Enter The UAE At Port Canaveral

Andrea Shea-King explains, and offers a way to get your Congresscritter some zing – on this or any other issue.

Rub the Quislings’ nose in it – publicly.

6 responses to “Enter The UAE At Port Canaveral

  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. Hey Charlie Brown, here is a way to make your rulers behavior like elected representatives, an insider has reformed the system from inside. Now go take another run at getting out the vote.

    It might work a little bit, but it won’t work for real. If voting could change anything it would be illegal. Taking your money out of the system, now that will change something. Did you hear about the recent IRS decision that Bitcoin must be treated as if it were a stock, with gain and loss reports every time you buy or sell?

  3. The political system is irreparably broken. Our CONgress cares not whether they receive a failing grade, the only grade they care about is the one that measures their fiat currency accumulation level. The first step is admitting there is a problem…..


    Follow the money. As long as the bakshish(sp?) can be spread around, and the muzzies are hiring, Amerikan sheeple will flock bleating to the sound of geld.

  5. Tom has the word of the day so far IMO—“irreparably.” Accept it. Live with it anyway. Forward.

    “But what are THEY gonna do?” Who the fuck knows? They’ll try to kill their enemies, duh. Anyone here know any?

    Besides, why should anyone care what they’re thinking? Sure, to stop ’em, but you gotta stop whomever in any event anyway. That’s a lotta brain-dead peeps to figure out; might be a waste of time. Humans can talk about whatever they wish, but they only LIVE in one gear—forward.