Real, Live Endarkenment – Redux

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Billy Beck chronicled it three years ago.

And the beat goes on:

EPA: Developing carbon pollution standards under the Clean Air Act

GOP: ‘Impossible to Say Anything Good’ About EPA Carbon Pollution Standards

Tesla’s Kid weighs in:

These building blocks are:

(1) Improving energy efficiency at fossil fuel power plants (increasing heat rates by 6 percent at coal-fired power plants)

So what if a plant is already operating at or near the peak efficiency that they could hope to achieve?

(2) Operating existing low GHG emitting sources more frequently (encouraging dispatch of natural gas combined cycle plants so that they would operate with as much as a 70 percent capacity factor)

In other words, plants that were built big to supply the baseload demand of the grid will be run as peaker units only to come on when it gets really hot or really cold. Wind, solar, natural gas, etc. will get dispatched first. This disregards the better part of a century of experience that you dispatch the lowest cost producers to produce the next MW of power. Instead, power will be produced first by the politically correct sources that are primarily owned, funded by enviro-lib-commies and subsidized by the government. Other power sources less politically correct will be used as needed. Could there be a more obvious definition of fascism?

Stand by, because under this proposal, your power bill will skyrocket even though your access to power will plummet along with the availability and reliability of that power. That’s not a flaw, it’s a feature.

(3) Increasing electricity generation from zero and low emitting sources (encouraging dispatch to nuclear and renewable sources of power) and

Look for more Bundy Ranch events as the BLM and other fedgov agencies clear the land of those inconvenient squatters to allow their friends and political contributors to move in and build solar panels and ruin hundreds of miles of vistas with windmills.

On the upside, it does help nuclear power. In economic terms, the only thing that dispatches ahead of nuclear is hydro (free fuel). It is just that cheap.

(4) Reducing electricity demand (to achieve 1.5 percent annual electricity savings from 2020-2029).

With a contracting/collapsing economy and big die-off, that will be easy! Frankly, if these people stay in power, 1.5% is too low of a target for reduction. After all, wasn’t it 20 million Americans that had to die to create Bill Ayres utopia? As is always the case with communists.

All snark aside, reducing electricity demand literally means a shrinking economy and a shrinking America. Growth requires power. But that’s not what they have in mind. Is it?

EPA then applied each of these building blocks to a state’s electric generation fleet to arrive at each state’s emissions intensity goal.

Which ignores the fact that all states are not created equal. Many states don’t have a ton of water, wind, or solar available. But perhaps the idea is that each state has to generate the electricity required for their state within their state. Or maybe the idea is to eliminate the ability of states to take care of their own power needs such that they are dependent on power from far away blue state renewable, politically correct power. (i.e. the south). Cutting into the power source is literally cutting into the power and political clout of a region in my opinion. The south is the strongest base of real resistance to the creeping tyranny. This plan burrows into that like scabies-and with a similar end result intended. It’s just one more way that the fedgov will use regulatory power to compress and reshape the CW2 cube to turn red states purple, purple states blue, and all of America dark.


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  1. The strange 13mm holes appearing in wind generating equipment will make it really difficult to keep a stable supply of electricity available. Must be a design flaw or else it could be. 50 shooters seeing a wind farm as a p-dog town.

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. Spot on. The one thing I might add regarding coal plants is that due to the fact that they were designed to provide that base load in steady state, 24/7 operations, and also by design, they normally only come offline during far spaced and carefully planned maintenance outages. This is key, because like any machine, the equipment suffers the most stress and likelihood for catastrophic failure during start-ups and shut-downs. They simply were not designed to operate as peakers (bring it up, bring it down, bring it up….), and there is no question in my mind that these greatly increased risks (of say for instance: a steam rupture or spontaneous turbine dissasembly that kills a whole crew) were not only brought up and summarily dismissed, they were as TK had called it, “not a flaw but a feature.” Disaster is only a matter of time, and after a disaster or two, the bad publicity, lawsuits, jacked up insurance costs, etc etc, will combine with the already crushing effect of regulations on the industry to make a profit. Boom, as the kids say, the “death from a thousand cuts” leads to the bankruptcy of the industry leaders. I’m not talking about anything you guys don’t already know, but the power grid really IS “too big to fail”, so SOMEBODY has to do something. How many days or weeks without power will the mega-cities tolerate before they are begging for sweeping, “emergency” nationalization. Sheeeeeit, if you thought the IRS was bad, just wait till they can “accidentally” kill the power to an entire industrial sector or region, and then simply launder away any accountability in the vile and filthy basin of bureaucracy.
    God bless America, cause we are sure as shit gonna need it.


  4. EPA stonewalls FOIA efforts to reveal how they influenced the 2012 election

  5. “God Bless America” … what makes you think we deserve it?

  6. Many natural gas furnaces, as an example, run in the mid-upper 90’s regarding efficiency percentage. That means for every $1 you spend on your gas bill, 90+% is converted into heat by your machine. Not bad. And many fossil-fuel appliances are near max-potential due to physics.

    The problem: To achieve those efficiencies (which are FedGov mandated, by the way, just like your automobile fuel economy, dishwasher, toaster, blah, blah) the manufacturers must install more and more widgets that are not necessary for a basic and fundamentally reliable machine to heat (or cool) your home.

    More circuit boards. More motors. Fancy motors (like variable-speed), on A/C equipment, literally installing second compressors in a single residential machine, and controllers and this and that and the other. All of those parts fail. That means you spend more money over the life of the machine on maintenance and repairs than you save because of the extra “efficiency” FedGov demands that manufacturers squeeze out.

    I’ve got old General Electric air conditioners in my neighborhood that are 40 years old and still running – because they were manufactured with thicker metals, and nothing extraneous. Good luck getting 15 years out of a modern machine before the cost of repairs and the cost of replacement make repairs unrealistic.

    I “know” this pattern is repeated across the trades, and I “know” the equivalent (regulations, due diligence CYA crap) is repeated in the White Collar world.

    Thus, the cost of every widget, every service, all Guns & Butter items, is exponentially higher than needed, over-complicated, and all caused by do-gooders and parasites who feed from every transaction.

    I could build a residential, whole-house air conditioner that will last 35+ years, use a bit more electricity than the “most efficient” certified unit today with tremendously less lifetime maintenance/repair costs, AND install it for a nice profit at $3k. I would expect a DHS/EPA SWAT Team and a decade of Federal Prison before I got the website finished…

    That which can not be sustained, won’t…

    • Bill Harzia

      “…The problem: To achieve those efficiencies (which are FedGov mandated, by the way, just like your automobile fuel economy, dishwasher, toaster, blah, blah) the manufacturers must install more and more widgets that are not necessary for a basic and fundamentally reliable machine to heat (or cool) your home…”

      Have you heard of PG&E’s so-called “smart meter?” The one that has the ability to slow down or shut off my electricity via remote control? It was at first voluntary, and now mandatory to have one of these installed on residential property. They also wanted to install one specifically on my $12,000 central A/C. I told the rep that it reminded me of what Monica Lewinsky is rumored to have said the first time she met Bill Clinton – “You want me to put WHAT in my mouth!?!” He laughed and said, “I’ll put that down as a ‘no.’ “

  7. Oh, yeah – “Smart Meters” are being phased-in as mandatory nationwide. And they permit much, much more than merely shutting down the A/C, with the right analytical tools on the supply side. They are tattletales…

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    Barack Hussein Obama said-“electricity rates will necessarily skyrocket”
    The agenda continues to be enacted…

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  10. If I am reading this post right it appears that the regulators did not factor in cross state electrical supply. So states like Texas and New Mexico that supply excess capacity to California will be primed to not provide that capacity in the future. I would be to their advantage to keep it in the State.

  11. HHH Old Vet.

    Cali seems to get more Electrical power from Other states, screw them, and watch the rats jump ship. Kill the KW to Kali.