Barnhardt: The “Gone Concern Buffer”

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Got money in the bank?

Not for long you don’t.

Tempus fugit.

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  1. Makes me wonder about stocks. After my dad died earlier this year, I put some of the money into a brokerage account. It wasn’t all of it, and the money isn’t something I’d miss(though eventually I’ll put it to better use in building up a workshop and such), but I gotta wonder how it’d do aside from the market loosing in such a situation anyway.

    • If hope to God your a newcomer because if your not and don’t know to have it in tangible s whether it be gold, silver, guns, ammo, food, sustainable land, medical preps, training then your a fool..

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    It’s always been The Bankers…

  3. We should all realize that directly preceding a bail-in within the US, there will be a law passed that either criminalizes default of unsecured debts by the common man, or gives over-reaching powers to collect on unsecured debts to the bankers.

    This is when you know that confiscations are coming, because any prudent man will default on a debt he owes to the banks in retaliation for the bank stealing his money.

    • “…either criminalizes default of unsecured debts by the common man, or gives over-reaching powers to collect on unsecured debts to the bankers.”

      Yep, and we’re already there in large part. I find it interesting how so few people even see the most obvious scam. It’s CALLED “unsecured debt,” but IN REALITY it’s secured by nearly every last thing you own.

    • They’ll probably send you a reciept, right? They gotta tell you how much you owe in junk bonds.

      Get your tribe(and a few other tribes) together, head over to the local reserve bank where they keep pallets of money, and make them provide a refund.

  4. Yeh well… When you try and tell a loved one this and all they can reply is : Man stop being such a downer! Now you can just say; “stupid sheeple” or you can realize that the person who said that plays golf with the branch manager , or her sister is head teller. They go to church with the bank workers, see them at the Elks lodge , their kids date each other. They are invested in this at a deeply personal level. Until this civilization tanks and go’s Tango Uniform NOTHING WE CAN DO will mitigate the damage to come. Most still believe in “The System” and the people within that system. Like the citizens of 1929 America damn few will believe that this party is over till THEY get the bill & the lights go out. We talk a lot about governments fear of “preppers” The FREEFOR and Militias. But that is NOT what the government fears, They fear the day the folks down at the Elk Lodge or the young Republicans realize that everything “those people” have been saying FOR YEARS was true, and join them.

  5. “Not only will no one do anything AFTER it happens, even when warned and shown explicit, clear language openly declaring what is intended to be done, the post-American caucasian is so thoroughly whipped that he can’t even summon the courage to act to protect himself BEFORE IT HAPPENS – so weak that as he sees Mike Tyson bounding out of the opposite corner towards him he can’t even raise his arms to protect himself. All he can do roll his eyes contemptuously at the “loon” in his corner begging him to fight, while his urine puddles beneath him.”

    … She is so incredible right. The post American white guy is the biggest pussy ever to walk the face of the planet.

  6. Ray is correct….when the common Joe Sixpack realizes it’s all BS then heads will roll. That’s why the media tries to keep old Joe entertained with nonsense like nfl football and Joan Rivers and redbox movies. But the circus can only last so long.

  7. The financial system collapsed in 2008. A trillion dollars or more was poured in to the system to save criminals. I think it was Hank Paulson who uttered the phrase about “tanks in the streets within hours”. If only that had been true perhaps the criminal scum who run this show would be swinging from a tree by now. I think we need to be asking us not when JSP will realize the game is up, but rather “Why are we who have realized it doing nothing for our children and their children?”.

  8. She’s absolutely correct.

    I saw a comment about having money in stocks. Understand, the *only* thing keeping the markets from a collapse is the money creation via the Fed. When that ends, your money will be gone like a puff of smoke. Same thing for any “equity” in your house (versus your existing mortgage), precious metal certificates, etc.

    The bottom line is really quite simple: what you have in your PHYSICAL possession is what you own. Cash, silver or gold, brass and lead, food and water. Anything- and I do mean ANYTHING- not in your possession, can and will be stolen by the banks and their foot-soldiers, the government.

    On paper I’m a qualified financial analyst, among other things. Yet I’m not qualified to sell my services, because I’ve always known it was a completely rigged game, so I’m no damned good for selling phony services. But I will post my financial “advice” for everyone’s consideration: cash out your 401k, you IRA, any other “fund” instruments you have, while you still can. Take the hit on taxes, while there’s still something to take a hit ON. [And that’s exactly what I have done: liquidated everything that has a paper value in excess of practical value, put it all into cash and tangibles.]

    When the bail-ins occur here, it will be the opening shot of the final economic downturn, from which it may be *decades* before we see a recovery. The last time nations were so hopelessly bankrupt was ~500 years ago, at the end of the middle ages… which lead to the Hundred-Years War as governments fought for the meager resources that could still be found…

    THIS is why our government is busily arming themselves with military gear… because the dollar will be worth nothing and they have to prepare for a VERY long haul….

    In such a light, questions about the stock market and retirement funds become… so inconsequential as to be almost humorous. Sadly.

    • the fukkn a-team


    • If you do a llc IRA then you can roll that 401k or pension or other IRA into it and not take a hit from penalties and taxes…Then you can buy metals that you hold in your possession, land, rental properties or oil and gas stocks…If you want more info look up…

    • Bankrupt? Look around you. Has there been a plague which killed millions of Americans? A crop failure? Has North America run out of coal and oil to mine?. No. There has been no natural resources type threat to American productive capacity. There is no economic downturn due to natural disasters.

      Governments fighting for the meager resources that could still be found? War is the ultimate big government program. The purpose of war is to destroy the wealth of the middle class of the aggressor, so it will not challenge the oligarchy. Since the resources have not diminished (see above), a fight for who will survive on what’s left doesn’t work as a purpose for war.

      • Resources must be obtained through labor. With no meaningful economic system in place, there is no ability to extract those resources short of slave labor. In other words, the coal under your feet might as well be on the moon, for all practical purposes.

        As to the purpose of war, the answer can best be summarized as “it depends. ” Trying to broad – brush it does nothing to advance the discussion, but *does* undermine your credibility. ..

        • the fukkn A-team

          From what I understand, Murikas resources have been used for collateral on foreign loans-which mathematically cannot be paid back. If that’s the case, and I believe it is, that point is moot. In the meantime international forces are watching closely and planning to strike when the time is right. At least that’s what I would do. Polygonal battle space.

          • Point taken. And I agree with your assessment. (((Sigh.)))

            • the fukkn A-team

              I’m glad at least someone can see reality. Most of the others here still think they are going to take back murika . It’s over. Finished. Has been for years. Murika is a big ship, it takes a long time to complete a turn. I do not believe any of us will be worrying about our investments or the ‘big game” when it happens.The big question is how many of .gov .mil and the po po are going to wake up to the fact they too have been screwed and join the resistance? I fear the coming attack/invasion will be so swift that many/most won’t even have a chance to put their pants on before the end. You can bet everyone of us here have been targeted for the initial strike.This has been in the planning for decades, opfor is going to make D-Day look like a cub scout rally. The blame rests on the millions of traitors who we once thought of as our neighbors/countrymen. Get ready fellas.

        • In your first paragraph, you wrote the word “economic” but you meant the word “government”. You believe that no economic system to organize production can exist unless there is first a government system in place. Right?

          As to the purpose of war, please name a war of aggression, anywhere in history, that was an investment which paid off in a net wealth increase for the middle class on the aggressors’ side … closest approach I can think of was the European settlers taking the North American continent away from the native Americans … but an awful lot of those original settlers were debt slaves in some way or other.

          • Regular Old Bob

            I really despise all you “Anon” fucks popping up outta the woodwork, making comments that run the gamut. Make up a handle, dammit.

            The country IS bankrupt. There’s no debating that.

            Regarding your 1st paragraph, do *you* believe that having a gov’t in place is a prerequisite to building an economic system that will organize production? If so, that’s some limited, warped “thinking”.

            As to your second bit, and the preceding stuff above, war has many purposes, you are suffering from tunnel vision again.

            I also note that Eric made his statements, then you start up with some “WTF?” bullshit that has nothing to do with the price of rice in China.
            And moving the goalposts around won’t earn you any respect here.

            In the context you’re dancing around, Gov’ts fight for CONTROL of whatever resources there are. Without that, they have no power.
            That’s the point you’re missing, unless you’re simply being deliberately obtuse.

            Aw, fuck it. Begone, trollish one …

          • I wrote exactly what I meant. It’s up to you to connect the dots. I’m not gonna’ spoon feed it to you.

  9. For you stock market guys, here’s some trivia. On Sept. 3, 1929, the day after Labor Day, the DJ Industrials hit an all-time high of 381.17. It would next reach that level, adjusted for inflation, on Nov. 23, 1954.

  10. HHH Old Vet.

    So what you are saying is there will be a World Wide Bounty on Bankers, Oligarchs and Lawyers?
    Fine with me.