Sultan Knish: In Re Fascism

Read DG’s latest, and keep the following phrase in mind as you do:


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  2. It’s my view that the greatest modern achievements of the ruling class was the creation of the centralized, nation state and the creation and monopoly of fiat currency. The creation of of the central state has allowed the build-up of a vast apparatus dedicated to strip mining the productive economy for the enrichment of the parasitical, untalented, and criminal elements who control the state.

    The creation and monopoly of fiat currency, allows them to borrow from the future to keep a large sector of society dependent on the state. This isn’t confined only to the underclass, but also includes a broad swath across all socioeconomic classes. Even the super rich are dependent on the state to preserve and increase their wealth through laws and regulations created to restrict competition and, in industries such as finance, make it illegal to compete with state licensed institutions but also the product – money (eg. bitcoin). With all this going for you, why would you relinquish it? They won’t, is the answer.

    Consensus is a nice way of saying collectivism. Like a beehive, all of us drones are enslaved to this state apparatus to keep the parasitical in charge and wealthy. Unfortunately for them, the state has grown past it’s expiry date. The debt wall was reached 6 years ago, and there has been no improvement to correct it. All they have achieved is to make it worse. Very soon there will be no more borrowing from the future to sustain Wimpy economics (I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today!). The modern state can’t finance itself without it. Taxes aren’t sufficient to foot the bill to keep the Free Shit Army complacent and in the style they have become accustomed to. An enormous military is an enormous cost that isn’t sustainable without borrowing, either.

    Very soon the next and final stage of the Global Financial Crisis will resume. This will spell the end of the centralized state, the money cartel, and collectivism. It won’t happen overnight, and they will resort to all kinds of draconian measures to prevent it’s collapse but to no avail. Without resources, borrowed from the future and made material by phony money, they won’t have the horsepower to make it work.

  3. You cannot borrow from the future, that would require a time machine. A loan does not move capital through time. Capital in use today must be physically present today. When the Chinese were still buying T-bills then US fiat money printing was borrowing from the Chinese. Now that nobody is buying T-bills, US fiat money printing is taxing domestic savings accounts.

    If people are marooned on a desert island and you have no fish to eat, electing some of the people a “legislature” and calling palm tree leaves “currency” and paying yourself a “stimulus” does not magically produce fish. The only action that produces fish is actually going out and catching fish. The planet Earth is a big island with seven billion humans on it, surrounded by an ocean of vacuum called space. The economic rules work the same as on the smaller island.

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  5. Borrowing is a claim on future productivity, surely?

    And, the Nation State is the territorial jurisdiction of a ruling class … which is why I get so frustrated with “patriots”. Stockholm Syndrome.

    Meanwhile, Mr Paine said it well, “The strength and power of despotism consists wholly in the fear of resistance.”

    I hope RT Rider is correct when he foretells an end to Collectivism … but, I would not think that likely.

    ISTM that there have only ever been two ways to make a living. You can do useful work, or you can exploit the work of others. Collectivism legitimises and refines the latter option. It will always be hugely popular.

  6. The other fascism, the naked face of all fascism, and the root cause of it all:

    Oh, but… but… BOO!