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A reader sends this NC Renegade link with the following endorsement:

If you have any contacts in the military, it would be a good idea to ask why so many vehicles are on the road, why are they battle ready and why are they not marked as US military?

Open thread below.

First dibs on “normal reserve summer training”.

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  1. I have a friend staying down here from Illinois. She said that there is trainload after trainload of them rolling through the state. She said APC and tanks. I will have to get clarification on the tanks.

  2. I live in a city in Iowa. The Guard and Reserve Units in the area all have many vehicles of numerous types inside the fence, all with flat paint schemes but NO identifying marks otherwise. – As if the paint was fresh and they have not yet added the ID stencils. I also vote for the two-week active duty period for Reserve and Guard Units. We lost a U.S. Senate candidate here who is in the Reserves for her two-week active duty commitment. I’d be more concerned if they were off the Interstate and moving at night.

  3. Marlo Stanfield

    I would love to see the mindset of the 100 million gun owners change and be more like the Swiss, and that is we have no where else to go. It doesn’t matter where those vehicles are going, they are here. Question is if they turn on you what will these 100 million gun owners do? Would people really feel better if those vehicles were marked? Why will that make you feel better when some tank or IFV turns and fires on you? Seriously you only want to be fired on by certain units?  

  4. lost patrol

    They are out looking for babes? Or maybe they got lost while attempting to show up for the next episode of Jericho? Cruising around looking for a fight? I mean I heard that gangs were up armored…

  5. The markings for US Army vehicles are on the front and rear bumpers. You have to be pretty close, or catch them when stopped, to read the unit to which they’re attached. There’s nothing on the sides, unless medical, and even that’s not necessarily the case.

    Still, the Stryker has always obviously a vehicle designed for highway use. Off road, tracks are the best, most of the time.

    Still, they have their weaknesses.

  6. could be they’re just out driving around to “let us know they’re in the area” just like these dhs guys are over in greenville.

  7. The Summertime Speculation Frenzy as the National Guard heads off for annual training.

    • Hmmm…it’s weird how these vehicles show up one weekend a month and during two week periods in the summer. It’s almost as if there is a pattern here. I wonder what it could be?

  8. I saw a 6 X 6 truck go past with a big load of concertina wire. Yep. I know what that stuff is for. Keeping the chickens safe from the foxes. Yep.

    • After reading Sparks’ post I remembered concertina is for getting people like me in trouble. Like the time we were ordered to mark the triple strand with chemlights. Hmmm. They didn’t say hang it on the wire. About 10 meters behind it seemed OK. The screams. I can still hear the screams….

  9. Globalist Think Tank: North American Community “Will Be Forged in the Heat of Conflict”

    Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars funded by the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, The Gates Foundation and George Soros says that illegal immigration must be rammed down Americans’ throats through conflict… ordo ab chao

  10. Huge FTX in MI this week. Lots of East Coast Armor units headed that way. Someone else footed the bill for travel (at least 1 WV 1SG unit I know told me), to include rail and convoy.

    • Here’s funny—a google search for “michigan FTX” only brought up last weekend’s WOLF Challenge. Anyway, you know where?

      • I’d be willing to bet one of two places: Grayling or Selfridge…..

        • Right; that’s why I asked. We’ll know it’s real trouble when it’s even bigger and in Kinross. Oh wait, Oscoda’s available too.

          Hell, I’m surprised all those immigrant kids aren’t in Standish already.

  11. Obama’s “civilian security force” Gestapo) getting ready to deal with the protests blocking his illegal alien shipments.

  12. Lots of gas on the sides and back. long haul?

  13. BLUF: Inconclusive; need more dots.

    Would’ve been to fun to run that line a little slower with a still camera also, overtly snapping away, gathering all markings & outfitting including any front bumper numbers (likely covered or removed but, hey, wth), and see if any VoPos, er, uh, State Troopers, tried to clobber us. Ah, the days of yore with a 426 and a 4-on-the-floor.

    Unusual for a scheduled tng ex (annual tng, annual joint ex of some kind) not to just line-haul or rail that stuff to the training location in advance unless they’re coming from nearby. I seem to recall normal protocol on “civilized” roads that antenna stowed down but then I’m old and they may know their route.

  14. A comment there.

    guest says:
    July 16, 2014 at 5:09 pm

    Well, since it’s North Carolina….those are Marine LAVs. They head to eastern NC for training. And I doubt they were ‘battle ready’ since you can’t drive on civilian roads with ammo on board or loaded in weapons. The only way you can drive ammunition outside of base are on specially marked vehicles with huge ammo placards and armed guards. I subscribe to this website religiously, but come on….these are on the road all the time in NC! What do you mean ‘no military markings?’ What do you expect, huge red, white and blue flags? All LAVs have markings, they’re subdued lettering with serial number and USMC somewhere, that’s it. We road march LAVs on civilian roads because it’s cheaper than putting them on the rail head and waiting two weeks for them to show up on the other side of the state. Yes, I am a LAV crewman from Lejeune. No, we’re not driving out in town to subdue the populace and establish the NWO. Don’t worry, most of the military are on your side of the fence, myself and many others are Oath Keepers! It’s the higher ups (I’m talking flag rank) you have to worry about!

    • Just remember a general with no troops is an old man in a cheap suit with a bad haircut.

  15. More than likely it is movement to training.

    The majority of our Army posts (can’t speak for other branches) have our primary training areas outside of the actual forts. If they are in driving distance (no more than a few hours) then we will load up and move in a standard convoy configuration on civilian roads. If there are multiple states to be crossed (usually large element training, battalion or bigger), we will load up our vehicles on rail cars and transport them cross country on railroads.

    There’s been videos spreading around of people panicking at the sight of hundreds of armored vehicles being transfered by rail. Those are most likely going to NTC or JRTC for training.

    Also, the vehicles in these convoys are not combat ready. Live ammo is not permitted to be transfered with the convoy vehicles except in a separate vehicle with clear ammo markings.

    I would not completely disregard them though. You never know these days. Some red flags to look for when seeing these convoys would be as follows:

    – No “wide load” markings or siren type signal light flashing on top of vehicle to indicate presence
    – Belt of ammo is fed into the .50 Cal or MK19 on top of vehicle while on civilian roads
    – The .50 cal, MK19, or turret of a tank or Bradley is not pointed as far up in the air as possible while traveling on civilian roads
    – Magazines inserted into the small arms of the soldiers standing out of the hatch
    – UN or Sherriff of whatever county markings on the sides of military vehicles
    – Military vehicles traveling in a convoy off major interstates or highways in a slow patrolling posture (I.E in towns or cities)
    – Soldiers, officers, or UN “peacekeepers” wearing masks.
    – Also sheriff departments and the UN have no right running around our streets with armored vehicles anyway so that’s a red flag in itself.

    Be kind to the military, the majority of us (especially the combat arms) are on the patriots side

  16. Battlefield USA

    Hell, why not. There are rumors of mil frequency jamming (note recent Russian bomber probes?). There are/were rumors of several transport planes into Colo. Springs every 3 to 5 mins and all car rentals in the area suspended because they are going to military personnel… one person says tried to verify this by getting a rental and said yep all rented out. There were also rumors of heavy transport plane movements in the San Diego area around the Mexican border. There have been reports in other states as well of troops movement. MIL has a “unusual and compelling urgency” for flu vaccine. Several MIL bases are being used for migrant housing. I live near a major rail hub from irwin/going east… have not seen any mil veh in some time on this rail unless they are moving at night.

    Note: They are NOT going to be blatant and in your face… until they get in your face. And when they get in your face, you will know it. Of course, this does not mean that they are not pre-positioning. Also note, there is nothing unusual, especially in the South, of seeing troop movement. We used to convoy from Ft. Bragg to Camp AP Hill.

    Anyhow, there many people here from various states and various areas within those States… have you all see an unusual influx of military movement?

  17. It is the time of year our reserve and guard forces conduct their annual training.

  18. Alfred E. Neuman

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  19. Wretched Dog

    “Much ado about nothing”, as the Bard wrote. Summer Reserve Forces training is the most likely explanation for why so many military vehicles are on the road.

    As for the claim that they are unmarked, without seeing photographs of the front and rear slopes of the vehicles, I cannot conclude that there are “no US markings”. Need verification. Normally, vehicular markings on combat vehicles are done in subdued paint schemes and aren’t really that visible from any distance, particularly if obscured by gear.

    Tracked combat vehicles always go by rail from one training post to another; wheeled vehicle units, even those comprised of tactical combat vehicles – such as the USMC LAV or US Army Stryker, have more options. There are good reasons to exercise a highway “road march” training event with such wheeled combat systems. The US Army Stryker Brigades do so from Ft Lewis to Yakima Training Center.

    The ammunition issue is a non sequitor. When I drive about the country, I have ammunition with me in my vehicle (properly secured and stored separately from the firearm, when out of my home state and my CCW is non-operative). It is equally absurd to fear that the military runs about with ammunition for their weapons systems. And I should hope that they do! I’d be shocked if they were conducting movement of fully automatic weapons that are just ripe for the taking because they do not have any ammunition to resist armed theft. (So don’t bet on it; when moving military weapons systems, large quantities of small arms – as in a company’s worth, or any number of machine gun/automatic weapons – regulations require some level of armed protection. Units do this with a small operational load of ammo that is kept on hand in their arms rooms to affect such movements.

    But at the same time, do not expect that units in convoy are carrying their authorized basic combat load, particularly cannon and missiles. And while I have no faith that the senior military leadership will resist tyrannical actions by this rogue regime/administration (or any subsequent one, party affiliation be damned), I’d surely hope that at the company level their are still enough Americans left to weigh-in, along with the American people against the statist police forces: federal, state, and local …

    So I rather want them armed, and they need to train.

    Our job is to ensure that our sons and daughters, our neighbors and friends in military service remain true to the oath and their understanding of what it means to be an American; our task is not to sully them with the presumption of tyranny. We want them on our side, the American side; we do not want to drive them away.

    P.S. So – where are the pictures of the front slopes and rear hatches with no military markings? Where are the blue helmets? The Chinese Army uniforms? Take a breath…


    Disclaimer: The commenter is retired Army with 29 total years of service in Infantry (Active Duty), Ordnance and Logistics (US Army Reserve). The commenter is also a patriot and constitutionalist and is not an apologist for senior Army leadership which has clearly failed in its oath.

  20. Seen a Chinook in Green Bay today around noon on the 16th. In all my years of living here 27 out of 30, I have never seen nor heard of a chinook landing at austin strauble. Could be nothing. could be something..

    • most likely nothing… I’ve seen Chinooks do a flyover before a Packer game, and that was at least 10 years ago.

      • well if you are where i think you are.. This one came from the same direction as the bay flying directly towards Austin Strauble. I’ve seen black hawks and fuel tankers flying in the area a few times a week but not a chinook.

  21. grey rider

    The chair is against the wall

  22. Prepping Preacher

    nothing is never nothing…. if for no other reason, desensitizing could be desired…

  23. I haven’t seen any armor, but we have had the best airshow of the year over the last month (June-July). I have lost count of the UH-60, PAVEHAWK, AH-64, and Chinook over flights. Last week I even saw an old UH-1!! and three old USAF “jolly greens” (WTF?) The “Black and gold” Fed UH-60s and little birds have been buzzing around everywhere too; along with more “cop choppers” than I have seen in YEARS . We haven’t seen HELO traffic like this in central Kentucky since they started to mothball Ft Knox five years ago, and wind down the oil wars (and make it legal to grow hemp). Somebody is training to go somewhere and “F” up somebody’s day.

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  25. Paul Lemmen

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  26. Nightshade

    Where I live, military vehicles routinely use I-90 to travel from Joint Base Lewis to the Yakima Proving Grounds. I would be more concerned about reports that they are traveling backroads with soldiers manning the weapon stations.

    However, the government-assisted flood of illegal immigrants and the releasing of them from jails could very well create the conditions necessary to enact martial law.

  27. Tom has a long mustache…….Tom has a long mustache……

  28. As the rest have said, its AT season.

    And some of you are complete fools for considering us the enemy, (Reserve Marine here). I can’t speak for other units, but no one would show up if they ordered us to confiscate civilian weapons.

    Now, pacification of Detroit… That would put my oath to the test. That place resembled Fallujah last time I went through it.

  29. I said this before , say again, ANG and Army Reserves units heading to GA/NC for annual training. They convoy there equipment to the post. it happens every year in the Summer. MD 29div 1-158 cav will be heading there next week.

  30. I remember when AT “Summer Camp” was a time of fun, joy, and hitting on the dancers at the Pizza Pub, a sport known affectionately as “hoggin”. Six packs of Bud and Guinness in a cooler at the TOC. Every once in a while they even gave us live ammo and not those gayer than a bag of dicks blanks with a set of MILES gear.

    Seriously, it’s summer camp time folks. 30-88 MHz., 25 KHz. steps, look for the 151.4 hz. PL tone and the Milspeak. If you got a Spectrum Analyzer you can even see the happy little spikes of the SINCGARS in ECCM mode, assuming the unit’s commo section is on the ball.

    Happy little ECCM spikes. And Guinness. Bud for the sissys who can’t handle real beer. And hoggin. I think I’m gonna have a flashback.

  31. Battlefield USA

    Couple more vids…

    New Haven, MO / 7-11-2014

    Bridgeport, MI / 7-15-2014

    Also, I am from a different era. Those trucks/transports – are those the new deuce-and-a-halfs? Ours? Some of that stuff in the vids just look european to me, but I’ve been out for awhile. Thanks.

    • The 2 1/2 T is long gone, replaced by 5 tons. Both videos are all US stuff.

      If this all goes pear shaped, avoid things shown in the first video. They are full of people who don’t like to be shot at and will do profoundly violent things in response.

      The second video are things to look for. They are full of people who don’t like to be shot at, but are not exactly selected and trained to do profoundly violent things in response. 😉

  32. HHH Old Vet.

    Serious stuff, I do Not give my permission for the UN. or any other entity to try to remove my firearms, EVER. Democide if anyone gives up heir arms.
    Kick the UN out of America and NATO with it.