Southern Mountain YapFest & BBQ – Vogel State Park – 9 August 2014

Offline for next 36 hours, so here’s the quick and dirty:

Where: Vogel State Park, Picnic Shelter #3

When: 9 August, 0800-1800 local

What: A chance to hear good speakers talk on freedom-related topics (agenda later) and chat with your neighbors

Chow: Jim’s Smokin’ Que

Hope to see you there. Last call for chow count via comments 1800 edt 30 July; no need to repeat if you have already indicated.

8 responses to “Southern Mountain YapFest & BBQ – Vogel State Park – 9 August 2014

  1. Grenadier1

    I will be there.

  2. Shinmen Takezo

    Why don’t you “rocket scientists” stage an event somewhere in the “middle” of this country so that like-minded individuals on the west coast can also attend?!!

  3. Gonna be in North Carolina that week-end. The good news is only four hours away. Will try to take time out from the gig up there and shoot over for the day. No need to count me in for vittles, I won’t know how things are gonna go down until I get up there.

  4. This is in my AO so will try to attend. Add me to the food list

  5. Add two to you count.