TL Davis: Remarks At Yapfest

Thanks to TL Davis of Christian Mercenary for speaking (after traveling a LONG way) at Yapfest, and to David for the video of his remarks.

More to come.

7 responses to “TL Davis: Remarks At Yapfest

  1. Thank you for posting this and thanks to Mr. Davis for his comments. I see an awful lot of parallels with addiction in our society. The first step is admitting there IS A PROBLEM and we as a country are not there yet. Once the veil is lifted on a personal level and you realize and see the system for what it is, you can no longer close your eyes. In fact I would argue that if we can see it, we are obliged by the Almighty to do something about it.

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. So can we finally petition the government to get minority status declared?

    I would think that III% is a minority.
    Folks like T.L. are definitely in the minority.

    Then we can go running through the halls of power screaming for special privileges too.

  4. Mr. Davis..Thank you for your efforts.It’s good to have someone reinforce what I believe the future holds.It is amazing that the people doing all of this FUBAR stuff to our country think their won’t be a payback day for them.The black clouds are on the horizon,a cold breeze is blowing in their face but they still believe it ain’t gonna rain???? What a bunch of fools…

  5. White males are not only a minority in every segment of life in FUSA but are an endangered species as well. Good luck finding one brainwashed person and convincing them of that point. Thank you TL and David for giving a damn enough to make this vid. The ennui among the 3% is becoming brackish (no offense Matt). I suppose that is why so many want to see the fuse ignited. I just want to live long enough to see Zero et al brought before a court of criminal justice. We will give them a fair trail and then………………………..

  6. Thank you, T.L., and Godspeed.