Murdering Red Bastards

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Karl sends his thoughts on the NYT story re two Khmer Rouge scumbags.

Sát cộng.


21 responses to “Murdering Red Bastards

  1. Pop quiz answer: “Here’s a 230 grain fat boy right in the belly, and another one, and another one …”

    May they suffer in hell for all eternity, screaming out with unquenched thirst from the lake of fire. It’s just too bad they weren’t sent there earlier.

  2. Anyone else notice the irony of the NYT covering the story when “Pinch” Sulzberger and his ilk are partially responsible for the expansion of Communism and it attendant horrors and abuses across southeast Asia?

    Do you think the 60’s anti-war (anti-American/anti-Western civilization) movement feels any guilt for their (small) part in aiding and abetting these monsters? Me neither.

  3. Marlo Stanfield

    One is 83 and the other is 88 years old? Some victory. When we pulled out of Vietnam and left lots of our allies behind to fend for themselves. No one hear gave a fuck. This is why a lot of people around the world doesn’t trust us.

  4. Commies get the stage and microphone in front of the White House, while a crowd sharing the same space is threatened, and ultimately removed “…for their own safety…”

    Communists of every flavor, from Red Joe to the old blue-hair bitch living in the mini-McMansion down the street in every American suburb who votes to keep the Social Security checks flowing are all parasitic, diseased bipeds.

    If you are mentally healthy American and you take a dip in the wrong pond, and you find leeches clinging to you when you get out of the water, you take a KA-BAR and shave them off.

    If you think there is a difference between the leech and the old blue-hair and Red Joe, you are wrong.


      Spot on. I went to college in the 60’s with such people. They cleaned up their hypocritical act and went to law school. They all found work with state and federal agencies or left-wing foundations. To quote the famous Xmas song: “…he’s makin’ a list, checking it twice…”

    • The leeches at least work for their blood, they don’t hire state enforcers to come and take it from you

  5. Bill Harzia

    The updated-for-America version of the quiz:

    An illegal alien (with tattoos all over his face) turned government policeman knocks on your door and orders you and your family, at gunpoint, to pack your bags for a short 3-day trip. How will you respond?

    A) Pack a bag and get on the truck,
    B) Argue, or
    C) _________ (See Herschel Smith’s answer)

    • Mark Matis

      He forgot to add:
      Then check his pockets for a driver’s license or anything else with an address. If there is one, go there and kill his whore and his spawn. After all, that IS fully in accordance with their very own Rules of Engagement. Might as well let their families fully enjoy the fruits of their labors…

    • ghostsniper

      D) A hail of shrapnel.

  6. Citizen Lazlo

    Here’s some fascinating reading about our local future war criminals and the Zombie Resurrection of Journolist:

    Here’s their membership list in Excel format:

    And here’s their calendar:

    For informational purposes only, of course.

  7. There are still a lot of commie thugs walking this planet from Cuba to North Korea, from China to the former East Germany who slaughtered millions( I believe old Mao murdered over 100 million alone) who sleep peacefully at night and act like they did nothing wrong. The media will holler about some old Nazi guard living in New Jersey but they never ferret out these red bastards and the horrible crimes that they committed and are still committing in the name of Marx and Lenin. May they all rot in hell…..

    • Lt. Greyman, NVA

      .30-06 you are so right. When the movement becomes operational for establishment of a White Homeland on the model of Switzerland, we have been taught the Mafia rule “no women, no Kids”.

      These bastards snapped plastic bags over the heads of women and kids everyday (or ordered it to happen) and slept well the that night, yet for White people being genocided to even discuss “resistance” is to be called a Naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

      These guys get speaking engagements at fine Universities while people like Bill Ayres tells your daughter and son that they need to pick up where these guys failed.

      Truly, I don’t understand why their own people don’t tear them apart in public. Stalin is still loved, Pol Pot is still alive, Mao is still revered, MLK, and on and on.

      It is as Stalin said, one death is a tragedy, 1,000,000 is a statistic.

  8. I have searched long and hard for a Sat Cong T shirt just like the one shown in the logo. Anyone have any ideas? I’ve found a few but they are different and I didn’t care for them as much.

  9. Just remember it won’t be ONE thug at the door. If you don’t want to die in a pool of nasty in your own front door, as 20 jackbooted Nazi trash machinegun the wife and kiddies then burn the place to the ground (Waco anyone?),Then you’d better start getting “C” done LONG before “they” GET to the front door. ‘Cause when “they” are ready to take people to “the gas” , they WON’T ask nicely and they WILL meet ANY “resistance” with overwhelming, murderous force…. At that point “Warsaw Ghetto” rules are in effect — Talking and cooperation are useless –plan accordingly. P.S. I used to know a very nice lady with a number on her arm. She once said to me; ” If only we had fought them , we might have saved the children”. She took that to her grave . I don’t plan to take that one to mine.

  10. Most young people, especially those in the fusa would not bat an eye if what happened in Cambodia happened again elsewhere. They’d probably cheer it on given that most of them claim to be socialists.

    • It’s already being repeated in Iraq and Syria, where the ISIS thugs are running things. It’s the Killing Fields all over again – but with more enthusiasm.

  11. Please check your email! I left you a graphic that someone at Gates of Vienna said you would like.