Belmont Club: Rotherham, England

The Rotherham Rapes’ Muslim Connection

More Rotherham Horrors: Teen Raped by 250 Men Over Two Years, Police Informed and Did Nothing

And don’t think the same won’t be happening on this side of the pond – if it is not already.

The West is dead.

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  1. “But because the perpetrators were overwhelmingly “Asian” — for the most part, Muslim men from Pakistan — local authorities, from social-services managers to law enforcement, regularly neglected reports of rape, assault, and sex trafficking for fear of being deemed racist.”

    Huh? WTF? We are talking about children being raped by scum-so who cares about the race of said scum?

  2. Where are the fathers, brothers, uncles? Yep.
    The West IS dead.

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    We ain’t all dead buddy.

  4. Oh come now CA, how can the West be dead? We’re in the midst of a recovery, our troops are finally coming home… Well… Oh bugger, you’re right. It is dead, no point in pretending. Well, stiff upper lips lads and ladies, and remember what Mosby says! Hips and heads!

    • Its genocide when its illegal…When you control it by regulating who gets in then its feasible…

  5. Comes now Boss21 with his “muslims ain’t the problem” bullshit…..

    Spare us, just this once.

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    This is where turning a blind eye to Islam is going to take us. In the near future. Do you want this?

    • Nubbin-Fingered Jake Rodell

      No! This is not what I want. When will we do to Pakies/Muzzies what ISIS is currently doing to non-conformist and law breakers? The British uses to know how to punish such crimes against its citizens: Strap the Thugees to the end of a cannon and light the fuse . . . in public. Don’t Hate – Separate before it’s too late.

  7. I work in the liberal bastion of health care and I can tell you that people are more fearful of offending the PC monitors and being called a racist than they are worried about children being raped or patients dying.

    Why? Because offending the monitors can actually get you fired.

  8. Muzzies gonna muzzie!

  9. If sex with 9 year olds was good enough for Muhammid ,
    it’s good enough for millions of his fanatics !

  10. Let’s discuss Jimmy Saville and friends shall we?

    I care not if a paedo is wearing a towel or not, they should all be shot.

    And yes I realize the muzzies have a doctrine which allows for this horse shit and I care not. Let’s put a note in the file to terminate as many paedo’s as possible when the fun starts, white brown black or yellow.

    • Public Service reminder: There are helpful websites containing mugshots, last know addresses and details of convictions. Be sure to print off your list while there’s still electricty, Santa.

      These will make fine chew toys for new “dogs” to cut their teeth on. Fine public spectacles of justice and resolve, too. No one likes pedos, except other pedos. Swing them all, then we’ll talk about the West being dead.


    Why should anyone be surprised about the goings-on in Old Blighty? This corrupt, syphilitic, socialist entity was done for after WWII. They went into the toilet while the Marshal Plan and the Truman Doctrine. Look at the emasculation of the British male that started in the early 60’s with the Mods and the Rockers. There was huge coverage about this in LIFE Magazine.
    But, I would give a word of caution. As morally bankrupt as Britain is, they have not cornered the market on pedophile rings. A good portion of my career was spent investigating and assisting in the prosecution of child molesters, rapists, and other sexual predators. The perps were not “asian males”, but school teachers, clergy, politicians, “youth leaders” and cops. For those of you with a really open mind, check out Susan Ford’s tome: “THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES.”


    Correction: They went into the toilet while the Marshal Plan and the Truman Doctrine rebuilt the Axis nations.

  13. Put your local mosque on your shopping list. Wonder if that guy on Sons of Guns is muslim?

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  15. This isn’t a muzzie issue, its an anti-white issue. If the rapists/groomers had been ANY variety of non-white, the politically correct commissars of Britain would have done the same thing and allowed the raping/grooming of little white girls to continue. The West is ruled by the religion of Political Correctness which forbids white people from defending themselves verbally or otherwise, even our children. Nothing survives that is not actively defended. “Diversity” is a world-wide genocidal crime occurring in All white countries and ONLY white countries.