Signs Of The Times

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Above from Drudge; below from Outbreak Otto, a long-time WRSA reader:


Normally I’d say “Spread it near and far”, but in this case….

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  1. First thing that popped into my head on seeing that pic was a claymore… is that bad?

  2. Boss21, I was thinking “target rich environment”, and planning “execution” to avoid adverse consequences. Here in AZ/NM, this BS will result in piles of punks, and anyone trying to stop it will be considered an enemy.
    Might as well start this party now, before the cold sets in.

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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  4. HHH Old Vet.

    Boss21, bad is a relative term, in that case, maybe Not. I would like to know how many Obammer is going to lodge at the white house?? I hear Fort KNOX is empty, could lodge some there. How far does the Red carpet reach?

    • It goes as far as welfare office and voting booth.

      The blacks are livid over this. They thought they were the govt’s bitch. Not anymore!

  5. fookiesookiewuvuwongtime

    Call me old school, but wading into these punks with a hatchet or a Kukri would be most cathartic for myself at least.

    • I’m too out of shape for that type of melee. Besides, I’d rather see the fear and confusion in their eyes through the lens of a scope, as they drop, one at a time.

  6. Bill Harzia

    Is anyone else tired of hearing, “OMG these gangs are so violent!”? For Christs’s sake, if there ever is a failure of civility these punks are wearing their identity on their faces. It will be open season for any interested patriot to go plinking. Those tattooed faces would show up great in the old Leupold.

    • Agreed, Bill Harzia. Dispatch the biggest, and loudest one first.

      • Sounds like they better swarm you at night using terrain features to get as many as close as possible… good thing none of them have any small unit training

        • Yeah…good thing…”small unit training” has not been provided…nor arms either…by…

        • Don’t underestimate how adaptable gangs are. They have placed as many “little brothers” into combat arms jobs as possible in the past decades for the purpose of upgrading gang combat effectiveness when they come home. Some can even read well enough to get something from a FM or TM. A number of concerning articles have been published on the result of lowered recruiting standards post-2002 (to current draw-down).

          If a gang didn’t have the gear of modern infantry, they could skip a bunch of the specialized training. No need to waste time on classroom stuff like Law of Armed Conflict. I suspect that “newbies” would be mostly expected to frontal-attack (distract, absorb rounds) while more valuable trained gangsters are used to counter mobile defense and lay siege against bunkered sites. Disciplined gangs could be formidable opponents for less than combined-arms military units (police, sheriff, private security), esp. when the “gang” is motivated more like an ethnic tribe rather than a criminal enterprise.

          • PDXR13: Exactly my point. Sometimes my sarcasm is too veiled….:-)

          • Some of the biggest ignorance towards gangs comes from the so called freedom loving patriotic crowd. Many of these guys esp ms13 are military trained and very very smart.

            1911 and bs bumper stickers and internet commando talk means nothing to them.

        • Bill HArzia

          Right you are, CA! That’s why we plan.

          It’s best not to view things throughrose-colored glasses, either.

  7. RobRoySimmons

    I have spent years of my life reading and listening to what “conservatives” are going to do to such lowlifes. Yeah right, as I told my South African hosts last year if an American hard ass conservative is called a “racist” they fold completely, damn near to tears.

    Till the propaganda usefulness of the word “racist” is neutralized there will be no conserving of anything.

    Here is what is gonna happen, the identity politics activists will call conservatives “racist”, conservatives will retreat behind weasel words and want the government to do something, and the government will, it will come to the conservatives houses and shoot them.

    • Retreat and play defense (poorly) is all they are capable doing.

    • We want to be left alone and they want us dead. They attack continuously at sub-response levels and wait. The patience and cost-effectiveness learned from Mao works. Eventually they win and we are dead. This is the current scenario. Any questions?

      The only solution I can find is to adapt their time-line and objective, with more vigor and intellectual honesty.

    • Are you inferring that the comments here lack sincerity or a ready willingness to follow through?
      If you hang out here for a while, you’ll find out that most of the people posting here are NOT “conservatives”, as you probably think of them.
      Call most people here a “RAYYY-CISSSSST” and they will most likely laugh at you, or say, “So what?”

      Such pejoratives don’t affect freethinking individualists. Although there are conservatives here, conflating that term to include the entire group would be a mistake. And I wouldn’t question “conservative” resolve, either. A word only has as much impact as it is given …

    • Your pessimism is….. revealing. Coward.

  8. Nigeria isolates Lagos hospital where Ebola victim die

    This appears to be a diff strain. Normal ppe mop whatever is not getting it done, hence the docs going down.

    I think the containment ship may have sailed in Africa. Lagos is almost 3 manhattans. Ponder that.

  9. Anyone else watching the new TNT show “The Last Ship”? This is eerily similar…

  10. Nigerian Airlines suspending ops in affected cities, barn door?

    Fortunately though the highly responsive Nigerian gov has set up isolation centers at the busy airport in case anyone else gets off a plane vomiting blood with a high fever.

  11. Money quote alert:

    He said, “The disease as they say is not contagious until when the symptoms start to manifest. So, if somebody is carrying it and it is dormant in the person, there is no way you will know. So, it is the ports authority that needs to check that.”

    Lmfao. All the same I’m gonna hold off on transferring all my info to General Buck Naked’s cousin’s widow to repatriate that $10 mil. Just sayin.

  12. Grenadier1

    I will be witjout access for most of the day so I wanted to give you an afirmative on me being at yapfest!

  13. Ebola, Obama, what’s the difference?…..Same result, different pathogen.

  14. Dammm. I like the way you guys think. I’m in!!!

  15. Can I buy free plane tickets for a few Nigerians to vacation in our nation’s capital this summer?…..maybe they can tour the white house and then the congressional halls before lunch at the supreme court then apply for employment at the irs building. It would be money well spent.


      10 to 1 DC would be quarantined, but the vermin will leave the buildings…last time a cluster like that happened, the entire SCOTUS left the country for some European vacation spot for a six week long conference. I would not be surprised to learn that conference agenda was geared towards language revisions to better suit International Law. You know…like completely eradicating any and all references to sovereign nation status, and the laws which govern them.

      But you should check into this Sponsor Program for Illegals. I hear it pays well.

  16. Natural Born Domestic Terrorist

    Moar signs of the times bitches…

    One person close to Mr Putin said the Yukos ruling was insignificant in light of the bigger geopolitical stand-off over Ukraine.

    “There is a war coming in Europe,” he said. “Do you really

    Found @ Zero Hedge

  17. A bit off topic but a gritty-farcical preview of where we are going in FUSA. Ordo Chao my ass.

  18. “Obama will take care of us”?! Ah-hahahahahahahahahahaha. If he don’t, We the People WILL. I promise.

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    Welkom to Emurika. The newest 3rd world country in the hemisphere.