Is It OK Now To Say That The US Lost In Iraq?

Just sayin’…

Stars And Stripes: Al-Qaida breakaway formally declares Islamic state

Perhaps a study of lessons learned might be in order, given that the same schmucks who brought you that fiasco are preparing the battlespace for the upcoming North American Fascist Bankster Fundamental Transformation roadshow.

Coming soon to a town near you.

24 responses to “Is It OK Now To Say That The US Lost In Iraq?

  1. Paul Lemmen

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    Lessons Learned: 1. for Iraq, soon for Afghanistan, and NWO Wars elsewhere (Ukraine).
    2. For USSA domestically, anyone going to secure the border?………Ever?

  3. Grenadier1

    Pete I dont think we lost in Iraq, we just commited the largest no-knock raid in history. We went in shot a few dogs, generally fucked up the place, hung around for a while just to see if we could find a sense of accomplishment and then left them to sort it all out. It was not a win or lose situation from the start. I think it is very analogus to the Drug war in the inner city. TWAT team raids drug lords territory, takes his organization down completely. For a time the neighborhood returns to something resembling a normal life only to have another drug gang step in and assume the control. Its impossible to truely fight because the neighborhood is addicted to the drug they are selling. Was it a mistake? In hindsight I still thnk it was the right call at the time, not because I felt Saddams WMD’s were a real threat but because I truely believe that Saddam was conducting a covert war with the US. I think if you look at the evidence Ramsey Yousef was working for someone, he didnt fund his activities on his own. I think his crew shot down TWA 800 and I think Saddam was bankrolling them. The real problem was that Bush didnt want to drag out the dirty laundry from the Clinton, Bush 41 and Regan administrations and destroy the credability of the US government. We were fucked either way but the action had to be taken to close up some loops from way back in the day.

    • “We just committed the largest no-knock raid in history…”

      Man, I love how you condense situations to their essence.


      Here’s why I score it a loss: we sowed the wind, broke our ground forces, overdrew the checkbook to the great-great-grandchildren level, and proved that with enough tenacity and bloodthirstiness, LeeGreenwoodistan can be crippled and humbled.

      All else now is consequence.

      Good news?

      Some of those consequences break in favor of North American freedom fighters.

      • Grenadier1

        You are right it did break us and wear us down. So in that since it was too expensive to do it the way we did it. I dont care to get into the rat hole of other options but its basically like every other international goat rope. Once you make the decision to go you begin to get creep. It never ever ends up being about what you started out to do.
        One thing however is that War is not always a clear case of winning. People think it’s a fist fight and that there should always be one guy laying in a bloody heap on the ground and one guy standing in victory. Maybe back in 1950 on a school yard that was the case. Now days even that guy standing in victory is going to get sued by the bloody guy when he recovers and spend years fending off potential legal charges.
        Its a messy thing and the powers that be like it that way else we mundanes get the idea that we can start wars of our own.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        “and proved that with enough tenacity and bloodthirstiness, LeeGreenwoodistan can be crippled and humbled.”

        Re-proved, you mean.
        -Habr Gidr clan

        -Vo Nguyen Giap

  4. The US government lost the War Against Iraq before the first missile was launched and the first boot landed on Iraqi soil.

    There was never a method to win in either Iraq or Afghanistan available to the US government.

    All who think otherwise are delusional.

  5. 3.2 million barrels of oil @ $5 per bbl cost of production. Next door neighbor is Iran. Gren posits that the mission was to stop the bad guys, I’m still asking everyone “What was the mission in Iraq” “What was the mission in Afghanistan?” I would like to be wrong about what I think it was; oil in Iraq and spy position on Iran and raw materials in ‘stan. And no I’m not arrogant and think I actually know what it was, I don’t. I could be as wrong as the next guy. What I do know is that NO ONE ever communicated a freaking clear mission. Also, what Pat said. Un winnable from the get go.

    • Battlefield USA

      Caspian Sea and Black Sea Transit. Hell, they even spit that right in our eyes… but, you know… dew… and ter-er-er-er-er. And, and, and… Putin too!

      Never mind. Carry on.

  6. SemperFi, 0321

    As we have seen for decades, it’s not about winning, but how long you can keep the war machine running up profits. The politics is of no consequence.
    The coming war on our soil is no different, someone’s getting rich off the war material. If you really look at the picture, their training isn’t that good, most are in no shape to fight, but they’ve got the finest toys known to man.

  7. From Breitbart: Two short must see videos.

    Far too often, we hear the defeatist talk about not being able to put a “face” on the enemy, of being able to get up close and personal with them, nose to nose.
    Well, here it is, the Greyhound Corporation.
    Without question, we all have them easily reachable in all of our AO’s.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Yeah, but you could blow up every Greyhound bus and terminal out there and cause what….about $47 in damages? The explosives would cost more.

  8. That’s two Second Place awards in a row for me. Iraq and Afghanistan. There was not really a way to win either one, and that became apparent the moment my boots touched both countries.

  9. Governments are in the “business” of taxing and spending; that’s always the goal. Not only was a ton of money spent, but it went to all the “right” places—defense contractors and oil companies. I don’t know about drugs in Iraq, but Afghanistan can take up any of that slack. Oil and poppies, same ol’ same ol’.

    Success/failure can only be measured by the goals of the actors. Iraq then was a total success, and the creation of the new caliphate even icing on the cake from the, ugh, Commander-in-Chief’s POV.

    The Iraqis themselves, or the US soldiers killed and maimed? Why, what would they have to do with the goals?

    • monkeyfan

      Actually Mr. Klein, “Government” is in the business of charging us a hefty fee for the ‘privilege’ of obeying them in all things while maintaining the great and powerful in the luxury they’ve grown accustomed to.

      One upon a time, governments were competitors in the great plantation game, but now the ongoing global centralization of command ‘authority’ under the auspices of the international community is a transnational effort to establish a price-fixing cartel with a monopoly on force.

      These post-modern governments are essentially conglomerations of slavers with global ambitions – supported by an extensive vocabulary of lofty social justice narratives and a fawning dependent nomenklatura that lives off the sweat of other people’s brows…And guns, plenty of big compliance-inducing guns.

      Fasces lictoriae delenda est

  10. Gren, ‘the right call at the time’. It was a war crime by every measure. It was based on known lies [ known all through 2002 ] exposed by anyone who operated in Iraq and there was no declaration of war. The real mission was a success: quadrupling of oil price, enforcement of petrodollar , war profits , ticket punching and poisoning the Arab well for another century.

    • Grenadier1

      Bull shit, dont start with that war crime nonsense. War crimes are a creation of the victorious to further punish the defeated. Lets assume however that everyone was playing by the rules. If that was the case then Iraq had violated every article of the 91 cease fire agreement. Just on that case alone the state of war continued to exist from 91 (when the President had congressional approval for war). The violations of that agreement returned the status to a shooting war. But in reality who gives a shit because no one was playing by the rules. This was cleaning up old business that should have been taken care of in 91.

    • Jim Klein

      Just what the world needs…more orders. The sick part is, watch how many people follow them.

      Your turn, Alan…it’s just the wrong order and we’ll fix it by giving the right orders. That’s it, isn’t it?

  11. Anonymous

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  12. Anonymous

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  13. What should have been taken care of in ’91? Was ‘merica attacked then too ? Was war declared? Sick and tired of hearing guys making excuses for the murderous empire , and now cry foul when the empire comes home to prey on us now.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      The sad part is that patriotism trumps right or wrong, and we’re infested with war junkies who get high flying the flag and screaming for revenge. Except for one flaw, they don’t realize we started most of this mess, well actually, they don’t care. Kinda fucks up their world view of our perfect flawlessness.

  14. Who is this “we”? I didn’t lose in Iraq. The cronies did. Screw ’em.