Fundamental Transformation: It’s A Small World, After All [CAUTION:Non-Unseeable Pix At End Of Post]

Screen shot 2014-07-27 at 11.49.38 AM
Weasel Zippers: Map Of Locations To Which Feds Are Shipping Illegal Alien Minors

Zoom In/Out Google Map Version Of Above Graphic

By the way, u r a h8ter and a waaaaacisss for what you are thinking now.

And here’s your new Leader come January, 2017:

hillary wooga

UPDATE 1510EDT 27 JUL 2014: VISINJURE warning posted per reader request, along with this follow-on pic:

hillary don't make me drop my bikini bottom

You’re welcome. 🙂

30 responses to “Fundamental Transformation: It’s A Small World, After All [CAUTION:Non-Unseeable Pix At End Of Post]

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  2. Thanks for not furnishing an eye bleach required disclaimer.

  3. gunnyginalaska


  4. Note to self: Get emergency eye-wash station. Preferably, before next visit to WRSA.

  5. I’d double tap that!

  6. Yeah, I’m a hater and a racist.

    Let me put it this way, this is a big country and I have traveled across most of it and have lived all up and down the West Coast for fifty odd years now.

    If I wanted to live around a bunch of Mexicans, I would move back to San Jose.

    If I wanted to live around a bunch of blacks, I would move back to Portland.

    If I wanted to live around a bunch of Russians, I would move five miles closer to where they have staked out their enclave on the other side of the town I do live in.

    Since I don’t plan on doing any of those things in the near future, I will let you come to your own conclusions.

    As far as the whiny liberal snivel about can’t we all just get along?
    Sure we can.
    You stay the fuck over there and I will stay over here.

    I get along just fine with that.

    Some of the worst racists I have ever encountered in my entire life were black.
    Be careful when you start pointing fingers and calling names.

  7. Oh my God! I can never unsee that picture of Hillary the Holy Holstein!! I’ll never make it through another Leftist Lecture on moving the country forward. My eyes! My eyes!

  8. St. Bernard

    Aw, Man! Now my eyes hurt!

  9. Thanks, I just ate lunch and had to run to the head and now have a sour tummy. Ijust don’t understand why people would waste their vote for this.

  10. Violation—if that pic ain’t torture, what is?

  11. Aaahhhhhh!!! My eyes… eyes…….do you know how hard it’s gonna be to UNSEE that!! Thanks CA!

  12. I’d hit it….with a bat.

  13. My eyes!

  14. Jimmy The Saint

    That one could have used a “Nightmare Fuel” tag

  15. A little bit of looking finds this tax-feeding organization spending the Portland Children’s Levy (FREE publik munny!) on occupying the new batch of 200 square foot apartments without parking with people who will find it a fine upgrade from anywhere in Honduras or Guat.

    Here is the employment possibility for a spanish-english fluent, BA holding, debt-burdened (likely female) person with a car. Please send picture of car, because you will be driving a bunch of infected/infested central American illegal alien children around in it for no additional compensation. Up to $37K/year, no overtime pay because you will be classified as a staff manager. Unlimited recruiting requirement due to Obama.
    Note: SECURE CARE. These are correctly prisoners, so being a warder/guard in a prison would be very good experience.
    Screen shot here:

    What’s hilarious is that the people who “need help” don’t speak Spanish. They speak some village dialect of Central America. Might as well teach them English As Only Language? It will be valuable to them after deportation.

    Case Manager (Senderos)
    June 4, 2014
    Case Manager
    Portland, Oregon Full Time, Full Benefits
    Senderos Residential Secure Care
    The Case Manager I is responsible for assessing the needs of each assigned youth in care, completes extensive paperwork required by the contract, may conduct screenings and intakes, works with all external partners involved in the youth’s lives including ICE, ORR, LIRS, and others . Case managers are primarily focused on a safe and efficient family reunification, with responsibility for tracking placement-to-release ratios. The youth in this program are in Long Term placement, not transitional and will be attending public school.
    A typical background for the person who can fulfill the duties for this position is as follows:
    Bachelor’s degree in behavioral sciences, human services or social services fields Or a minimum of a high school diploma plus three to five years of progressive employment experience in the behavioral sciences field Child welfare and/or child protective service experience is strongly encourage
    Bilingual in Spanish and English- writing, reading and speaking required Position require personal transportation to drive to multiple ORR Program sites within Morrison
    Must pass criminal background history check
    Case Manager:
    Pay rate: $17.80 – $18.21

    Less than $20/hr to almost certainly test positive for XDR TB in 2 years. Ha HA HA HA!

  16. The map is incorrect.

    Yeah, the story says only eight illegals. That’s subject to change at the whim of the .gov, domestic enemies all. And in the view of pdxr’s comment, we don’t know how many illegals are sick. It’s been widely reported what they are sick with, but not the percentage of them.

  17. You guys are missing the fun of another Clinton presidency:

  18. Marlo Stanfield

    You and that Hilary picture OMG! Perhaps these children are for rich perverts? Or people who are already living here are getting their children sent here on our dime? The DSS in this country would never allow someone here to load up children and ship them across the country, no notice, no screening. See how hard and long it takes for an American to adopt an American born child. In my local area there is an Orphan home where babies are placed and most never leave until they are grown, no one wants them, but you can get crazy media attention and all sorts of tax breaks adopting a foreign born child. This country is sick. 

  19. Alfred E. Neuman

    Reblogged this on The Lynler Report.


    For the record: Our own Commissar Kitzhaber has publicly stated that these “child refugees” are welcome to come into the Peoples Democratic Socialist Republic of Oregon. I hope all of the cosmic white progressive-liberals, leftist Episcopalian/Methodist/Presbyterian/Catholic clerics and their sheeple congregations, and the rest of the deviate dreck of Multanomah and Washington counties welcome these two-legged disease vectors with open arms.
    Maybe they could have a huge reception on the Capitol steps in Salem and let the little dirtbags sneeze on all of the leftist pols in the state legislature who shoved Cover Oregon down our throats, and are working so hard to abrogate our Second Amendment rights. I’ll be busy boresighting, reloading, and prepping.

  21. Good one, PJ. The slickwilliebubba is a piker compared to the psychotic hildabeast.

  22. As always, the comments are as entertaining and relate-able as the article – but I agree with the nightmare fuel – definitely !

  23. The body in the top pic looks way too good to be Hitlery. Jus’ sayin’ … 😉

  24. Can we call them “beaner babies”, or is that a WAAA-CISSSSS remark?

    (Hey, how can a caucasian be called a “waaa-cissss” for being disgusted and reviled by OTHER caucasians? Yeah, I know. Libtard logic … )

  25. I agree with Bob. The body in the first pic is WAY too good for Shrillary.

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  27. Damn, I haven’t even had one cup of coffee and I see that. There’s not enough bleach. Now if you will excuse me, I have to go puke.