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UPDATE 2150EDT 30 JUL 2014: ZH: Ebola Epidemic Update: US Citizen Dies In Nigeria, Virus Poses Threat To Britain, Liberia Declares State Of Emergency

From a reader, about 7 hours ago:

Dear CA,
I hope you are having a good trip! Here is a summary of current activity/news:

UK .gov is going public with the threat and held high level mtgs

This morning brought a report of a person in Hong Kong being
treated for Ebola symptoms:
and a report that two persons were tested in UK for possible Ebola:

Christian based medical are going to pull out which will leave no
one but the gov there which will (is) rapidly lose control of

CDC revised its guidance for in flight care and potential exposures:

Minnesota Pat Sawyer, of Liberia who was planning to visit his
daughter back home in Coon Rapids, MN traveled puking and coughing
on a plane with a bunch of folks then got off the plane and
collapsed. Here is a little breakdown on contacts after the flight
(no mention made of the plane load of people he flew with:

“The persons include 44 contacts at the hospital he was taken to,
38 of which were health workers and six laboratory staff; 15
contacts at the airport, comprising three Ecowas officials – a
driver, a liaison officer and a protocol officer. Others include
two nursing staff, five airport handlers and the Nigerian
ambassador to Liberia.”

See more at:

On the ground at the West African epicenter’s things are spiraling
rapidly (see below). Liberia is a hell hole on a good day:

Dead Bodies: Health Ministry Failing to Pick up Abandoned Bodies – Liberia

Monrovia – Following the government of Liberia’s declaration of a
national health emergency in the face of the deadly Ebola outbreak
that has killed close to 130 Liberians and an entire government
ministry at risk because of an employee that died of the deadly
disease in Nigeria, there have been reports of dead bodies lying
around with no effort by the ministry of health to remove them.

Over the lake that divides the police academy road from the rest of
the SKD Boulevard community two objects in the shape of body bags
white in color were afloat. Residents and motorists were concerned
about the floating object, but all efforts made to contact the
health ministry to confirm what the object actually is proved
futile as no health response team showed up to remove the object
that looked like the body bag in which Ebola victims are buried.

In Harbel, Margibi County it was reported that three persons had
died in a house, but the corpses were still in the house three days
after. The Gardnersville community was a scene of chaos and
confusion as youth blocked the main highway because a corpse had
been abandoned for five days and had started to decay.


The government had reported that burial teams were facing
challenges in burying people who die from the deadly virus as many
communities are concerned about people who die from the virus being
buried in their areas.


Now that people are reporting that dead bodies are lying around, it
is a huge concern that the ministry is not doing anything to remove
these bodies. When FrontPageAfrica contacted Deputy Health Minister
Dr. Bernice Dahn on Tuesday, she said she could not talk because
she was busy collecting bodies and trying to place sick people on

Loosing Ebola Fight

It seems at the high level the government is losing its wits on how
to deal with the deadly virus that has claimed 129 lives including
that of a government official. Sources say it is obvious that the
Government is playing catch-up with measures to curb the deadly
virus in a meeting held recently.

According to sources, Deputy Minister of Health Dr. Bernice Dahn at
the meeting said the Ebola treatment center in ELWA hospital in
Monrovia is overcrowded as there are 25 Ebola patients at the
center, which is created for 18 persons and it included the two
American doctors. The center is the only Ebola treatment facility
in the center in Monrovia and the community is resisting the
expansion of the unit.

Dr. Dahn said the Health Ministry called the Defense Ministry
asking for support, but they did not come. Local staff of the
ministry is afraid because the two expats got sick, they may get
the virus. For that reason, some did not come to work on Tuesday.
She told the meeting that the government needs to recruit staff to
train in order to send back to JFK hospital.

She said in Lofa County, the staff from the Foya Ebola Treatment
center was attacked and their vehicle destroyed by community
members when they went to pick up an Ebola patient adding that this
has led expat staff to feeling unsecured. Dr. Dahn also said the
Samaritans Purse has pulled out of the Foya site and that in
Montserrado County, “the work is becoming overwhelming.” Bomi
County is said to also be experiencing a serious outbreak.

The deputy health minister is also said to have informed the
meeting that more facilities are needed and that health workers who
have gotten the disease are getting it in hospitals, not the
treatment centers.

Turning patients away

Kendall Kauffeldt of Samaritan’s who’s been in Liberia for 10 years
and considers it home, said after the second wave of Ebola hit
them, they quickly realized there are limited resources to
adequately contain this disease. He said, though they have been
trained by MSF to handle Ebola it’s a “heavy load on their
shoulders and at this point” and this crisis is “beyond a disaster
in my opinion.” and that we are still “dealing with the tip of the
iceburg at this point.” He said there needs to be a strong
international plea for help as their centers in Foya and Monrovia
are both full.

Kauffeldt disclosed that ELWA which was made for 18 now has 25 and
they are now turning patients away today because there’s no room in
the center. He said in Foya they receive daily threats and expats
have been held hostage, and their vehicles destroyed. Insecurity
makes it almost impossible, as does a lack of resources and
international support, and not enough trained staff to help tackle
the disease at the treatment centers.

“We can no longer safely operate,” the centers, and at this point
they are putting their staff at great risk,” he said in the
meeting. He said some healthcare workers are not showing up to work
because they are scared, adding, “our involvement is costing our

He said they can no longer participate in the Case Management
Centers (CMC’s) and said: “we truly wish we could.” Medecins Sans
Frontiers Country Director Lindis Hurum said that MSF would not
leave Liberia adding that she told the government 5 weeks ago that
Liberia needed immediate attention. “We are not without limits.”

She said only Samaritans Purse helped when they asked the
international community for help. Hurum said MSF does not have
enough doctors, nurses or sanitation specialists. “Without that it
is unsafe to run a treatment center,” she said.

“It’s almost unthinkable that we can say we can’t do anything in
Liberia… I don’t know how we can help you…this is beyond MSF,
it’s an international issue. We can’t treat them, in a few weeks
“those 50 could be 300.”

Government officials are panicking

Liberian government officials are panicking after the death of
Sawyer and the measures taken by the ministry of Finance to
lockdown the ministry in an effort to counter imminent danger the
presence of the late Sawyer may have caused during his last days
there. General Services Agency Director-General Mary Broh announced
the closure of the General Services Agency. She told Hott FM on
Monday that she took the decision to enable her staffers remain
home until the outbreak of the virus subsides. A visit at the GSA
noticed a depleted entity with only security officers assigned at
the main entrance.

Also at the National Oil Company of Liberia, it was reported that
entity also temporarily shut down, but Cyrus Badio, Vice President
for Public Relations could not be reached for comment as his phone
rang endlessly. At nearly all government ministries and agencies,
buckets are situated in front of entrances and visitors are
compelled by security guards to wash their hands before entry.

Partial border closure

On Sunday the Liberian government announced a series of measures
meant to tackle the outbreak that has resulted in the death of 127
Liberians. The President ordered that all borders of Liberia would
be closed with the exception of the major entry points, including
the Roberts International Airport, James Spriggs Payne Airport,
Foya Crossing, Bo Waterside Crossing, Ganta Crossing.

“At these entry points, preventive and testing centers will be
established, and stringent preventive measures to be announced will
be scrupulously adhered to,” says President Johnson Sirleaf.

“A new travel policy by the Liberia Airport Authority covering
inspection and testing of all outgoing and incoming passengers will
be strictly observed; restrictions on public gatherings such as
solidarity marches, demonstrations, promotional advertisement are
to be restricted; Hotels, restaurants, entertainment centers and
video clubs are to play five-minute film on Ebola awareness and

The President stated that Government vehicles will be commandeered,
as appropriate, to provide needed logistics support to the health
delivery system and all Government facilities and public places are
to install and provide public access for washing of hands and other
sanitization services. Standing Orders have also been given to the
Security Forces, including the Armed Forces of Liberia, to give
support to the Technical Team and the Task Force in enforcing these
regulations according to the President.

US Embassy meets Citizens

The United States Embassy in Monrovia held a meeting with US
citizens on Tuesday and told them that the disease has not reached
the kind of critical level that would require an evacuation. US
citizens who attended the meeting confided in FPA after the
gathering stating that they were angry because of the way the
Embassy is handling their concerns on the disease and a possible
exit strategy.

They are “monitoring” 20 or so people that flew with Sawyer, 53 are
“not being monitored” because they bolted when they realized what
would happen (quarantine).

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    Interesting read on what opfor will be ready to do in case this goes viral… no pun intended.

  2. Sounds like Stephen King’s “The Stand.” SCARY shit… time to recheck GOOD preps… 😐

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  4. Some scary Shiite , like there wasn’t enough already. No wonder Obongo said fuck it and went playing golf.

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  6. Samenokami

    Border control ?
    We don’t need no stinking border control.
    Sounds too much like East/West Germany circa 1965.
    Fascists !!!eleventy!!!!

  7. President Camacho, your nation awaits a strong solution.

  8. The real question is, why did experienced health care workers, familiar with an exceedingly deadly pathogen and the strict protocols required for treatment, get sick? That is worth thinking about as we watch this disaster unfold.

    It is also worth knowing that an Ebola patient is not infectious until the victim shows symptoms, but that the symptoms can look like flu, and the incubation period is around 5 to 21 days.

  9. Bill Harzia

    From The Great Influenza at

    “At the height of WWI, history’s most lethal influenza virus erupted in an army camp in Kansas, moved east with American troops, then exploded, killing as many as 100 million people worldwide. It killed more people in twenty-four months than AIDS killed in twenty-four years, more in a year than the Black Death killed in a century. But this was not the Middle Ages, and 1918 marked the first collision of science and epidemic disease. ..”

    And this was before international air travel. Just f—ing ducky.