NY DHS Will Pay $500 For Info On Prep Purchases

Vampire state*, indeed.

*TM, Billy Beck

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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. New York….why anyone lives there is still a mystery to me. They are all chasing money and fame and whatnot and they keep feeding the monster but it never changes. If I was a Hamas operator I would get 10 “volunteers”, infect them with ebola, and secret them into New York City. Then the fun would begin….you could call it “Operation Street Sweeper”.

  3. outlawpatriot

    It’s like a bad dream. Though I’ve known for the better part of thirty years where we were headed, it’s still very hard to believe.


    What can you say about a state that has given the rest of us Marxist scum like Hillary Clinton, Schumer, McCarthy, Nadler, Cuomo the cuckhold, and the rest of their ilk. I see a golden opportunity for an enterprising group of smugglers to make some serious dough by transporting “prepper contraband” into that commie hell-hole.

  5. Is anyone surprised that this criminally run “state” is paying snitches to rat out neighbors? Snitches are bitches and sometimes get stitches.

  6. Know a government employee? Do you see him buying bulk products at Sam’s Club? Fertilizer maybe? Say something! Pass GO! Collect $500!

  7. There is a resistance movement in New York. I guess we’ll see come November if we mean anything at all. Please remember this, almost 50% of the population of New York is upstate. Almost 50% of the total population are tax payers. Almost 50% of the total population is conservative/libertarian. It wouldn’t take much to take back New York, just a little nudge that happens to eliminate 1/2 the assembly, 1/2 the senate, and 1/2 the population…

  8. Waiting in Idaho

    They elected Cuomo the Homo; they deserve him. This is the cultural and financial center of the country? Maybe fifty years ago. Now it looks like a turd circling the bowl.

  9. I don’t doubt that a state trooper posted a “See Something, Say Something” flyer, and I know that DHS, awhile back, released that list of terrorist indicators, and NY did offer a $500 reward for tips on gun crimes that resulted in a conviction– but this video dishonestly uses sleight-of-hand to weave these three into one. This is how we lose the battle of credibility.

  10. Bill Harzia

    I gotta stop reading Tom Clancy. In one of his books, he had the brother of a pilot killed in a war fly his 747 into the Capitol Building. Sound familiar? In another book (or possibly the same one, they all vanished in my last move), weaponized Ebola is used against Americans.

  11. Old news, this came in right after un Safe-act was passed. Guess what , Cumhole is in deep shit with a brewing corruption scandal, -the Safe-act is not being enforced and / or being taken apart piecemeal like Obongo-care. 52 counties out of 62 have passed resolutions to repeal the law. In upstate NY the sound of high-cap gunfire is abroad in the land. There is no more polarized state in the Union.

  12. As I posted in an earlier blog on the same subject:
    #1- Shop outside your local neighborhood, and pay cash (anonymity) .
    #2- Get the name and phone numbers of your own neighborhood, local, and state gooberment employees and snitches, and flood the tip line with those names.