In The East

ZH: Dmitry Orlov On The West’s Russia-Ukraine Propaganda

A Short But Important Update

The Road To World War 3: Russia And Ukraine Are Now Engaged In A Shooting War

Fascism And The EU-US-NATO-backed Ukrainian Regime

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  1. When are you phony patriots gonna get Putin s penis out of your mouths.

    • Wow. You know, for all his admirable traits, Old Hickory could be called the original Progressive. He got into his seat in congress by granting universal franchise. So now, all those drug addled, mentally ill homeless and all those “protestors” in Ferguson and all those goddamn soft handed, wattle shaking do nothing, ever, leeches in Washington and the beltway around it… they all have The Vote.

      Take that back to your masters and have them study on it for a bit. And keep pushing, please!

    • When are you going to get Obama’s out of yours?

      Here’s an excellent article explaining the big picture:

    • Battlefield USA

      No one is sucking up to Putin. Some of us are capable of calling a Spade, a Spade though. Remember when Pussy Riot was America’s Cause Belli in attempting in causing a Russian Spring? That was a real winner… as if “we” even had any “right” and “moral” authority in the matter. But I suppose, in your vernacular, if we are not sucking up to the penis of US, EU, NATO, IMF, World Bank, FRB’s, Psaki & Harf twins, Obama, CIA, and etc. blatant lies… like you, well hell… we are not worthy of bowing down to the phallus of the United States of America’s hubris of liberty!

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    Such propaganda from your so called fascist Masters here in the west,.

  3. Inquiring minds want to know if that photo is a Russian T-80U or a Uktanian T-80UD. Discuss

  4. Comrades, comrades! So WRSA is now disseminating Putin’s disinformation? Distrusting NATO and the US gov’t is an excellent reason indeed to start trusting a proven serial liar like the Russian gov’t. Next you’ll be trusting and reposting what Hamas says about Israel. Mission accomplished.

    Listen to the one who lived in the USSR: before the Kremlin accused Ukrainians of being “fascists” they earlier accused Latvians, Estonians, and Lithuanians of the same. And before that – they cried that the Poles, Hungarians, and Czechs were “fascists” – all because they wanted to get from under the foot of the Big Brother.

    By spreading Moscow’s “deza” you are actually helping the Big Brother to plant its jackboot on the throat of the “brotherly” nations it deems inferior. Way to go!

    For more background on the relationship between the Big Brother and the “brotherly” nations, read my story in today’s American Thinker. In fact, why don’t you post it on WRSA and partially repair the damage?

    *Russia Complains about Mocking Soviet Monuments*

    • So… the point here is that our murderous liar is better than their murderous liar? That makes me feel so much better. Still though, one has to wonder, who has caused more innocents to be killed, Putin or Obama (with his Nobel Peace Prize)?

      In any case, I still don’t think Ukraine is any of our business.

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