When The Music Stops

Thoughts from a vet.

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  1. Ok Grifter is right, you are never more alive. It a bitter pill to swallow, but e fought the wrong enemy for all the wrong reasons. And until we fight the crooks, tyrants, and traitors running things we who can and are willing will never find peace in our souls.
    You got to fight for what matters, not what suits the agenda of the motherfuckers in power, not being useful dupes and cannon fodder for greed and power.
    If we are gonna fight and die for something, what more worthy cause and enemy than the domestic enemies who have sent millions to their death?

    • So right, Truth. It’s “what’s next” for him and for us.

      No higher calling, and a perfect use of the brotherhood, skills, dedication and desire to kill bad guys, the absence of opportunity for which Grifter so eloquently mourns.

      We have met the enemy, and he’s right here at home.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      You now see the light, and know where the real enemy resides. Very few have reached that point of enlightenment.
      But how many still believe the .gov sponsored lies and line up to carry out the orders of their evil superiors? Too many still refuse to believe they are being used , their lives thrown away to help fill the pockets of the banker and political elites. How many refuse to read “War is a Racket” because they don’t want to know the truth, it ‘s too hard to deal with reality when false promises are so much easier to live with.
      It’s a tough thing to stand alone with the truth, when the masses ridicule and hurl insults, but there’s no other way. It’s always been like this throughout the ages, a few brave souls who decide to stand their ground, and change history.

    • Right on brothers. Our oaths don’t expire, or we are nothing. Our country means nothing? All the blood and treasure, what was it for if what we fought and stood for is going down the crapper because of actors who have no honor nor faith.
      This is a terrible state of affairs. We have so much to offer, for if we have learned just one thing, it is rule of law and not of men is the most valuable commodity we possess.
      I believe it is time to stand up. Millions are asking where are the Heroes?
      Who constitutes that plurality, the three percent, the unequivocal withdrawal of consent? If we stand let no man doubt our legitimacy, for we paid our dues, we paid the price of admission, it is us who millions look to and in our wrath for all things tyranny is the true arms of liberty and justice.
      Do we not understand the truth of us? Truth where were to make our stand those millions would stand with us, that tyrants would wither under the power of such a plurality of men as all enemies of freedom and happiness have no power to quell such a just resistance to their tyranny.
      That is the path to the real glory, glory that fills our broken hearts, satiates our faith for what we pledged our lives and fortunes.
      It is time gentlemen.
      It is time to join the cadre of the few on the sharp end hanging out everything, their liberty, their families their very lives, it is time to join tanks, to outflank those who conned us, sent us to bleed and die, did our brothers die in vain? What was it all for when the greatest foe, the most evil retched enemies imaginable, the enemy our oaths told us of, lie within our midst’s? An enemy of everything we hold dear.
      I think it is time to acquit ourselves. It is time to show our enemies and our fellow Americans just what we are made of, of the qualities that make us the greatest solders the world knows, of the faith honor and principles that no oath provides, but that which we provided that oath. That oath, it means nothing without men who possess the oath in their hearts.

      We get this one chance my brothers, to fight the good fight, to fight an enemy who deserves total war, just as it has waged total war on everything we hold dear cherish and love.
      And they will not stop until good men stop them cold dead.

  2. Bradford C joy

    Outstanding,,, All Honor and Glory to these guys. If I wasn’t so over-the-hill, I would probably be one of them.

  3. What I don’t understand, and maybe he didn’t develop the thought far enough, is why he and many thousands of other ‘sold up the river’ VETS aren’t saying, ‘We will take our country back and make this right.’ But….oh wait….that might be why the regime is categorizing them as unstable and dangerous. Hmmmmmmmm

  4. Effin’ word, there, Truth. So much mis-directed “patriotism” in our military and those who misunderstand the essential evil of statism and their “service” to it. Sad thing is, so many of these suffering ex-mils are being taken into the new, much more evil service of the STATE, just swapping their ACUs for the black and blue of the enormous apparatus that has been stood up here in the FUSA.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Everyone’s all set to go back and fight ISIS now, how many folks can really sit down and see the train of brainwashing that got us to this point……..?
      One boogeyman after another, all originating from one puzzle palace, and the masses get stirred up just enough to keep playing this indefinitely, just like in ‘1984’, and yet it still doesn’t sink in for most folks.
      I think we should send Nancy Pelosi to take care of this, she seems to understand the game from an inside level, after all, she’s stirring the pot this time!
      I’d love to see the day when the US military hauls every one of them to the top of the flagpoles all across D.C., we can call it Traitors Day!!!

  5. Bill Harzia

    From the comments section (which is just as good as the article itself):

    “Patriot 13 26 minutes ago

    “Grifter, To answer your question “what now”, for those of us who are civilian pukes that love our country and respect your efforts to protect us here and the sacrifice all of you made, my answer is TRAIN US TO FIGHT what is coming next on our home soil. This regime is just a s evil as those you were fighting in the sandbox. There’s a lot of patriots who would love to have the privilege to learn from veterans like yourself. So your job on this earth is not done yet by a long shot.”

    This is exactly what the Perfumed Pussies on The Potomac fear the most – Veterans who will take up this challenge. It is now OUR job the cover the “six” of men like these.

    • Next question, how do we band together?
      It is a real question.
      What do we ALL have to do?
      Because we have to find a way to together to do what needs doing.
      I think it is proper to pose the restraints upon us all, be honest and brutally frank on this score.
      How many are squeamish in regards to the threat of force and use of violence of the state?
      Come on raise your hands. Come on start being honest right here.
      Ok, that wasn’t so bad.
      So what is a guy to do about it?
      Well, I can only speak from personal experience, and I’m here writing this to tell you the state is a phallicy, it is a farce, its power is an illusion of our very own minds. Sure, the mall ninjas and payroll patriots of the perfumed pompous corruptocrats can throw a flash bang through your window cause you are classified as a “domestic terrorist”, but think, that is some mighty fine company to be in. And isn’t what we all miss and long for? The company of such men?
      It is time to show the bastards we are not afraid of them, and we are not impressed by their bullying, In fact we detest their little cock rooster bluffing.

      Call a fellow grunt. Get on the horn and give your former Sargent Major and CO a royal arse chewing. You got to start somewhere. Got to do it now. Times awaisting.
      Small Unit Infantry Tactics are the basis of all combat. It is the bread and butter of fighting to win. Teach a civvy, take em under your wing. Do you understand the empowerment you gift a citizen solder with? You just gave a guy a fighting chance to survive long enough to protect his loved ones from the thugs of the state, maybe long enough to get his combat legs under him. Too old to fight the good fight? Bullshit! What have you learned over your long years, what wisdoms and knowledge can you share, what I tell and logistics have you got rattling around between your ears?

      There are a handful of men who are teaching these things. There are thousands who have been taught by these brave warriors. Ain’t a thing the tyrants and their thugs can do about it. Nothing.
      Here is the best part. For every new boot that is taught, it is one more those tyrants who are scared shitless of us for what we can do to them for what they are doing to us will be forced to contend with. And in their inability because they are illegitimate bastards to do squat about citizen solders being taught to fight them the balance of power shifts, the allusion of power shifts. Don’t believe its possible, just look at what happened on the Bundy Ranch. The mercenaries of the state growled and threatened, they used threat of violence to the maximum, and because a handful stood up to these domestic enemies, these true domestic terrorists in illegitimate government drag, they were forced to back the fuck off or start shooting.
      Now you guys tell me who holds the high ground here? Even more important, because this kind of war hearts and minds count as much as training and boolits and beans, who holds the moral high ground?

      We have everything to gain. Everything.
      Call a buddy. Drop Max Velocity or John Mosby an email. You think those guys could use a hand or wouldn’t have advice, or are as concerned as you?
      We is all in this together, none of us is going to get a free ride for what’s coming with a bone in its teeth.
      This is our damn country.
      We fought bled and died for it, so a handful of fucking greasy little puke commie fucktards could rule over us!
      What the fuck guys?
      We gonna let the son of a bitches finally win?
      After they used us as cannon fodder!
      Expendable bitches in their long march of totalitarianism and steenkin’ won world order crap!
      What was it all for, What kind of men are we if we stand by as our oaths in our hearts is laid waste! Everything we stood for is destroyed.
      Are we going to stand by and do nothing?
      I don’t think so if I got anything to do with it.
      That is where it began for each of us.
      That is where it is going to end brothers.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        I’m with you 110%!!!
        But I’m also seeing some serious depression amongst many of us, and the key issue here is; NO ONE WANTS TO LISTEN.
        Things still aren’t bad enough for anyone to want to change things, apathy is rampant, and most are just putting up new political posters for the next elections. When I tell them to knock off the same old political bullshit, all I get are stupid looks and then silence. They won’t discuss it, it’s over their heads and they want to crawl back into their comfort zone of voting for someone they can relate to, a fellow Republican! That’s as far as they will go, hoping to change something thru voting, again and again.
        Right now apathy and denial are our greatest enemies, and I don’t know how to overcome either, it’s what the masses want for company. And MSM brainwashing! As long as they have Faux News to entertain them, what can go wrong? And almost every single one of my vet friends leads the way in that crowd also!

        • You can never loose faith we will prevail in the end. Indomitable spirit is required, because not everyone is that one guy who leads and brings his comrades back. The few who understand never say die and lets win. If you can’t persuade them with pleas to their honor and better nature, lead them to see the light through example.
          Make them wish they can be a part of fighting the tyranny they know exists. Lead by example, raise the bar, show our reluctant brethren what it is like to be a part of something worth fighting for. Wasn’t that why many of us enlisted? How about the citizen solders, with all their kit and smarts, who got the heart but not the training, who without proper small unit infantry tactics, or intell gathering basic, are dead meat with fancy rifles? Each of us are a grunt legged force multiplier. Think of how many are out there. If the 3% rule is close to accurate, we are talking an army larger than all the worlds armies combined, plus us willing old derelicts and retreads. Even one percent figures to 3.4 million men in arms! Kind of hard not to want to be part of something like that, you know to have been there?
          There are ones who will never take part in their liberty, nothing one can do on that score.
          The thing here is the question if as a man we allow other men fight and maybe die for our liberty, or will we be damned if we will let other men fight in our stead, maybe bleed or die for our liberty.

          You got to think big, larger than just oneself.
          It is about that band of brothers.
          That right there is what made America possible to begin with.
          It is what made being a US government issue solder worth it.
          Bad Ass to the bone.
          And when the chips are down and it is all ready to drop in the pot, when what we all stood for and believe in is on the line, it is now when it matters most.
          When you think about it in this light, it is a good day to die for what you believe in, but it is even a better day to make the bastards die for what they believe in.

  6. The music hasn’t even started yet. Hard times are coming.

  7. I saw a FaceBook post from a steroid-soaked reality TV douche named “American Badass” all kitted up for war with a selfie in Afghanistan as a contractor/mercenary.

    The caption read in part, “…hunting freedom killers…”

    My first thought was, “Bullshit, Sparky. You didn’t have to leave CONUS to hunt freedom killers. Dick.”

  8. I fear the moonlight
    And dread the shadows
    I live in turmoil amongst the calm of the superficial
    But long for the horrible sympathetic past

    The spirit of my fallen comrades
    Is fading in my memory
    Was it a dream
    Or a time in my life

    Jack Lawson
    Member Special Forces Association Chapter 51
    Author of “Slaver’s Wheel”, “A Failure of Civility” and “A Question of time” http://www.AFailureOfCivility.com

    “We sleep safe in our beds because rough men stand watch as our guardians in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm. A soldier must seize every advantage to defeat his opponent. He must strike swiftly and strike hard-he who dares-wins. But under all circumstances those guardians must stand ready to protect the innocent and those too weak to defend themselves…”

    Often spoken quote of my friend Martin, KIA – Africa 1979

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Most will never understand we are on the same path as Rhodesia.

      • MissAnthropy

        So true. Rhodesia was once known as “the Breadbasket of Africa”, but now it’s just as backwards and dysfunctional as any other part of that continent. When I see the outright invasion at our southern border, and how it is being deliberately facilitated by the power structure, I see the parallels with what became of Rhodesia and South Africa.

  9. the fukkn A-team

    The saddest part of the whole story is this guy and 1000’s like him have never and will never know the prosperity that America once offered it’s veterans. What a shame that some long for more war to keep them happy? Really? When I left the service, I married my girlfriend and started a business. Cars, bikes, boats, homes, travel, and bags full of $ made me happy. These days murikins are content with TV, tattoos, and beer. War? What’s it good for? Absolutely nothing.

  10. “What next?” We both took an oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic. While I am now in my sixth decade, my oath has yet to expire. The “domestic” is fast becoming a target-rich enviornment.

  11. “Darkness is your friend.” S. Conley

    Use it.

  12. Of all the Generals retired by Obama, did any of them refuse to go quietly? Or were they too afraid of losing their pensions to raise a stink? I begin to realize the wisdom of the old European system where Officers were Aristocrats and couldn’t be bought off so very easily. It’s hard to be a “hireling” and also be a good man in the deepest and most complete sense of the word. Would the American Revolution have even happened if depended on guys with jobs, schedules, and bosses?

    • Forget the officer corps, they should have mutinied over Vietnam. They are almost all sell-outs. As for prior service enlisted-stop sucking your thumbs and start researching who your real enemies are. Hint – they aren’t smelly bearded fellows in Timbuktu.
      Hirelings and servants crave the approval of the mob – warriors care only for the approval of warriors.

  13. There are plenty of domestic enemies here, bro….

  14. Our unit recruited three vets on the past month.
    They will always have a place with us. Once they pull the blinders off,
    they do tend to be pissed.

    Montani Semper Liberi

  15. Imagine, if in WWII, Nazis were walking the streets of America. Would citizens have been prosecuted for engaging the enemy in a firefight? If not then, why now?

  16. OK, it was rhetorical. In contemporary America, the powers-that-be have invited the enemy in.