Victoria: The Latest

Chapter 24.

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  1. “Enjoy” I have. After the first 4 chapters, I couldn’t put it down. I would have paid to read this. Thanks for posting CA.

  2. Diane Schreiber

    I read up to chapter 24 of “Victoria” and was a little disappointed. The characters are sketchy, the plot somewhat weak. The strategy of inviting Asian tourists into our living area to build resorts is not a sustainable, nor sound economic policy, nor would it provide good paying jobs, or the kind of capital needed to build and maintain a modern state. Brackens books are more well developed IMHO.

    I find the Idea of Novacadia far more plausible:

    A program often discussed here is hemp farming which can produce food, superior cloth, biodiesel and even medicine. Hemp requires no pesticides or fertilizer (which are petroleum based) and can grow even in drought. A hemp economy would bring prosperity to Novacadia.

    As a European-American constitutionalist, Veteran and freedom lover I have nothing but disgust for Victorian England – their subjugation of whole countries and peoples to enforce narcotics on them, the birth of central banking, the “conquest and the debt enslavement society”. Social Darwinism and Marxism can all be traced to that “dreary little island”. Just look at modern Britain for a glimpse of the future.

    An early proponent of Novacadia is Sebastian Ronin, a bit of a wild card and I have had my share of arguments with him over the years. Professor Thomas H. Naylor and Ambassador George Kennan both supported the Second Vermont Republic and the idea of Novacadia.

    This was their official site but it hasn’t been updated since 2009

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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  4. Bon Vickerson is out there

    Obama and all are going to need a really big squirrel.
    Wonderfully uplifting chapter.
    It is as CA says “Lets Win” writ large.
    I think what I like most is indomitable spirit which permeates the entire story.
    That faith and perseverance is everything.

    And I think too, there is much to be said for Victoria, for it is a story, yet it is not, it is a tale about the truth of us. That you can win. All that is required is that you want to. Because we can win. It is where you begin. Because some things are just worth fighting for.

  5. Working on this.

    • Great design. I do hope there will be versions for many other of the several states. As a former resident there, I would propose a slight mod for NY and other lost causes: “NY out of North America”.

      Just spitballin’ here…