ZH: On The Breakdown Of Nations


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  1. Brian in Seattle

    This map is on the cover of a book titled “The Nine Nations of North America” by Joel Garreau. Published in 1981.Still a very interesting read.

  2. Oh please!?! Does Denver HAVE to be our Capital?

  3. As I recall, that was one of the worst separation maps ever made. Only that crazy Russian guy a few years back did worse.

  4. Great article, thanks. My sentiments precisely…need more colors.

    Foundry. Maybe so, of stuff and ideas, and a little music along the way.

  5. Colorado KnightOwl

    I live in the “Empty Quarter”…I kind of like that name

    • I live in the “Islands”. Guess I better learn how to make steel drums out of old 55 gallon barrels and grow some dreadlocks. Eireee, Mon!

      • ahhh balls, i read the damn thing wrong. I’m in the breadbasket, so Bob Marley is safe for now.

      • SPAM.

        Think SPAM.


        • Truly you are a man who could appreciate Austin, MN. 🙂

          These maps always crack me up for a couple milliseconds, drawn as they are by those who have little clue as to what is often very localized polarization in behavior & attitude that goes much more granular than traditional boundaries. A good X-Acto knife would be needed.

  6. This guy nails it as to why Leviathan will collapse (in fact is already in the process of collapsing):


    • It mirrors my experience. None of this is a surprise. Bureaucrats work in their own interest, just like the rest of us do, and it is silly to expect them to do otherwise. They are not here for us. It will take a Revolution to flush all this crap down the toilet, where it belongs.

  7. William Cutting

    This map is very similar to Collin Woodward’s map, in his book, “American Nations”. I prefer Woodward’s as it’s more up to date. He also further divides the country into 11 regional nations. It’s a quick, excellent and surprisingly even handed read. I prefer to live and die in Dixie, the only Nation that waged open war in it’s name.

  8. .. ok. So who gets to be the first 1,000 or so martyrs for The Glorious Cause of Restoring Liberty? Or maybe it will take 5,000 before the virtuous spirit is awakened in liberty-minded men. How much brutal, deadly, raw, and live injustice must be meted out before principles outweigh NFL, cell phone, pron, food, houses, family, cars, vacations, etc., etc?

    Haha. Ya, right. We are all hypocrites.

    Lets just call all this crap what it is: another distraction from unfulfilled lives and excuses to buy cool stuff and play soldier.

  9. Regular Old Bob

    I’m actually growing tired of such speculations, because *nobody* knows what will happen if the shit truly hits the fan in this country. We may wind up with a combination of city-states and larger open areas that are controlled by whoever the fuck dominates them. And lots of “wilderness”.
    Or imagine anything else.

    One thing I’m becoming more convinced of over time is that we won’t have to worry about other countries coming over here to take whatever slices of the beast they can carve out for themselves. When the FUSA/USSA goes down, we’ll be taking the rest of the world with us, one way or another. Or conversely, maybe we’ll finally go down after a domino effect that left us as one of the last countries standing.

    For you physicists and mathematicians:
    “Do you know how we got here?”
    “No, but I know where we are.”

  10. Occidental Dissent had a whole series of excellent articles analyzing both Garreau’s and Woodward’s discussions of the ethnic and cultural fault lines of North America. It is worth taking the time to dig it up and go through it.

  11. outlawpatriot

    Uh… Bovine manure. That’s it, bovine manure.

    Common culture, ethnicity, religion, political view, etc. would be a necessity for a given state/area/region to secede. I’m gonna ask again, where does such a place exist in this country? Even Hawaii has been inundated with round eyes. Totally homogenized.

    Now, I’m gonna say it. Most of you fuckers allude to it but you don’t have the balls. What would be necessary is akin to ethnic cleansing for the wet dream talked about.

    Is that what we’re talkin’ about?

    • This country was founded on ethnic cleansing.

      By the same founders revered by many.

      Ever wonder where the Indians in New England went?

      How about Pennsylvania?


    • It may be so, but it’s a bit sick to wish for it. Particularly when people can just move instead…

    • the fukkn A-team

      I said it yesterday. “Two choices. Get a passport, silver n gold, hold lots of cash, get out now or have an exit plan when this finally goes to hell. OR- ***plan on killing at least half of the population here in FUSA. The Republic is DEAD.” I’m glad I ain’t the only one who said it.

    • One way or another, OP, through natural or man caused means, there will be a great ‘cleansing.’

      I doubt seriously that any entity or ethnicity will be spared or able to control events and outcomes, although it behooves the like minded to try.

      Actually, if I take your intent aright, it must more akin to political cleansing, as has been proposed by Kerodin and others.

      I abhorred such talk for a long time but I’ve come around. From the standpoint of pure, cultural and entirely moral self defense, it is all we have left, if we truly mean what we say.

      Join, leave or die.

      There… balls.

    • Regular Old Bob

      I’ve never shied away from saying it, OP. But there’s an incremental aspect to it. You can ask them to leave, you can make them leave, or you can finally kill them. Or, people can go where their type has taken over already.
      That’s why I think that the DoI and Const. are great rallying points, but we’ll ultimately have panarchy.

      Nasty short answer? Yeah, probably.