Rainwater Catchment

Got water?

You do understand that the “city water” rolled out to you last decade is a point of vulnerability, right?

Tempus fugit.

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    One thing to keep in mind is the political climate where you live. In Jackson County in the Peoples Democratic Socialist Republic of Oregon, a farmer was criminally prosecuted for collecting rainwater into man-made ponds on his property. If you are a cat person, a good way to collect it is to use the empty 5-gallon cat litter buckets(wash them out first). They have lids and can be stacked. Stored in a shed or under a tarp, you have an emergency source for tough times.

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  3. Folks all around me have functional wells, yet we’re using water supplied by a co-op. Soon, that will change.

  4. You guys do realize that water stored in buckets go’s stagnant and undrinkable fairly quickly(within a few days in hot weather) right? You should also remember that the federal dictatorship in DC claims ownership over ALL “standing and flowing water” .Like your food, guns, kids and bibles they claim the right of ownership and confiscation AT THEIR WILL over EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE. No matter what the supreme court , the congress or your copy of the constitution say; The law is whatever the SWAT Nazi with the M-16 at your kids head says it is. Everything else is bullshit y’all tell yourselves so you can sleep at night. 99% of the “self help” crap on the internet is a government psyop developed to keep you peaceful and at “home” believing there is still “hope” for peaceful “change” in the next phony “vote”; Or at worst that the S will HTF in some far off “someday”. Well that sound you hear coming from DC and Mexico is Shit Hitting The Fan. Digging a mud puddle in the yard (or hiding cans of freeze dry food) “ain’t gonna’ help you none now”– unless you plan to use that puddle as a fox hole when the 12 well armed guys in the MRAP show up to take all of your “preps” AND YOU for “hording”, or just execute you as a “militia terrorist”. They have thrown open the borders to our enemy’s, passed laws to abolish our freedoms and our rights , rigged the elections and announced PUBLICLY that they will murder, without trial, any that do not obey. As Kerodin said: “Time to unf**k yourselves” . I’d add to that; “times up”

    • It never hurts to be prepared for multiple contingencies, and self-sufficiency is the ideal for many who fear what may come in this day and age. I suppose the prevailing mindset behind this is that if things are bad enough that you need start breaking in to those stored up canned goods and your water supply, then things clearly can’t be going well for the .gov either. A situation in which deprivation is mutual. People don’t want to get their asses Holodomor’d.

      ‘Everything else is bullshit y’all tell yourselves so you can sleep at night. 99% of the “self help” crap on the internet is a government psyop developed to keep you peaceful and at “home” believing there is still “hope” for peaceful “change” in the next phony “vote”’

      This is a valid point, most certainly. Armed thugs certainly can roll on up and confiscate food/water/ammo/beer/whatever-they-damn-well-please, and in some case they have. If things truly are this terrible, then I’d imagine the thugs would have to be very selective in who they go after, if resources are so damn scarce that they need to raid ‘hoarders’. As for doing this on a large scale….well, good luck. Some people are just batshit enough to resist in the face of all odds, even if it means they pull a Masada and burn their own house down to spite the bastards looking to take their shit. Once the barriers break down, all sorts of wackiness comes out of the wood-works. Fiddles will be played, horses will get placed in senatorial positions, tunics will be rent, teeth will gnash…All the fun stuff.

      Preparing for hard times and preparing for attack need not be mutually exclusive. One can dig a well while readying themselves for the inevitable storm of bullets. You’re right, the S has likely already HTF. It’s a slow reaction, like the dam being bombed in Force Ten from Navarone. The bomb went off already, the next step is the buckling of the structure.

      And the deluge follows that.

      Stay safe, friends.

  5. I’ve tried twice unsuccessfully now to drive a “sand point” into the aquifer at my house. The first time it snapped at the pipe connection, got the pipe back with the point still 20′ down. The second attempt holds vacuum, I haven’t pulled the pipe back out yet but I’m pretty sure I lost the point on it too and the bare pipe is just packed up solid.

    Does anyone have experience sinking bore holes to 25 feet or so? I’m thinking I’ll just try and send a 4″ pvc pipe down the hole, then put the 1 1/4″ with another sand point into it for filtering and the suction line for the pitcher pump. The water table is there, actually higher up but the gravel starts around 20′ in my area.

    I’ll take all the experience opions you got, boys. Thanks

  6. I drove wells with those points and galvanized pipe years ago on Nantucket Island. Never had a problem. You must be hitting a rock layer or something is all I can think.

    • Sounds right to me. My neighbor’s doing the exact same thing and hasn’t run into that problem yet, going >30′ down with galvanized multiple times. Maybe the gravel is causing it, LFM.

      • thanks guys, both of you. I looked up some techniques on the all knowing oracle (google) and i’m going to make a drilling head out of PVC that takes a garden hose to flush out the casing pipe as it gets manually twisted and churned. I’m going to give it a go after I pull the 2nd attempt back out of the ground, this option will let me gravel pack around my sand point, too, which should help with water flow. If there’s rock there, I’ll find it for sure that way, too.

  7. http://www.simplepump.com/

    Get one.
    They work.
    Even on a 200 foot deep well.