gay and has banjo player fat boy is in trouble.

  3. Choosing who you stand next to can be important. After I stood next to someone who froze up when shit got jiggy I looked at it in a whole different light. Fortunately for me I’m far behind enemy lines and I have no like minded friends, makes it quite simple for me….In the absence of orders

  4. Supreme Overlord High Commander

    Get me some coffee and a bacon sandwich, minion. All this commanding has made me tired and hungry.

  5. SOHC, aka Dark Helmet…you’ve gone plaid

  6. Yup….I was always trained to know your job, the guy behind, to the left and right and the guy in front their jobs too, or at least an idea of what their responsibilities were. Rank is earned and not given. Most guys I know that introduce themselves as “Colonel” this or “Light Colonel” that are usually assheads who belong in the rear. Those who have earned their rank have no need to shout about it.

  7. Grenadier1

    Maybe he is carrying his authority in his camel toe.

  8. Show some respect, gents. His rank was bestowed upon him by Gecko45.

  9. Hey, that’s Kernel Panic of the 69th “Soaring Turkeys From Hell” Heavy Foot Infantry and Provisions Guard Battalion to you, buddy.

  10. HHH Old Vet.

    Hmm, like a Walking Eagle: a bird so full of shit that it can no longer fly.

  11. Jimmy the Saint

    Kudos to whatever company made that folding chair, though. They put out a solid product.

  12. THEBigFatPanda

    Never thought I’d live to see a walrus wearing clothing.