In The East – A Rebuttal

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Comrades, comrades!

So WRSA is now disseminating Putin’s disinformation?

Distrusting NATO and the US gov’t is an excellent reason indeed to start trusting a proven serial liar like the Russian gov’t. Next you’ll be trusting and reposting what Hamas says about Israel. Mission accomplished.

Listen to the one who lived in the USSR: before the Kremlin accused Ukrainians of being “fascists” they earlier accused Latvians, Estonians, and Lithuanians of the same. And before that – they cried that the Poles, Hungarians, and Czechs were “fascists” – all because they wanted to get from under the foot of the Big Brother.

By spreading Moscow’s “deza” you are actually helping the Big Brother to plant its jackboot on the throat of the “brotherly” nations it deems inferior. Way to go!

For more background on the relationship between the Big Brother and the “brotherly” nations, read my story in today’s American Thinker. In fact, why don’t you post it on WRSA and partially repair the damage?

*Russia Complains about Mocking Soviet Monuments*


But let us for a moment look through the prism of national self-interest (anachronistic as that may be):

Do the Poles, Balts, Ukrainians, Hungarians, Czechs, Slovenes, Slovaks, and other former captives of Stalin each have a legitimate basis to fear the Bear?

Hell, yes.

Do the Russians have a legitimate basis to fear the post Cold War expansion of the EU/NATO/US/global banking cabal to their borders?

Hell, yes.

Is there a legitimate reason for one single American – be they .mil or .civ – to be at risk out of that scrap?

Hell, no.

One cannot rationally support resistance against the corrupt American fascist (look it up) government at home and oppose resistance to the very same machine in Donetsk, Lugansk, and elsewhere in Novorussia.

If you disagree, please detail your argument below.

30 responses to “In The East – A Rebuttal

  1. I trust V. Putin to be reliable. He will act in his interest, and the interest of Russia.

    I also trust the POTUS to be reliable, in performing the same counter-America activities than his whole life has been.

  2. Boon Vickerson is out there

    Tyranny is tyranny no matter if it is due to Russian, muslim, Chinese, or American tyrants, what have you. There is no distinction between any forms.
    The truth of that lies in none can be tolerated.

    Liberty is exactly what it is, Liberty.
    The first must be resisted by any and all means.
    The second there is no compromising upon.
    The first can only exist if the second is compromised upon.
    There is no good kind of tyranny, nor tyrants.
    There is only liberty, or there is tyranny.
    Just as one mans tyranny is another’s, so too, is one mans liberty is another man’s.

  3. Comparing Putnik and Oblamo is like comparing John Wayne Gacy to Jeffery Dahmer. They both deserve all the scorn we can heap on them. ‘O serves the EU/NY banking cartel and Putin serves the Russian Kleptocrats/Mafia.

    Obama is an American Marxist/Fascist, schooled by hardcore Homo/Humanists.
    Putin is former KGB/GRU Colonel, Marxist/Fascist, schooled by real Stalinists.He is rumored to have handled plenty of his own “wetwork”.

    It is all smoke and mirrors. Fuck them all. If we could get Moscow and DC to nuke each other, along with Brussels, London, Mecca, Beijing,and Islamabad and stop there, we would all be better off.

  4. outlawpatriot

    Tee hee. They dost not know who they are dealing with, eh Peter? 😉

  5. The enemy of my enemy is still my enemy, but may be useful. Just don’t get sucked into the communist demobilization model.

  6. Alfred E. Neuman

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  7. Where are the Rockefellers and the Rothchilds (Bilderbergs) in all this crap They are the true problem they always finance both sides of every war.
    they paid the way for curious George to become potus. Who is the man in the yellow hat????????

  8. Most of what composes the current geo-political strife can be easily demistifed by reading the works of Henry Kissinger, most notably The Grand Chessboard.

    Sandman, although I think that about 80% of what you said is spot on, the use of Nukes would not do any good for anyone. The suggestion that they would is just ridiculous. I know it’s “fun” to think about how “we could just turn them into glass and that would fix everything” but having what would equate to a bunch of fukushima parties around the globe does nothing to solve the real problem, which is human weakness. If we (humanity) had had enough good sense to be responsible adults in the first place none of this would have ever happened because we would not be manipulable cattle. I know I am gonna get run out of town for sayin’ this, but it needs to be said.


  9. Battlefield USA

    Putin’s disinformation?

    While I am sure they have their disinfo agents, I find that laughable in light of the Ukraine/Kiev situation. For anyone who has participated as much as I have in this, and I am not saying I am an expert, that just fly’s in the face of all the available facts, reason, and logic. Since by second operation on my hand, I have had time to watch this ever since the downing of MH17. I have had time to look, read, and listen… and I have spent considerable time in that. First of all, my bullshit detector is pretty good. When I couple that with paying attention, cross referencing the available facts, using some reason and logic while deciphering idiots like Psaki and Harf, one can not help to just get disgusted at the blatant lies and propaganda of doctored satellite images and video’s, and just out and out lies. MH17 is no longer on the radar… anyone venture to at the least, guess why? Couple this with USGov’s spending of 5 BILLION out of thin air dollars out of TRILLIONS in debt in massive propaganda and support for Ultra-Nationalist Maidan, of which THOUSANDS of Ukraine’s feel betrayed them… of course, we are not hearing this in the Lame Stream Media or the State Dept Booboisie Twins of continued anti-Kiev protests of which was brutally put down recently. Anyhow… this does not make me a devotee of Putin. What it does make me, as I always have been, is anti-west/anti-my government. And I have good reason for that. My interest is for the Donbas people and E. Ukraine peoples in general who are ant-Kiev/Poroshenko and for good reason. Many of these rebels have sated to me, that they we pro-anatomy before the were pro-Russian. But that sometimes, the situation and circumstances dictates on choosing a friend. As for Putin, I wholeheartedly agree with the anti-NATO-US-EU-IMF-World Bank-FRB-Etc. stance. Maybe not for all of his reasons, but non-the-less. This doesn’t make me pro-Russian. But then, I certainly understand their desire, amongst others, for dumping the FR Oil Note. I also recognize this reaction:

    I also recognize the USA/EU/NATO/IMF hegemony over all oil transits in the world, including Russia’s throughout Eastern Europe, Black Sea, Caspian Sea… I see it for exactly what it is. And USA/EU/NATO will be damned if they are not going to get their pie of it in the insatiable greed of the FRN and no propaganda lie is out of the realm. It is desperately raping and pillaging by any means necessary to back up that NOTE.

    Putin may be many things, but he is no communist. I find extremely amusing, that just because he was a ex-KBG agent, lived through the Soviet era, that somehow he must be a thirsty Stalinist. Should I, assuming the show gets on the road and we win, remind you that you were once a military man who fought in behalf of the fascist USA? And once you have fought for the fascist USA… always a fascist?

    And really? Pussy Riot? Fuck Pussy Riot! America’s hanger-on to elicit a Russian Spring? Fucking Pussy Riot? I would have laughed with glee if Putin would have shot those foul filthy bitches. But, but, Curtis! What about libertard! This is my short finger showing.

    Ya know… Ukraine is not going to stand and fall because of Russia. It is not going to stand and fall because of Donetsk, Lugansk, and elsewhere in Novorussia. Hell, Russia repeatedly offered Ukraine help… and a lot better deal that US/EU/NATO/IMF/Etc. and it refused… in the one thing the USA/EU/NATO/IMF/Etc. is good at… destabilizing countries with its pre-programmed propaganda machine and pre-posistioned puppets backed by BILLIONS. You all should at least remember those leaked tapes of our ambassadors.

    Anyhow, I could go on… but if Russia facilitates the backing and freedom and separation of Donetsk, Lugansk, and elsewhere in Novorussia from Kiev… it makes me happy. For every Azov Kiev backed Neo-Nazi killed by the anti-fascist-kiev free Ukraine rebels… it makes me happy. At least they are not shelling Kiev, like Kiev is shelling their cities and butchering innocent non-combatant peoples. Every time Kiev is getting its ass kicked, its troops deserting/changing sides/surrendering, or caught committing atrocities, it ratchets up the propaganda… and the western fascist media spews it out.

    Crap. The man just wants to sell his oil without western interference and without being slaved to our crap Notes. Even I can understand that. AND… weighing in the balance the mans some morals versus the west’s… well, hands down Putin.

    I’m just weighing all this in a balance without emotionally relying on old prejudices. Doesn’t mean I want Putin for president… but then again, if we could just Americanize him just a tad, I’m sure he’d be better that Obama.


    Ya have to put the historical emotions away and put the present in the balance and give it fair weight.

    Meanwhile, I am always on the lookout for Psaki and Harf Youtube video’s proving beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Putin is responsible for all the ruckus in the world… he is, isn’t he?

    • Battlefield USA

      Apologize for SWAT typing and not proof reading up there…

      Anyhow… and in light of this:

      Your government at work…

      You didn’t see it coming, did you…

      Feds’ Bulletin Describes Threat of Imminent Terrorist Attack on Southern Border

      Now what have I been saying? That our border is as wide open as the legs of the Mother of all Whores? Now, of course, unless you are a single cell brain thunker, it is pretty damn obvious that our government is not oblivious to that fact. Yet, they have done NOTHING to seal up our border. Thousands of people, of unknown origin, cross our border every month… and our government does nothing to secure our border. Yet, they are telling us…

      Imminent Terrorist Attack on Southern Border!

      Who wants to be the first to tell me that this is not a deliberate act by our government, knowing full well, that anyone who wishes to do you harm, can just slip over the government approved open border?

      de·lib·er·ate : done consciously and intentionally

      Sooo… you, the American citizen, have been, and are being, set up. As simple as that.

      Walks away. Shakes head…

      Bad Russia!

      • The border HAS to be open … to lend credibility to the false-flag attacks that are coming.

        Possibly Ebola + Martyrs.

        There isn’t much you won’t give up, when you are terrified of the Plague.

        Guns for vaccines?

    • That was QUITE the rant. And I agree 110%.

  10. After dial emergency I took a lot of incoming from my group of slumbering patriots for believing that while the musloid extremists were an anathema to American beliefs, they can find the enemy and will not back down in the face of death. The .gov of the USSA is their enemy, corporate intrusion, spoon fed morals perpendicular to their backward despotic beliefs, but, but, but, a tip of the hat because they will face Grim to defend what we (and the western educated among THEM) find backward and abhorrent, they will even hold nose and accept $ and training from the very people they will turn around on and try to destroy.
    Back to the post, I don’t run in international circles, I’m concerned about tyranny in my world. I see a scientific dictatorship that has disguised itself so well that it has confounded itself with the level to which it has put the human resources into coma, most are beyond becoming awake, and now the supposed long dead WWIII is upon us. What did it take to wake the American People for WWII? What did it take to rally the peeps for a minor action in 1 ME country (was a good slight of hand, the attackers base being 1000’s of miles from the actual target)? What will it take to wake us for Pike’s predicted 3rd?
    Is it wrong of me to hope KGB, Putin, hands it to Obamakins and his Marxist brethren? At 10 years old, laying my head to sleep, 75 miles from the Fulda Gap, I would not have imagined a day where I saw as much red in my own country as I saw at that time in the USSR. Lord, how I was true blue, red blooded American at that point, over the next 6 years I watched the wall come down and as Gulf 1 happened began to understand “blood for oil” though I didn’t believe it when it was spray painted across the from of my dependents housing, or the suitcase bomb found in the Burger King where I had my 8th grade daily lunch, but I did realize that there were other enemies than the ruskies.
    1995, my father, 4 years USMC, 24 years Army, retired Master Warrant Officer, advised me that there was no more honor in serving, unless you wanted a master to send you to die in “small wars” for political reasons. I still wish I would have not taken his advise, there is honor in an ideal, even if not met. Now, if i am honest, I can only hope to see the enemy that he trained to fight, make a move that will move my people beyond our .gov propaganda, or that the crescent worshiping vandals can make a noise to wake the people from our sleep………maybe our own overlords will take action so stinging and raw, sandpaper run across our souls, that we will wake with the anger of thousands of stinging hornets, attacking those who mean to install themselves in power above us, who are we kidding, those who have us twisted up so tight by the shorthairs, have our brains so confused with chemicals, our speech laced with infused propaganda that we even waste our time with this my tyrant vs your tyrant poppycock in this response to what was originally posted, that the true fight is delayed another day, another day, another day. “I’m ready, as soon as we are fired upon”, well, the incoming is so heavy, concussions so loud and continuous as to become soothing background noise in the soundtrack of our daily protestations.
    Our once great western culture is dying on the vine. I am not a race guy, oh and fuck you if you are, I focus on culture. Culture, you can come from another and embrace the new, you can learn culture, and once western culture wasn’t afraid of a fight, you can learn to fight. If you follow this blog, the is a siren song……you hear it, subtle though it’s become, it’s there, stirring your soul, the song of the men and women who built your culture. Violent, daring, learned men, caring, barring, supportive, cut the nuts off of interlopers type women.
    Back to the post. I go to bed at night asking God, the God of my Grandfathers, whether I will have the guts, the steely spine to fight for my culture, the culture that The Creator gave me so freely, or will I continue to play “fantasy footba….I mean freedom fighter” comparing stats of my police state vs yours, while the muhamadeens are the ones putting up a fight to defend theirs, no matter how backward, at least they fight. At least I’ve been consistent over the past 13 years.

  11. Obama's gerbil master

    Pathetic, Russia has to fear Estonia? Are the Latvian hoardes about to reduce Russia to nothing. A civil war in the Ukraine? Last time I heard this meme was regarding South Vietnam when Hanoi sent 20 divisions South. No doubt Mexico will say the same thing when their colonists threaten to take over the Southwest.

    Does anyone recall the Sudatenland?

    • no, but I recall the Sudetenland: Hitler liberated 3 million kidnapped Germans from a gang of Bohemian thugs. This is different, though; Russians in the Ukraine appear to be doing a pretty good job of liberating themselves from the Eu Bankster/US neo-con puppets in Kiev. That won’t end it, though. Some criminals in Kiev need to fry for that airliner full of people they massacred.

  12. wasn’t the shenanagins in the ukraine something for us to watch, ignoring the politics, from the stand point of lessons to be learned for future freefor ground ops? it’s been chuck full of goodies so far.

    • That kind of talk will get people confused…

    • Battlefield USA

      It also helps to watch your own government. You can learn something from it too… and ways to counteract it. It is always more than ground ops. I actually take an active part in it beside the… blog.

    • Boon Vickerson is out there

      Ya, like those who ignore history of tyrants take the dirt nap first?

  13. I assume all members of all ruling classes are evil. I assume ordinary people are mostly alike everywhere. I certainly don’t have any problem with Russians or Chinese per se; our house is being built by a Russian and his friends (very fine fellows, hard and conscientious workers), and I’m married to a Chinese (she works hard too).

    Whatever is going on in Ukraine, it is none of our business (except for the fact our evil bastards kicked the mess off). The faster our evil bastards pull out of there, the better off everybody will be.

  14. As a simpleton, the lowest common denominator has always been my best bet. I’m a Christian Patriot. America’s alphabet agencies have made no secret they consider me a potential terrorist. In Russia, my guess,,,,Christian Patriots are considered harmless, maybe even an asset, I don’t know.

    • Battlefield USA

      From what I hear and remember, Putin will be tearing down part of the Kremlin and rebuilding a church that used to be there. Was torn down by… Stalin(?) and replace with(?). Sorry memory does serve me here. Anyhow.

      And just a thought here. The Russians are peculiar nostalgic people. Their glory wasn’t so much the Soviet era and communism. But the MILLIONS lost fighting Hitler… which was under the communist banner. As fortune would have it, if Hitler had sidestepped Russia and invaded England, history would be a little different today. The east block was (unfortunately), after WWII, born out of paranoia, and in some cases justified, of Europe. Of course, none of this justifies communism, but sometimes you have to take off the commie blinders and look at things without it or despite it.

      And of course, those of us who grew up under our school desks… well, look at us and here we are.

  15. Looks to me that Putin has learned from history–and from China, as China has learned from Japan–that you can gain from capitalistic trade what cannot be gained from war.

    Spain and Great Britain learned the hard way that colonies/satrapies become net costs, not net profits. Again, history.

    Russia, therefore, has nothing to gain from the Baltic States or Poland that it cannot gain from trade–and the Russian oligarchs know this full well. Profit is better than loss.

    It’s truly a shame that the rulers of the US have not learned these simple facts, these last twenty-some years.

  16. I have nothing to really add here. I do however want to say that I have admired Putin for a long time. He may or may not be a real card carrying communist (I would bet not) but he IS in mind and body a true leader. I heard it said once that the difference between he and O is that O would send a minion to rub you out while Putin would do it himself with a WWII era bayonet and have dinner moments later. -55six

    • If there is any such thing as a “statesman” in an honorable sense (admittedly a dubious proposition) Putin certainly is one, and I’d be very hard pressed to name any other currently in power. I can really only judge the man by the words he chooses to say out of his own mouth – I’ve never heard him say anything that insulted my intelligence, and he has said more than a few things I actually agree with.

      A good antidote to the MSM propaganda regarding Russia/Ukraine:

      They want to convince you that Russia poses a threat to peace in Europe, and that the crisis in Ukraine is part of an imperialist Russian strategy to resurrect the USSR. Nothing could be further from the truth. The overarching Russian ambition is for Russia to be a normal country, subject of international law, at peace with the whole world, and integrated into the global economy. The Russian government is doing next to nothing to prevent Russians in areas that were once part of Russia from being slaughtered right in their homes using artillery and rocket fire. This makes for a distressing spectacle, but the Russian people understand that enlarging the military conflict beyond the by now purely notional borders of Ukraine is not the answer.

      Another interesting piece from the same source – How can you tell whether Russia has invaded Ukraine?

  17. Boon Vickerson nailed it. Liberty is the only worthy goal.

    In a world full of venemous snakes, does it really matter if you are bitten by a Fascist Fer-de-lance, Muslim Mamba, or Communist Crait?

    Either way, you’re dead.