TL Davis: Yet We Do Not Fight

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Aye, there’s the rub.

Audentes fortuna iuvat.

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  1. I believe the Roman Emperors used the old “bread and circuses” to keep the great unwashed masses happy and in their place. Let’s see we have college football, the NFL, BASEketBall, movies, TV, and on-line porn along with free EBT cards so it looks like our modern day purple robed elites have the basics covered. At least until the Gauls and Huns errr I mean MS-13 and ISIS show up along with the Red Chinese bill collector than the party is over.
    Diu In Imperio…..

  2. the fukkn A-team

    The murikan people will not fight because the murikan people will not bite the hand that feeds them. Face it. Your neighbors all around you are communists- collecting either welfare, unemployment, EBT, disabity, or some type of pension. They are also brainwashed drunks and drug addicts. Did I mention corrupt, fat n lazy? Last but not least, murikans are the dumbest and unhealthiest population on earth. Are these the types you think will wake-up because of a written article? Not hardly. But, they are the type to turn you in, inform on your plans, steal from you, and lie to bring you down to their status in life-scumbags. So someone please tell me why anyone would expect them to fight for freedom and liberty? Two choices. Get a passport, silver n gold, hold lots of cash, get out now or have an exit plan when this finally goes to hell. OR- plan on killing at least half of the population here in FUSA. The Republic is DEAD.

    • Two things. Just where in the hell do you expect you’ll run off to? The freakin panga or la machet is going to be waiting on you, gringo. Because you’re not one of their tribe and it’s doubtful you ever will be.

      Why the hell do you care about the useless, are you planning on saving them all? Won’t happen. See to yourself and yours and them build it from there.

      • the fukkn A-team

        1. “Because you’re not one of their tribe and it’s doubtful you ever will be.”

        Now just how do you know that? Maybe I’m not your average murikan. You presume way too much.

        “Just where in the hell do you expect you’ll run off to?”

        Some of us actually are not poor and destitute, let’s see… how about anywhere I damn well please? I could “run off to’ the Redoubt-NOT. Last I heard the whole world still accepts $s, gold, and silver, but first you have to have some.

        2.”Why the hell do you care about the useless”,

        I don’t give a flying fuck about the “useless”, because, well, they’re- useless. But I’m tired of supporting “useless” politicians and the “useless” low-lifes they represent. Most murakins are poor because they are “useless” DUMBFUCKS. The typical “useless” murikan makes my skin crawl and has created the conditions we are now all experiencing. Go ahead and live amongst them if that’s your thing. The wealthy and poor cannot live together -much longer.

        • Regular Old Bob

          But a lot of us WITH that capacity still ain’t leavin’. Yeah, Bracken’s idea of a 60′-75′ sailing rig (with a healthy engine) does sound tempting, but why? I like it HERE.

          And ”Why the hell do you care about the useless?” I really don’t, aside from the fact that they’re going to require a helluva lotta ammo expenditure that would be better used against the other types of enemy. 🙂

          (Cue up Heather Alexander again.)

          • Amen Brother right there with you…This country is my home and I plan on being buried here…Just because dipshit wants to cut and run to another country doesn’t mean shit to me and I will be fighting right there along side you…

            • the fukkn A-team

              This isn’t America anymore, Just look around you. It’s not coming back either. Eventually, even dipshits like you will realize that the time to fight for liberty has long passed. The only thing you’ll be fighting for is your neighbors right to be a parasite, another day of life, and maybe a crumb of bread. And no, you won’t be “fighting right there along” Bob- you two will never meet. I don’t like it anymore than any of you do. But the truth is plain to see.

              • Really that’s all you can come back with troll..Why don’t you get the fuck out of here already so we don’t have to hear your sniveling…You whine and bitch about those around you but you do nothing to change your situation…By the way I’m not fighting for those around me that are worthless and that includes you…I’m fighting for my family, friends, and those like Bob, Boon, Oughtsix, LfMayor, Kerodin, CA, Max, gamegetter,Mosby,JCDodge,Wirecutter,Angel,Vixen,Queen Bee,Brock,OP,Klein and a whole host of others that believe in liberty and freedom and that are willing to fight for it…I’m just wondering why you,detriot, ray, and wco hang around here if you can’t stand what is espoused here and are always being negative…The only explanation I can come up with is your either trolls or cowards that feel better about yourselves hanging out with real men but just can’t keep your whining to yourselves… Quit bitching and start living for Gods Sake…

                • the fukkn A-team

                  Please nigger. You wouldn’t make a pimple on my ass. I’ve done all I can do and I’ve come to the realization that self-preservation comes first. You’ll learn.

                • Right you are, Lineman.

                  I’m honored to be included in that list. Honored. Thank you and right back at you.

          • R.O.B., LF Mayor and Lineman:


            And a hearty “fuck you!” to all the cut ‘n run cowards, the naysayers, the “Detroit”s (how perfectly it has named itself), the FukkintheAss Team and all the rest of the professional doomseekers.

            I know it’s not gonna be pretty. I know I will not see the other side. I know the Evil we face is real. I know the battle is all up hill……


            It is ever thus. All the more glory in standing for the Right.

            And… I know my enemy by his words. By your words you have revealed yourselves. Your time draws nigh, along with your masters.

            • the fukkn A-team

              Talk Talk Talk. Eat some shit old man. It’s very annoying to listen to the same blowhards talking tough year after year, at least say something that relates to reality. Shit or get off the pot. Put your money where your piehole is and start this party. Well?… I thought so.

              • Talk, talk, talk. Is that all you do?

                Eat shit and die, coward. Put your ass where your heart is… somewhere outside the country you’ve given up on, and don’t come back.

                What I will or am doing about “the party” (which has already started btw) is none of your knowledge or business. Fuck heads like you who could care less to put their ass on the line, who can’t wait to leave this “cesspool” for an other one, have no place in this conversation.

                STFU and haul your sorry ass to wherever it is you think your “wealth” will secure you.

              • Regular Old Bob

                Give it up, dude. It bugs the fuck outta a lot of us to hear you talking YOUR SOS every year. If you don’t like where you are and who you’re around, that’s YOUR problem. Why aren’t you in Tahiti or Thailand by now? Take your megabucks and your megalomania and didimau the fuck on down the road most rikki-tik, why doncha?

                I guess most alla us here jus’ ain’t as badass as you are. That, and we probably have a helluva lot more people than ourselves to consider before we simply wake up some morning and decide to play Rambo.

                I’ve been here a LONG time, and my family’s been here for centuries.
                Hightail it on outta town if ya want, but once again, we’re STAYING.

            • See, that’s one problem with collectivism…you view “detroit” and “fukknATeam” as the same, based on an inconsequential attribute…they both think you’re full of shit. On matters of import, they are nothing alike.

              I’ve met fukknATeam and that ain’t no troll. We have LOTS of disagreements but at least he ain’t bullshitting. I used to think that of Alan too, but the evidence against just keeps piling up. And you—a collectivist is a collectivist is a collectivist. That’s not a final judgment, just a quick roundup of the available data.

              Here’s fukknATeam in response to you—“Shit or get off the pot. Put your money where your piehole is and start this party. Well?… I thought so.”

              That’s not trolling; that’s observation.

  3. Something is crashing my os every time I try to c&p to me email from TL’s page. Tried three times to copy the addy and the text for “redistribution” to the reality resistant ignorati and to those awakening…

    Someone doesn’t like the message.

    WTF, over?

  4. Upon further trials, it appears that the problem is in something call a “plug in container” within my computer… supposedly, error reports are filed and remedies will be forthcoming. Or not.

    Anyone have thoughts on this

    • combofix.exe from works well…….freeware… a backup first and follow the instructions exactly as given and it will find most all unseen nasties that got past your antivirus

  5. American men are pathetic:

    1. They leave politics to the women.
    2. They are porn addicts.
    3. They love watching sports more than being involved in politics.
    4. They are afraid if being fathers, this they prefer sex with no procreation.

    Game over. Pathetic.

    • Yeah, we’re going to lose, because we’re fat and all that other shit you said.

      Are you an American man yourself? Or do you hail from some pissant country where soccer is king? Or does you fat ass get a rash when you walk too much, so you’re just tossing the towel now and saying the hell with it?

      the Game, which I have been waiting on for a long freaking time now, hasn’t even started really. I’m honestly not even sure what my part will be in this little production… big part, small part, long time, short time. But for myself it’ll be over about time I’m goddamn good and ready for it to be. And then some other son of a bitch that looks and sounds just like me will pick up the usable gear and keep hauling.

    • If you think ALL American men fit your stunted stereotypes…

      Come say it to my face you pusillanimous suppurating pustule.

      (Look them up. It’s called a dictionary. You might want to acquire one.)

      And… F.O,E.S.A.D.

  6. Not sure but Ebola could be a game changer. If it arrives, and I’ve no reason to believe it won’t, at the least it’s going to throw some uncertainty into the Monday Night Football comfort paradigm.

  7. Most “Americans” aren’t worth dying for anymore. Time to ride it out and pick up the pieces afterwards.

    • FrozenPatriot

      What if there’s nothing to “ride out”? …but instead we persist in our slow, creeping descent into dystopian hell we’ve been experiencing for generations? Those who are asleep will never be jolted from their slumber, and we will have no ashes from which to rise, so long as we continue in our present course. What’s going to change? What’s going to trigger the “great undoing”? From here, I see possibilities but no certainties — especially no certainties on any knowable timeline. “The big one” scale solar storm is the only real certainty, but it could come centuries from now. As long as the electricity and 1s&0s keep flowing, the minds of the sheep will adequately saturate with filth and dopamine in perpetuity, and we lose. The next infringement on liberty or tax or regulation merely adds to the insurmountable pile of such things, and people are further disinclined to learn, let alone fight.

    • Bergmann in Alaska seems to be one of the few who has an airtight plan for shtf. Escape and evade into the wilderness for years and live off the land until the die off runs it course in the lower 48. But he is young and apparently single so he has no one else to worry about. Would be a luxury to just say fk it and leave the whole mess of America behind.

  8. And have not been for some time now.

  9. Regular Old Bob

    Well, there’s definitely enough of us around the country. A good deal of our reticence is that we probably don’t think we are ready. But the largest issue that stops us from wreaking havoc and vengeance upon the enemy is that we are so isolated and disorganized. Part of the reason for that is the fact that almost everything we say and do in any electronic medium is being logged and analyzed. How do you kick off a nationwide restoration/revolution under those circumstances? Thousands of LGOPs doing whatever they think will do some good, hoping for the best? Hmmm.

    I’m sure that if someone with enough credibility and popularity said “It’s time! GO!”, we would put on our gear and devilish grins, hoist the black flags, and proceed to slit a lot of throats.

    But there is no such person or persons, yet. And none of us or our groups wants to go Berserker if that only means we’ll be out there by ourselves, with our asses hangin’ out in the breeze, vilified on the 10 o’clock news.

    I don’t know about the rest of y’all, but that is why we haven’t fought.

    • You speak truth…There is a whole lot of us out here just waiting for that trigger…

      • Compressed surprise break.

      • Regular Old Bob

        Right on, partner, to both of your responses. It sucks to be waiting like this, but it’s more time to prep and get in even better shape than a 22-yr-old! You can never be “too ready”.

        And, I guess, bottom line? Well, before I become too old to maneuver like some stealth Ninja JSOC wannabe (LOL!), I might go ahead and kick off my own little party just for the Hell of it. Who knows? One of us doing that just might be the perfectly timed spark that finally sets off the whole blaze! I don’t intend to be easily ID’ed or found. It’ll be purely anonymous, overwhelmingly sneaky and vicious, and definitely well-planned. If I get to that point, I want to be around raising Hell as long as possible. “Mysterious Cold-Blooded Vigilante Assassin”? 🙂

        Here’s a tip for everyone: Make big soft leather moccasins to go over your boots, if you need to remove them and blend in afterward. Or wear some by themselves. No footprints, and QUIET.

  10. When you have no power to turn on Anything including the computer some of us might quit bitching and get on with the task, anybody need some PIKES ?

  11. Political correctness will be the death of the USA. Slickness, eel like slipperyness, and liars smiles are the hallmarks of any ‘Murican seeking a government job-at any level. The generals have all been neutered because the Bozo in Chief(s) cannot stand to have a real, masculine, male stand up and tell the truth in a crude but honest way. General Patton would be publicly hung outside the White House as an example. The sad state of American Men is 60 years of leftist school indoctrination.
    It’s time to get your children out of government schools-especially your male children; it’s time to suck it up and get yourself, your family, your tribe, your AO into physical shape and mental awareness. (The pussification of the NFL will not do this for you.) We all know that this war is coming, and it is going to rain on the just and the unjust. Get as ready as you can for the hard days, because we know uncomprimised liberty and freedom is worth it. Someone said ” I’d rather be a poor but free man than a well kept slave. “

  12. We are a small but significant growing minority. The game being played is one in which we are kept on the porch. Many, many Americans are part of the problem. If fear were enough to stop the hearts of free men from resisting, it would have by now. It will never.

  13. Prepping Preacher

    so long as the “individual” of individual liberty is the main focus, there will likely never be the unity of individuals required to make Rightful Liberty a reality… Rightful Liberty is a good bit more than every man for himself – it demands the cooperation and defense of all who would have it… when we as freedom-seeking individuals are willing to accept the fact that another’s individual liberty is dependent upon my support and vice versa, then Rightful Liberty is but a step away and that step can be more easily taken in confidence…

    if we would experience what our Founding Fathers did and expected to hand down to us then we must adopt their approach… enter here the words of Ben Franklin, something about hanging together or hanging separately…

    a special note to those who think of expatriating till “it’s over” – it would be best that you not seek to repatriate near my AO… if you run from the fray, don’t expect to enjoy the resultant benefits once all is said and done… forgive my “unChristian” attitude about this but I have little time or sympathy for those who would try to take from what I have worked for – which includes any and all recovered liberties… you’re little better than our current self-appointed tax collectors…

    PP Chaplain IIIPSA

    • Very fine insight, PP. Thanks for expressing The Main Ideal so well.

    • outlawpatriot

      Yep. Spot on John. The Kleinster is gonna have a problem though.

      • You have a streak of pettiness in you OP and its not very becoming on you…Its too late in the game to be fucking with your teammates…Stick to facts and truth and your words will be valued…

      • “The Kleinster is gonna have a problem though.”

        I remember how young kids did that—use nicknames as a pre-emptive put-down. Memories. Childhood.

        I got no problem with PP and never did, cuz he’s not a collectivist. What, you think I disagree that we either hang separately or don’t? I agree with that. Why don’t you use that brain between your ears…what the hell would I be doing here otherwise?

        Sure I think he’s wrong that there should be less of a focus on individual liberty because that’s what I think it’s all about…JUST LIKE THE FOUNDERS. But that’s a philosophical question and that’s how I surmise the situation. Here’s what I do know…PP ain’t out there telling others how they ought to behave or what they ought to believe. He’s got his beliefs and he sticks with them. That’s alright…the problem happens when you and other collectivists bullshit your way through it all…like misrepresenting the Constitution and its history, and especially misrepresenting the principles that founded this country.

        So worry less about me and more about you…you’ve still got to claw your way out of your belief that a government can derive just powers from something other than the consent of the governed. You’re squarely in opposition with the Founders on that point, and that’s what you need to defend. So get to it already.

      • He’s got a problem alright. He thinks there’s nothing greater or more important than himself. But, as he, himsownwittleself, quotes frequently, “Reality always wins!”

        That’ll really suck. 😉

    • Regular Old Bob

      Amen, Padré.

  14. There is strength in numbers. United we stand. STAND STRONG!

  15. A lot of people spouting collectivist-speak around here.

    As to the article, it’s simple. Comfortable people do not rebel. Wait for the economy to crash, you will have your Revolution.

  16. I believe we lack leadership, and particularly political leadership. Which surprises even me that I say that, because reflexively I’ve been trained to hate politicians.

    If you look at the two great conflicts fought here over liberty, both were organized, with the political organization leading the kinetic organization.

    In Europe you see some glimmerings of hope because people with firm beliefs have stood out to lead – In England Neil Farange of UKIP and Paul Weston of BFP. They articulate clear positions and allow others to identify with them and their cause. It took a long time, a decade, for them to get to the point where UKIP is winning elections. Even if you goal is dissolution, not winning elections this level of communication and organization is needed. The IRA had a political wing, the American Revolutionaries had the Continental Congress and State Congresses, the Civil War had political leaders on both sides, the States voted to secede, as the first act.

    We have no leader, or that type. There is no one that an ordinary person can look at and say “yeah, I’m with that guy”. We have lots of trainers, talkers, writers, and intellectuals. All of those are needed too, but we need someone to stand on the Soap Box and start telling the truth and laying it out. Talk Radio isn’t the format for that, it’s too long, too commercial, to entertaining.

    A movement made up from widely scattered, highly independent individuals, with overlapping beliefs, but many differences — isn’t going to get the job done. At least Kerodin and Co. are trying to do more. My hat’s off to them, but it’s still a membership thing, not real politics. Without a leader and clearly articulated plan, or even actionable complaints, I just think we’ll keep swimming around in cyberspace bitchin’ about things, and the guys on the couch will stay there.

  17. Given that it was a different time and really an entirely different place, though geographically the same, everyone knows that just three percent of Americans won the freedom for the other 97%, whether they wanted it or deserved it, or not.

    By all historical accounts of the past hundred years, it takes is 15-25% popular support to keep a resistance/guerrilla movement moving. Many of us in our counties and states have 15-25% of the population who want to restore the Republic, and all it boils down to is the means. The support for the goal is there, but the means of arriving there is the real issue. If that 15-25% (more or less) doesn’t support restoration by resistance/rebellion, then you don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of succeeding. If you can’t change their opinions, then there’s no future for Liberty there until their minds are changed. As someone else stated, you really can’t kill ’em all, even if you needed to. How many people do you have to kill to get the rest of them to quit? I don’t know the number, but as long as there’s a politician breathing, there are going to be people willing to do what it takes to live off socialism. We’re talking millions dead by the hands of some of the most moral and good people in America. I remain doubtful, especially considering that we have soldiers who’ve done a tour in Iraq and Afghanistan, killed a man, and said that it was the worst thing they’ve ever done in their lives (but I suppose for everyone one of those, there’s one who says it was the most enjoyable thing in his life). Unless you’ve killed a man, no one wants to hear about how many people you’re going to kill.

    As many have stated, we need to get around to facing facts. In another ten or twenty years, the 55+ demographic is going to be the largest in the US, which means they’ll be voting to preserve their social security, medicare, and other benefits which will be up for debate. And Democrats/Socialists are going to make that the debate to get the votes, and then they’re going to provide those things for them, even if a loaf of bread costs ten bucks. As it goes, politically, I do think we’re sunk by that statistic alone, because we know that they’ll vote to protect their livelihoods, at the cost of their freedom. They’re already doing it.

    Now we look at a state like Idaho, where the average age is 35. Somewhere around there. One of the youngest states in the Union. I look at this place and see Liberty within my lifetime. Folks can nay-say and disparage the American Redoubt all they want, but I’d be willing to put money that Idaho no longer has seats in Congress within my lifetime. Even better, Idaho is defensible.

    Is “America” as a whole gone forever? Yep. There are some places that we just aren’t going to be able to turn because the numbers aren’t in our favor, as many others have pointed out.

    No one wants to uproot and leave, and we really shouldn’t have to. It’s a damn shame, honestly. But if you don’t have 15-25% of the people to support you in your mission of killing people who aren’t trying to kill you, then you really only have three options: do nothing, do something and lose, or go to a place that offers you a better chance of mission success. That doesn’t mean that you have to move to Idaho, but it does mean that you should start looking at pockets of your state or region that offer you a reasonable chance of securing Liberty for the next generation.

    I see a lot of fatalism on this blog and at lots of other places. We can win; it won’t be everywhere, but we can win. We can make their asses quit, maybe it’s only for a generation but we’ll need that generation to continue to prepare. Don’t let the next generation forget that they’re going to have to fight to keep what they have. Think of the Vikings and other tribes/peoples who taught their kids to fight from a young age. You’re looking at the future of Liberty right there. But it’s up to us to consolidate in places that we can defend in order to give them a fighting fucking chance. Then, maybe we can talk about taking back entire regions and re-aligning the political and physical geography of what America should be/used to be. But this war won’t be over in a week, or a month, or a year. The American Revolution took 13 years! You really owe it to yourselves and others to carve out a defensible space, but for the sake of future generations, don’t go dying a lonely death in a place you can’t win.