Max V: Weapon Manipulation Amusement

Advice and counsel – plus urging to attend training.

Training schedule here.

Tempus fugit.

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  1. I do not think that weapons training needs to be revolutionized out of square ranges. Although training should not stop there either. Square ranges are excellent for building muscle memory, mechanical manipulation and confidence. People just need to understand that they must move beyond them to further progress in actually learning and applying combat tactics WHILE they’re utilizing the mechanical skills they learned at square ranges. Instead of trying to eliminate another business because you don’t believe in their philosophy of training, I would try to work a training progression system where after a student attends a square range class they get sent to a tactical application of fire course. In the coming days there will be no room for ego. Trainers should be working together and supporting each other for a common goal. At the very least not trying to diminish the training value of others courses. But that’s just my opinion.

    • Have you read the article or any of the stuff on the blog? No? Reading comprehension not a strong area?




      • A tad of an over-reaction, eh what?

        • SemperFi, 0321

          Got the same reply from him a few days ago, I also am lacking in comprehension skills.
          I still believe it to be our old rich glamour boy Fabio; aka panamajungle and fukn-a-team. Has no tolerance for anyone not as wealthy, pretty or well educated as he thinks he is. Names change but comments still remain the same, mostly ego based.

          • the fukkn A-team

            You’re off your meds dude. Wasn’t me up there. FTR I did 400 push-ups today and patrolled 5 miles thru the swamps, how about you?

            • SemperFi, 0321

              Well, then I apologize for the error. But you sure post just like that other egomaniac. Again, sorry for the confusion.

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    Good info

  3. I was taught pretty much the same methods in carbine courses I’ve taken, though i’ve never actually seen anyone need to clear a bolt override jam.
    Sticking the bottom corner of a G.I. magazine into the ejection port makes pushing the bolt carrier back much easier.

  4. I set myself up a bolt over ride once, trying to set up a double feed. I carry a fixed handle knife on my gear to help clear them, because I no longer have Fingers of Steel (not that having a fixed handle knife is useless for anything else, mind you, but it is handy for this. 😉 ).
    I don’t slap magazine bottoms, that causes rounds to volcano out of them if they have worn feed lips. Push/pull does the same thing without potentially inducing another malfunction.
    I also do not see the usefulness of looking in the ejection port, that won’t work in the dark anyway. Immediate action will fix an improperly seated mag/dud round, remedial action will fix just about everything else, and you can do both by touch.

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    Good job Max, and WRSA for distro.

  6. Or get something with a K in it, like AK or HK.

    Flaming by the Stoner cult to commence in 5, 4, 3…whoops something on their end isn’t working again. Need to check Mean Rounds Between Stoppages (MRBS-jams) and Mean Rounds Between Failures (MRBF-parts breaking).