Open Thread: Murrieta (CA) Immigration Protests

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LA Times: Protesters in Murrieta block detainees’ buses in tense standoff


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  1. This entire thing has been, I believe, orchestrated by the Obama administration as one more straw, one more way to burst the seams of Freedom.

    If he can help these people gain a foothold, he gains big in voters. He gains very big in bringing America DOWN to the level of third world countries around the planet.

    After all – if you can climb the ladder of the success tree, you can always knock it over taking everyone on top down to your level so you collect the fruit that falls from the top.

    In San Antonio, Texas, at Lackland Air Force Base they have brought in an organization of “Brown Shirts” who are threatening the medical personnel and other works who are dealing with the children illegal immigrants with arrest for speaking out about the diseases and conditions.

    Here’s the link:

    The source is Fox News.

    This is going to get very bad soon. Americans – real patriots – are standing on the border blocking entrance, they are standing in front of the buses and blocking the buses full of illegals – and my thinking is that this is going to come to a head shortly, and someone is going to get shot by a government goon.

    • cav medic

      It is not about “gaining a foothold.”
      This is a lead up to blanket amnesty, not just for the “unaccompanied minors(illegal immigrants) but for all of them.
      It’s for those already entrenched, those just arriving and the tidal
      wave still inbound.
      This is the end game plan.

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  3. Gen Early

    Oath Keeper’s Ex.Bd. is “discussing appropriate response and gathering intel” (sarc) Sorry, how long and how much does it take? Do I have to get my 66 yr old butt in the car and drive from Ga to Tx, Az, or Ca border?
    Apparently, yes.

  4. RobRoySimmons

    Yeah doom sells but look at it like this President Sham Boom with a compliant media, feckless corporate stooge opposition and a conservative wing that is stuck in 1984 has totally suck ratings and now his administration has gone full tard. We put the screws to his support and his cult will go off the deep end and there my friends is opportunity

  5. Anonymous

    So who are these Brown Shirts?

    “The sources said workers were guarded by a security force from the Baptist Family & Children’s Services, which the Department of Health and Human Services hired to run the Lackland Camp.
    The sources say security forces called themselves the “Brown Shirts.””

    The Baptists?? Really??

  6. Grenadier1

    This is basically the tactic that I put forward over at K’s place.
    Big public response to physically block the means of transporting the illegals from the confinement facilities to other locations.
    It is very much in the wheelhouse of the FREEFOR movement to respond to this “crisis”. This is Bundy 2.0 and there needs to be an armed element of the response so that the message is clear that we mean business.
    I would like to see a primary line of protestors blocking the movements, with a small group of armed silent guards nearby as a QRF to prevent the Border Patrol form forcing the issue.
    We need some intel collection an analysis on this issue with maybe an interactive map showing the locations of the housing facilities. Coordination can be better achieved through that effort.

  7. I know there were a bunch of them being brought to MA allegedly maybe there is a chance for New England to get in on the protest.
    From the linked article it appears Chelsea Mass may be some kind of concentration point (er camp lol). in this city are bursting at the seams. At the start of this past school year, Chelsea had 5500 students. They ended with 6200. 285 of those new students came from outside the country. While another 75 arrived through Texas and Arizona, home to the crowded detention centers where the children are being housed as they cross.

  8. “Oath Keeper’s Ex.Bd. is “discussing appropriate response and gathering intel” (sarc) Sorry, how long and how much does it take? Do I have to get my 66 yr old butt in the car and drive from Ga to Tx, Az, or Ca border?
    Apparently, yes.”

    No, these vermin are being distributed nationwide. The first bus loads were emptied out in Greenville, South Carolina today. While someone was photographing that, some Mexicans brandished a revolver and chased him. Apparently, he was unwise enough to do this while unarmed.

    We’re just shy of going hot, folks.

    You won’t have to drive far, so remain in your local AO and find out if the US government and their Mexican contractors (yes, that’s been verified) are dumping the vermin near you.

  9. Enough with the little old ladys and middle aged men .Get your teenage boys riled up ,bats ,rocks,molotov cocktails,fireworks.It worked just fine against a massive police state in Ukraine.

  10. I know cops that’s their biggest fear teenage boys .

  11. If you can’t instill fear in your enemy you might as well go home.Nobody Old men and women.

  12. If Obama can gin up “riots” “race riots” or an “outbreak” of infectious disease, He can then use the patriot act to invoke Continuity of Government laws -end elections forever, abolish congress and all the courts appoint state “officers”, and rule as military dictator FOR LIFE. He can even appoint his own successor .Still think this has anything to do with “immigration” or “numbers of democrat voters”? Wanna’ bet he has the declaration setting on hid desk awaiting signature?

  13. California has suffered through so much of this shizky that we are damn near immune to it until we get poked in the nethers again. “It’s for the children” ; that battle cry of The Progressive Democrats has now reached critical mass. Yes, it is for the children-OUR children. We are tired of seeing diseases that were eradicated: tuberculosis, measles, polio, etc reappearing throughout the population. We are tired of the little bastards in our schools, paid for by our taxes,who intimidate, harass, and corrupt out children. The unending proliferation of ESL classes and teachers aids that suck up rare tax dollars. The stealing, shanty towns, and marches for La Raza that force more and more police tactics on us. I’m surprised that Murrietta didn’t go nuclear. Notice that protest speakers were “multi colored”. It’s all just so damned tiring. And there is no escape.

    • Jim Klein

      “paid for by our taxes”

      The idiots never figured that it could reach the point where the complicity might feel intolerable, irrespective of the numbers of phony dollars. How could they figure it; they don’t know what Responsibility feels like.

  14. cav medic

    Two from Drudge: Immigration at the southern border – The Americans with Charlie LeDuff –
    If you don’t know who Charlie is, he is one of the last legitimate commercial journalists in America.
    Moreover, he works for the local Fox news channel in Detroit, Michigan.
    Calling him a “trip” is an understatement.
    Charlie don’t surf, but he does kayak the rio grande.

    Here is the gem of the two: MAP – Where feds are trying to relocate illegal immigrants –
    FYI: There is a good chance you may find your AO on this map.

  15. Sgian Dubh

    Over at Belmont Club a partial understanding. Intelligent, but not visceral:

    It’s about what happens when folk reject PC. Then everyone fights, not just the Progressives (TWANLOC).