Codrea: On the SAF Takeover Of JPFO

Worth your time, including the embedded links.

The end of JPFO’s unique voice approaches.


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  1. Fuck Alan Gottlieb, the money grubbing sell out, with a razor wire enhanced Clue Bat ™.

  2. And there you have it. Good Jews can’t trust bad Jews, any more than good blacks can trust bad blacks or decent whites can trust leftist/liberal/marxist white swine.

    Aaron Zelman> Alan Gottlieb etcetcetc…

    Thomas Sowell> Al Not So Sharpton etcetcetcetcetcetcetc……………….

    All three hundred Liberty loving white folks> all of academia/media/ hollyweird/.gov/fsa/registeredrepugunocratvoters/edunion/pubservunion/anyfuckingunion…………………..

  3. Oregon Hobo

    FWIW, has everyone signed the petition?


  4. SemperFi, 0321

    John Baird, publisher of the mountain man magazine ‘Buckskin Report’ back in the 1970’s-80’s, took Gottlieb on, called him a money grubbing liar, and then lost in a crooked court case.
    Gottlieb is still a money grubbing liar.

  5. Aaron Zelman’s books are really good. Find them if you can.

  6. Cassandra (of Troy)

    Glad you liked the story.

    • Cassandra (of Troy)

      People should download/archive the content at JPFO’s site NOW because a lot of it will very likely disappear once SAF’s acquisition’s completed (if not before then) since Gottlieb’s long thought that JPFO was too harsh & too confrontational. Those who’ve long familiarity w/ JPFO will remember their yellow Star of David pin w/ GUN OWNER in the center, drove Gottlieb & Jewish groups (most if not all of whom are loyal & virulent anti-2A cultists, except for the Imperium & themselves naturally) nuts (as did their trademark M-16 bracketed SoD) when Mr. Z did that & he/JPFO took a LOT of heat for it from them & it went byebye.

      Gottlieb’s also been unhappy w/ much of JPFO’s literature/vid output (“too divisive/too Jewish centered”) despite the fact that its content was accurate (& often groundbreaking) & its message was universal & EFFECTIVE, given that it wouldn’t be too surprising if it all went POOF.

      Take Janis Joplin’s advice & get it while you can.

  7. What liberties these people take with our flag – putting it into a Star of David. Impudence.

    • Golden calves come in all shapes, sizes and flavors.
      Be sure to get all your tacticool gear changed out from ACU to “skorpion” or whatever the du jour is this week.

      You have no idea about impudence. Someday maybe you’ll be shown just how deep the water goes.

    • the fukkn A-team

      Looks like two pyramids to me. Isn’t that some type of NWO crap?

      • It takes a lot to totally convince me of a guy’s sincerity and uncompromising principle; I guess I’m naturally skeptical. FWIW Zelman had me convinced many years ago. I’m with oughtsix…fuck Gottlieb; he couldn’t do what Zelman did if he had ten lifetimes.

      • Star is inverted triangle intersecting upright one. God pointing down, man looking up. In Masonic lore – as above so below. Also said to be representing male and female union – I’ll leave that to imagination. It is on the dollar bill over the eagle comprising 13 stars-states.

      • No, it’s the AIPAC logo. Look up at the top. Our dollar has the Pyramid, the all seeing Eyes, and the Novus Ordo Seclorum” – a New Order for the Ages.

        • It’s not ‘our’ dollar. It’s ‘their’ interest bearing note. US dollar disappeared in 1913 and lost backing of gold in ’71. Anyway I was talking about six-pointed star in general as an ancient symbol. These JPFO guys had as much right to use it as anyone else. I don’t know much about JPFO , but I don’t like it when any pro-2A group go’s away. I could care less about their logo.

          • Cassandra (of Troy)


            “These JPFO guys……away.”

            What the NRA/GOA/SAF claim to be JPFO actually IS w/ the only person/outfit that (imo) equaled Mr. Z’s/JPFO’s commitment to the 2A (& by extension America) being the late Neal Knox/The Firearms Coalition under his leadership, & if you know who he was you understand what I mean about Mr.Z/JPFO. AZ, like NK before him, had NO patience with/time for the anti-2A/pro-dictatorship cult & its allies/sycophants & even less for the ‘compromisers’/a.k.a. sell-outs & traitors (Fudds/similar) & regularly gave all of them hell in no uncertain terms & that the NRA/NK & Jewish groups/AZ didn’t like mattered not the smallest fraction of a particle of an iota.

            Both NK & AZ were stand up guys who unflinchingly told it the way it was & the pro-2A community’s as indebted to them for their efforts/example as combat handgunners are to Jeff Cooper, Bill Jordan, & Charlie Askins & snipers are to Carlos Hathcock, Chuck Mawhinney, & John Plaster.

            America needs MUCH more like them.

    • Battlefield USA

      Why in the fuck exactly does that bother you Gwain? I await your thesis.

  8. As I said in my comment on David’s piece. JPFO is NOT the property of the “board” to dispose of as they wish. They have a fiduciary duty to the members, and the proposed takeover by SAF will result in the destruction of JPFO as it was intended to be.
    Members/supporters of JPFO need to flood their phones and email with their outrage, demanding that this not happen.
    By, the way, as a long time life member, I can’t recall ever voting for any of the current triumvirate, or even being presented with an opportunity to vote for or against them. It’s unclear just how they came to control JPFO after Aaron’s untimely passing, but in think it’s clearly time for them to step down and be replaced by leaders who will stay true to Aaron’s vision and principles.
    OK, natives, that’s your cue … get restless …

    • “JPFO is NOT the property of the ‘board’ to dispose of as they wish. They have a fiduciary duty to the members,”

      Do you have any substantiation of that, or is it speculation? If you do, it would be great to see and even greater to share it with Claire Wolfe. What members?

      • What members? Look at the JPFO website. You’ll see a link to join and pay dues. I chose “life member”. I am only one of many.
        I also participated at the “producer’s circle” level in funding the production of two of JPFO’s excellent documentaries. Said documentaries are assets of JPFO. The board of a non-profit has fiduciary duties to the members.
        Amongst those is to hold true to the founding principles and mission of the organization. Handing the organization and it’s assets over to SAF is not compatible with those principles and mission, and I’m sure Aaron would be livid at the thought.

        • Obviously I agree that handing it over is not compatible with the mission. But without something more tangible and statutory, that amounts to nothing more than a personal opinion.

          In my world that should be all that matters anyway, but we’re not living in my world.

  9. Moderator …Should be “as it was intended”, not “ad …”
    Please correct before releasing from moderation.

  10. I remember meeting Aaron back in the 80s when the City of Milwaukee was proposing gun legislation. Good man.

  11. Our flag? Collectivist much?

    • Good Tom. Your High Priestess, Margaret Thatcher, once said that society didn’t exist. And the State was just the enforcer of contracts between individuals. A woman after Jim’s heart. No doubt you don’t like the part about the State enforcing contracts. You’ll do it yourself, (red faced two year old) damn it. But two can play that game, Tom. And such individuals would have never been able to take American from the stone age Indians.

      • “And the State was just the enforcer of contracts between individuals. A woman after Jim’s heart.”

        Cute. I like cute. FWIW I also think “contract” and “enforce” are effectively antonyms and so their referents can’t simultaneously exist in a single instance. But alas, that’s so far beyond the pale in the current environment that I know it’s hardly intelligible.

  12. It seems like when we should be fighting those who want to take our gun rights away Alan Gottlieb is always trying to compromise; whether it be on the national scale or the state scale.

    He reminds me of another jew; Mordechai Chaim Rumkowski, who also thought you could make a deal with the devil instead of standing and fighting.

    • Like I’ve said elsewhere any compromise with is evil is a win for evil…I wonder if Alan thinks by compromising he will get eaten last…

    • Don’t judge us all by the Judenraten …

      • Cassandra (of Troy)


        Sage advice, & not only regarding Jews because when TSHTF the good folk’ll need all the allies they can get w/ many coming from hitherto unsuspected quarters.

  13. Alfred E. Neuman

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  14. I had read an article in the JPFO some time ago for the gas valve manipulation on a converted French 49/56 to .308 to get the rifle to run smoothly. It helped in my decision to find a 49/56 in the original caliber of French 7.5. So it goes…..

  15. Marlo Stanfield

    So in memory of Aaron Zelman why don’t several hundred bloggers take his place. When Col Cooper sold Gunsite it went thru some changes and some people wanted to act like it was the only place in the world to get training. Zelman is gone, lets take his place, the internet is a huge place. We need more people who take action, not whine because a certain websites founder is gone.

    • What is the plan you would propose?

    • They’re not whining cuz Zelman is gone; he’s been gone. They’re whining, if that’s what you must call it, because JPFO will be gone and for those who care about such matters, it’s been unique.

      I’ve no dog in the fight, except that I had enormous respect for Zelman and appreciate anyone who sticks to an uncompromising position, logically derived. That’s why I like OP…at least he’s got half of that!

      I’m with CA…so what do you propose?

    • Cassandra (of Troy)

      Marlo Stanfield/25Aug14@18:51,

      “So in……is gone.”

      Why not multitask & drop a BIG load of legal tender on JPFO while continuing Mr. Z’s work?

  16. Cassandra (of Troy)


    “What liberties……our flag”

    Be advised that said flag was also Mr. Z’s & he said such on numerous occasions much to the irritation of all other Jewish orgs who are decidedly & PUBLICLY ANTI-2A, be further advised that he also said that America, NOT Israel, was his country & made no secret that he despised his co-religionists loudly proclaiming their love of/loyalty to America/its ideals while doing their level best to destroy it/them whenever they could while simultaneously DEMANDING that Americans unreservedly support/respect Israel/ITS society & institutions. Dual American/Israeli citizenship for American Jews & the ‘Jewish exception’ for foreign military service also pi**ed Mr. Z off as he tended to be rather doctrinaire about such matters per Matthew 6:24 which, due to his religious affiliation, might be surprising to many given general Jewish opinion about the New Testament.

    “- putting it into a Star of David.”

    First, the Stars & Stripes are ON the SoD & NOT IN it, 2d, being an AMERICAN & JEWISH pro-2A org makes the symbology entirely appropriate as it would be for pro-gun groups in India to incorporate Gandhi’s spinning wheel symbol into their logos despite the right to keep & bear arms being primarily identified w/ America, & 3d, Jewish groups disliked his doing that as much as you/similar do for a similar reason.


    How positively patrician of you, Gwain, sounds just like something that prissy pseudo-aristocratic imitation Ingwishmun Piers Morgan would say about those who dare to dispute his anti-2A BS. Mr. Z’s co-religionists were as offended at his putting the words GUN OWNER in the center of a yellow SoD lapel pin as you allegedly are about the JPFO’s use of the Stars & Stripes on the SoD, he caught a LOT of flak from Jewish groups & (imo wrongly) stopped doing it. Congrats Gwain, you & Jews agree about Aaron Zelman’s/JPFO’s besmirching the SoD, God only knows what else you/they have in common!