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“…[T]he legal system is, ultimately, an ancient bargain: Renounce your mob violence and blood feuds and we will provide you with justice. It could be argued that such a default as this [Rotherham] calls the whole bargain into question, and justifies self-help along ancient lines.”

Professor Glenn Reynolds

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  1. You might enjoy this spectacularly excellent short video on the subject of “following orders”.

    I simply cannot fault the logic … which is amply backed by the scientific findings of Milgram and many others.

    • Fantastic, thanks for sharing that video.

    • JoseyWales3633@yahoo.com

      What if the orders are lawful?

      • No problem with following a lawful command.

        Firstly, it would not involve the initiation of violence. No lawful command could involve you instigating violence against peaceful people.

        Secondly, it would be voluntary … since any lawful command must involve the Consent of the “commanded”. If you are compelled to act against your will, we would label that “slavery” or “duress”.

        For example … the invasion of Iraq was not “lawful”.

        • Even better, define “lawful command.” If both parties agree that it’s consensual, then it’s not a command; it’s a request. Used to be that Americans didn’t bend knee for anyone, not ever…least of all any government. That’s WHY the USofA was founded…in 1781.

          Somewhere along the way, “authority to stop thugs,” became just “authority,” period. The former is agency; the latter is subservience. Sorta like the only source of “just power” changed form “consent of the governed” to “the agreement of the majority of the governed.”

          And “Restorationists” wanna do it all over again. When I was a child, I thought I had 200+ years to waste too, but then I hit my teens. I’m not sure what their excuse is.

      • Bill Ford III

        Define “lawful”?

  2. “justifies self help along ancient lines.”

  3. Dig deeper and it will be found that it wasn’t just Pakistani Muslim raping those children, but some of the British WASPs entrusted to protect them.

    When you can wrap your head around that one you’ll understand how the screwing takes place at the global level.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Societies everywhere are permeated with mental and social rejects, and it proves that “maintaining the high moral ground” is just another popular myth people like to use to make themselves feel lofty and pure.
      Your own families, schools and churches are infested with deviants who exist behind a wall of self induced denial.

  4. Spot on GS, dig deeper here in FUSA and you will find we are sacrificing young people for $ as well.


    I guess since the judge said that he wouldn’t fair well in prison his 3 year old daughter that he raped will be OK. A little younger and we could have just tossed her in the trash can with all the other abortions. Carrry on.

  5. This is what happens when men hand their balls over to the State for safe keeping. It’s why every little town needs 10-15 cops and a tank. The men say,” it’s their job, not mine.” The sign that it will change for the better will be when men in those little towns get rid of their police departments. I don’t expect to ever see that happen. A lot of Liberty people have moved to Montana in the last few years, but I am not aware of a single town disbanding it’s police. I would expect that towns where Liberty people dominate probably petitioned for more police, including tanks. Most people will take responsibility only when there is absolutely no other choice.

  6. That Glen Reynolds quote is why (with few exceptions) Africans and Whites will NEVER ”just get along”. Whites CAN accept that bargain (even flawed though it is), Africans CAN’T. We saw that with Trayvon, they wanted Zimmerman DEAD, period. To them, what and why Zimmerman did what he did is irrelevant, he was a non-African who killed an African, that’s all that matters.
    Same with Ferguson, the what and why matters not to them, the cop is a non-African who killed an African, therefore he must die, right away.
    No effort to try to sort out truth from falsehood.
    In the current situation, I want that cop arrested, in jail/on bond, facing trial, then put on trial, and if found guilty, sentenced to penal punishment or even death if need be.
    FWIW, IMHO, that like Zimmerman, that cop DID shoot in self defense, but I want him to get tried first.
    Because the only other way is war, where one side wins and one side loses, not this ”nation-building” and ”bringing them democracy” nonsense.

  7. Cassandra (of Troy)

    Note the similarites between the Rotherham outrages & their predecessor, then note the date of the following story.:

    Rochdale Grooming Trial

    Rotherham is but another episode in a behavioral continuum that isn’t limited to Britain & re-validates the maxim regarding the consequences of rewarding bad behavior. Remember what Antonio said in The Tempest, Edmund Burke’s observation about evil, & Santayana’s warning.

  8. Bill Ford III

    Franklin Ct PA is way down on the list at number 15. Need to do more work to help raise it further towards the top of the list. 🙂

  9. “Feminists [are] more outraged about Jennifer Lawrence nudes leaked than 1400 children sexually assaulted by Muslims in Rotherham.” – Gregory Hood, author for American Rennaissance and Counter Currents

    Pretty much sums up the state of the Occident now, doesn’t it? All the guns in the world won’t save you if you’ve ceded the moral high ground to SJWs like the British have.