Mosby: Cutting To The Chase

Plus some good news on the updates front.

Read and heed.

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  1. Once more the all knowing , all seeing, king of the four letter word, know it all rant, spews, and we the ignorant “F” wads must take heed. Mosby you are an ass . With a carefully crafted “badass” shtick , a phony name (Of a true hero; One who used his REAL name in a time when that meant death) and a self proclaimed “rep” . All meant to lure the very people you rant at/about into spending thousands on your “school”. Having been raised at Bragg by Vietnam Era (and before) Snake eaters , I found them to be quiet , competent , low key , and VERY dangerous men, who never felt the need to brag about themselves. They were trained “force multipliers”, SELECTED for there ability to work well with others, moderate in speech: competent in actions. Nothing at all like “Mosby”. Maybe SF selection has changed since the 1960’s , I don’t know. But I’m not impressed with anyone who knows everything about everything, ranting like a homeless “bush vet” who went off their PTSD meds. When I was a kid the “Guys” in the “Green Beanies” up on smoke bomb hill called boys like that “shitbirds”.

    • Just a REMF

      I dont think you are picking up what he is putting down. Or, you’re being intentionally ignorant. Try reading it again with an emphasis on comprehending the message rather than the messenger.

    • the fukkn A-team

      Tell us Ray, When will you be offering your Ranger/SF tactical “know-how” to those eager to learn?… Well?

    • William Munny

      Straight from.the horse’s mouth:

      “I am just a dude. I happened to have once had a really cool job, surrounded by really cool people who happened to teach me a lot of really cool shit that happens to be important. I am not a hero. I don’t even personally consider myself an expert. … Bullshit. I am not a hero, I’m not a badass. I’m not some sort of fucking celebrity. I’m just a dude”

      Don’t see any dick-swinging bragging in there, sport. Did you fucking “read the fucking postscript” like the brother fucking requested?******
      I think not.
      As far as the gist of the main post, he was absolutely bang on.

      ****** gratuitous fuck-bombs, with my compliments.

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  3. I will say this much: I just took a class with John. He taught needed and important fundamental skills in an engaging and realistic way for a very reasonable price. And… he did not brag – not even once. In fact, the only “stories” he told were directly related to what he was teaching at the moment.


    The thing that jumped off the page was the derisive description of the three-per cent patriot movement. This can be an advantage. To be dismissed as a bunch of beer-soaked red neck rabble who will not be taken seriously, is a dangerous thing. The Brits did it during our Revolution and it did not end up well for them. It also did not end up too well for the BLM Nazis at Mr. Bundy’s ranch.
    Each area, tribe, and circumstance is and will be different. Things are not disintegrating to the point where it’s time for Lexington Green #2. Using the advice and expertise of anyone such as Mr. Mosby or Max V is crucial for those who can afford and attend the classes. Then you pass it along and keep getting prepped.

  5. “…and I guarantee, some of my opinions on current events will be controversial.”

    You think?

    JM is da man and I would follow him into hell and back(if we make it!).

    BTW I just got my hard copy of FO(I like hard copies of EVERYTHING!) and Sam is doing one bang up good job, please please please keep it up.

    Looks like all me kids will be getting some new T shirts and hoodies for Christmas one of which who was born in Mosby’s Confederacy near the site of one of his greatest victories.

    Time to put the Bonny Blue out and do some PT!

  6. Alfred E. Neuman

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  7. red neck

    Agreed. If he’s got a problem with them, then he’s got a problem with some of the best people around who were the backbone of the ANV and well as the other Confederate armies and will perform the same function if we get to the Future Unpleasantness.

    • Shit, I thought the goal was to BE a redneck! That’s why I don’t like the claim that you can only be born into it.


    Hey, my Dad has a fridge full of Pabst at all times. WTF??

  9. Cassandra (of Troy)

    Perhaps it’s me, but I didn’t see anything in Mosby’s piece that hasn’t been said many times at many places for years & as such I don’t get what could be controversial about what he wrote.: Pull your head out of the fridge & idiot box/get your s*** straight/LEARNLEARNLEARN ALL YOU CAN!/PRACTICEPRACTICEPRACTICE ALL YOU’VE LEARNED UNTIL IT’S SECOND NATURE!/PT, PT, GOOD FOR YOU, GOOD FOR ME/rinse, repeat until clean.

    That’s what I got but as I said, perhaps it’s just me