Interview With Former NSA Boss

Mandatory viewing via Denninger.

3 responses to “Interview With Former NSA Boss

  1. Paul Lemmen

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  2. Jim Klein

    Nice vid, but I’m glad that guy won’t be president either. I still say the issue never was how much people know about anyone else; it’s what they can do because of that information. Without that, it would be MYOB.

    I know this much—transparency is a bad-ass double-edged sword.

  3. Binney is a bold and decent man. I am actually surprised that he’s escaped falling victim to an unfortunate “accident.”
    Possessing Information IS Power. Be certain of that.
    Realizing that, Collecting and Storing Information for information’s sake, for the possibility of being able to use it at some unknown and random future point, is the grasping of a tyrannical government out of control and not likely to be easily or willingly reigned in.