JC Dodge: The Dangers Of Being Myopic

Very important.

Be teachable, and learn from as many competent folks as you can.

Tempus fugit.

3 responses to “JC Dodge: The Dangers Of Being Myopic

  1. Sometimes the problem is finding competent people to learn from.

  2. outlawpatriot

    We’re working according to light infantry history. It is one of improvisation, innovation, self reliance and an aggressive, stick and move doctrine complemented with versatility, an ability to cope with austerity and a never give up attitude.


    Not here. No way. No how.

    • Context. You’re not myopic in your training or tactics…probably not even in your strategy. Flexibility is a big value these days.

      So yes, there is a context in which you’re not myopic. Hahaha.