Climate Movement Drops Mask, Admits Communist Agenda

H/t to Insty for this watermelon (green outside, Red inside) report.

You know what happens after they drop their masks, right?


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  1. Damn Communists…..same as the Nazis just a different symbol and color. If these “climate change” (and when does the climate not change?) nuts flew the swastika instead of the hammer and sickle they would be beaten bloody by the crowds around them. God damn all collectivists and their supporters to hell.

    • 30-’06. In just one generation, the Left has been able to suck the hatred out of the Hammer and Sickle. It has been like watching a slow motion video of 1984. One day a symbol is reviled and the next day it is honored.

      You realize how this ends, right? Gulags for oldsters like you and me and death by overwork. Re-education camps for our kids and grandkids and Mountains of bodies.

      • Not me. I am an early retirement extreme follower and can live quite easily under the poverty level.
        They may still come and lock me up for being a white Christian conservative male veteran but I’m no slave to the govt because of materialistic needs; I shed those years ago

      • “. In just one generation, the Left has been able to suck the hatred out of the Hammer and Sickle.”

        Which proves our “free society” was a sweet, wet labia just waiting to be pounded.

        “Democracy”. “Republic”. “Capitalism”.


    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Damn Communists…..same as the Nazis just a different symbol and color.”

      Nah, Communists are worse – the Nazis’ conquest goals were far more limited. Whereas the Nazis just wanted most of Europe, the Commies want it all.

    • These mouth breathers are the rejects left behind when the 20th Century communist joined and took over the Demorrhoid party to get away from Tail Gunner Joe and Hoover. They are slimy and nasty and easy to hate but the real enemy and the real totalitarian crusaders are the democrats.

  2. Those “Feminist, ant-racist eco socialist” forget to put “militant scary lesbians” on their sign… Or maybe they just ran out of room

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    Well, well, well….at least we can call them for what they are now.

  4. At least now, if you pay attention, the masks are off. No more hiding and pretending. Three-pers, your targets are ID’d.
    Ready on the left? Ready on the right? The firing line is now ready. Fire at will.

  5. What I find fascinating about this whole lumpenprole-state collective is how these useful idiots continue to believe that the solution to the problem of environmental degradation lies with it’s cause – the state. Do they not understand that this entity has been destroying private property rights for over a century in order to allow big industry to pollute with impunity?

  6. “Goose, this is what I call a target-rich environment.”

    Great OSINT photos at the linked site. Website URLs, photos of known or suspected OPFOR agents (those behind the booths, not in front of them), etc. And all within a 30 minute drive of my location.

  7. Let me be the first to say…

    Death to communism.

    Now pass the eyewash and brain bleach.

  8. Look at it this way, they’re making intel gathering rather easy, no?

  9. i am convinced that the whole climate movement is just a plan to bleed out money from the middle class in western civilization to the govt and elite and once they’ve bleed out enough with higher food prices and utility rates from green efforts; they have thier serf system until the robots are good enough they card start discarding, or killing; the non essential people.

  10. It is the nature of Government( the State) to own/control every piece of property and every person with-in it’s borders. The communists and socialists are honest about that fact, and in fact, like it. It is the communists and socialists who understand ‘the State’. Any one who thinks that a government can exist without control of all with-in it’s borders is living in a fantasy. Please explain how a government can exist with zero power to control any property or persons with-in it’s borders. Now explain why this government with zero power is called a government at all? Drop the illusion that if you could just get the right leaders everything would be all right. there is only one right leader to be accountable in the Judgement for your life and that is you! Stop holding all the same unspoken assumptions about life and living that the collectivists hold. That would be ‘getting the log out of your own eye’ so you could see clearly.

    • outlawpatriot

      “All” governments no matter how well designed or intended move inexorably over time towards tyranny. Ours, as painful as it is to say it, is no exception. That being said, anybody with a mental capability above the level of an amoeba should also understand that anarchy is not a viable solution when imperfect Homo sapiens are part of the equation. It just doesn’t have a half life beyond a tenth of a second.

      So, what is to be done?

      Well, assuming for the sake of argument that said Homo sapiens, with the exception of a very small percentage, are going to continue to live in aggregates while maintaining all their imperfections. Ergo, some form of government is going to be necessary for those various aggregates according to their particular ethnicity, culture, mores, religion, etc. With the exception of earliest Homo sapien history it has always been so. And no where in that history has a state of anarchy existed that was beneficial to anyone except a very few individuals at the top of the societal chain. But if you had Homo sapiens that could/would control themselves anarchy would in fact be the ideal.

      Assuming a political segment with anarchy as the right point, tyranny the left point, and pure democracy the center point, it should be obvious that we want to be somewhere in that right segment as close as practical to the far right point. A bunch of guys a long time ago knew and understood this. Their first shot at establishing a government for their new nation were the Articles of Confederation, certainly a far right document by anyone’s standard. But it proved to be a too far right document and unworkable. In fact, it damn near cost them the winning of their independence. As a result there was a call to make the changes necessary to form a “more perfect Union” to use the vernacular. That document, our present Constitution, is in fact a fairly far right document if interpreted by the culture of the time. Though not as far right as the Articles of Confederation, it was in keeping with staying in the right hand segment and was an improvement. As a result this nation was able to make a 5000 year leap as described by Cleon Skouson.

      But after almost two and half centuries even this document has not been immune to the inexorable movement towards tyranny as no document conceived by the mind of imperfect Homo sapiens can be. It’s been a good run, but the process that took place when the Articles of Confederation were improved has to take place again. With a couple centuries of history as a reference one would hope that the present document can be improved such that tyranny could be held at bay for 3-4 centuries the next time but it still won’t be completely immune. That’s just a fact. As sure as anarchy is not a viable choice.

      • “As sure as anarchy is not a viable choice.”

        It may not be good, but clearly it’s viable. This IS anarchy and we are all alive, at least for the moment.

        If you deny this is anarchy, then what is it about anarchy that isn’t here now? There’s not even a pretension of Rule of Law; you can’t seriously deny that. So maybe you’ll say, “But there is a government,” except that technically here in the US, there isn’t, since the government, as you’ll be quick (and correct) to point out, IS the Constitution.

        No Rule of Law and no government—that ain’t anarchy? The alternative is to say that because we CALL it “law” and “government,” then therefore it is. Formally, that’s Subjectivism…the belief that things literally become what we believe them to be. Epistemology; gotta love it.

        • Jim, that is the moist egregious manipulation of terms you’ve foisted yet.

          Just because the present government is illegitimate by Constitutional standards doesn’t mean there isn’t one.

          I believe “tyranny” is the word you should have been looking for, had you not been so interested in trying to criticize OP and toot your own horn, again.

          Perhaps you’re right. Tyranny is what will happen eventually when anarchy is tried, and for the very same reasons it rears its head when structured Liberty is established: greed, power lust and human weakness.

      • I will be the first to admit the theory of anarchy is incomplete. It doesn’t work yet, otherwise it would already be working and some of us would already be living it. On the other hand, this comment contains fallacies such as of proof by wishful assertion and of changing the definition of a word (anarchy) in the middle of an argument. I would much prefer to talk about factual engineering problems with anarchy.

        anarchy is not a viable solution when imperfect Homo sapiens are part of the equation.

        Why? You are making this positive claim, so you need to make a concrete argument in support of it.

        It just doesn’t have a half life beyond a tenth of a second.

        Contradicted by historical fact in least one case. Iceland was a federated anarchy of multiple judicial authorities with geographically overlapping territories for 200+ years. If you believe the Iceland example can’t apply to America, then why?

        Ergo, some form of government is going to be necessary for those various aggregates

        In this sentence, what do you mean by “government”? Don’t confuse self-defense with imposing policy on non-consenters. These are two separate functions which current governments want you to confuse, so that you mistakenly extend your moral justification of self-defense to cover their aggressive wars.

        With the exception of earliest Homo sapien history it has always been so.

        Since you believe anarchy used to work, please give the date range when anarchy stopped working. Do you know what factors stopped it from working?

        And no where in that history has a state of anarchy existed that was beneficial to anyone except a very few individuals at the top of the societal chain.

        You’re not describing anarchy, you’re describing government by royalty.

        Assuming a political segment with anarchy as the right point, tyranny the left point, and pure democracy the center point

        You’re making a circular argument. You’re trying to first assume government is inevitable, and then later conclude government is inevitable. A better way to describe political arrangements is with two axes, one describing the strength/coverage of forcible control, the other describing the amount of forcible redistribution:

        our present Constitution, is in fact a fairly far right document if interpreted by the culture of the time.

        The Constitution produced a government structure almost identical to the British government. What actually happened was the founders fought the British aristocracy for the right to milk the tax cows, becoming the new replacement aristocracy. Soon after, Washington fought the Whiskey Rebellion to impose additional taxation without representation, to bill the tax cows for the cost of changing their owners.

  11. This is one of the few career paths left for public school parolees. Wonder if they get free healthcare and dental?

  12. Why do these commie enviro feminists always look like they went for a midnight run through the ugly forest and hit every blasted branch there and back? Haven’t they considered hiring some pretty talent, like the advertising folks do?

  13. This is merely recruiting propaganda. Communism doesn’t care about the environment. East Germany was a pollution cesspool when they collapsed. China is even worse now. They just want to lure in young people and indoctrinate them.

  14. Who would have a problem posing these choices to these women: Convert, Leave CONUS under your own power, leave CONUS by our hands, or Die?

    Communism is, by definition, malum in se. Seeking to impose it on a man who does not want it is a capital offense.

    • No problem with that, since no viable alternatives exist.

      “Join or Die!”

      Seems I read about that somewhere…..

    • Regular Old Bob

      That’s my line of thinking, as well, K. Except not only the “females”.

    • They aren’t going to convert, any more than you are going to stop trying to make “limited government” work.

      Governments are religions, justified by faith instead of evidence. People can have a crisis of faith, but it takes a lot to cause one.

  15. The sanctimony is dripping off them.

  16. Looking at this I thought I was looking at stills from a Monty Python movie…

  17. Below is the wikipedia link for the Communist Manifesto, written in 1848 by Marx and Engels. In the section “II. Proletarians and Communists” there is a checklist of features the Communists want to see in government; by “rent” they mean taxes. This checklist can be used as a scorecard to determine how Communist a government is. For instance, the FCC is Communist, because it implements the communication half of this goal: “6. Centralisation[sic] of the means of communication and transport in the hands of the State.”

  18. “I kill a communist for fun. Bu’ for a green card, I gonna cut him up real good.” …..Tony Montana in “Scarface”

  19. Well one thing you got to say is that they are easily identified.

  20. “Wherever the carcass is, there shall come the vultures … out of the mountain fastnesses, the rocky crags, the vultures of the sky come down to this glittering rottenness in order to devour it. These winged creatures are a kind of avenger and a punisher. They are a judgment upon death and corruption. Just as soon as corruption sets in, these winged monsters appear shrieking and croaking and winging their way to death itself…. Whenever a civilization begins to die morally or spiritually, then there begin to appear vultures. That is the mission of Communism in the world. Communism is the scavenger of a decaying civilization.”


  21. The endgame of the enviro-supremacists is similar to Pol Pot’s rule of Cambodia. An agrarian peasant communist society without the “corrupting” (from their view) influences of money and technology.

    Under Pol Pot, even the soldiers had to resort to clubs, because they could no longer manufacture ammunition. In contrast to the rulers of other communist regimes, Pol Pot went to great lengths to stamp out hypocrisy in the Khmer Rouge and the result was that conditions for the soldiers and Khmer Rouge “brothers” (how the oligarchy members referred to each other) was not much better than the subjects. The result was that the Khmer Rouge was in the process of self-destruction from internal conflict when Vietnam invaded. A fragment made of Pol Pot’s most dedicated loyalists continued an insurgency for years after the invasion and even after independence, imposing the same conditions in areas they controlled.

  22. Doesn’t seem to be a very well-attended event…

  23. the fukkn A-team

    Sep 23, 2014, 7:31 am

    This is what I have said before many times.

    Good comment…

    Homeowner Of Record

    “E X A C T L Y: (This article is spot on!) There is an even bigger picture to see our border is open for.


    War with Syria and its allies has been planned by huge financial corporations for years and saved up for its ability to distract the entire world to the BIG SHOW right here in America. Fuel prices are already going up…major networks will cover nothing except the war and its effects of creating (artificial) shortages here. When the internet is sabotaged, banks shut down & EBT cards stop working, the distraction will be complete. Chaos will ensue as planned. The last thing they want is for us to get along with each other and be self-sufficient.

    There will be long lines, store closings, the beginnings of hyperinflation…anything the powers that be (PTB) can create to get everyone all worked up…not just to further justify nuclear strikes to supposedly put an early end to the war to bring things back to normal here….but to further distract the masses while creating an even more nightmarish scenario here at home. The Bankers and their Puppets in Washington think nothing of destroying entire countries to acquire even more wealth and control.

    Think of A MAGICIAN waving around one hand or pointing to something to catch your eye, while the trick is prepped in the other hand or other side of the stage. This article on the BORDER IS THE MAIN EVENT. Everything will be coming across the border while all eyes are on Syria and the middle east. I will leave it to your imagination and those more in the know like Dave Hodges to give you a look at the future. It is not pretty.

    THINK EBOLA, OTHER PANDEMICS & ROVING GANGS IN MAJOR CITIES…all greatly assisted by illegals – criminals – gang members – terrorists – and others strategically being rushed across our open borders as a long-term strategy to destabilize America, bring in Martial Law & tear us down forever to create this planet’s largest 3rd world dictatorship. THE NEW WORLD ORDER IS THE FOURTH REICH…with great help from the Bush family who brought us 911, The Patriot Act & opened the door for NDAA in which you have no rights…no citizenship & no future.

    Did you really think those 800 FEMA Camps along railways with extermination areas and billions of rounds of ammo were for our safety. Most are in for a rude awakening! It is coming fast. There will be mass evacuations and quarantines as an excuse to load up entire towns to thin the population for easier management. Think Agenda-21 meets Adolph Hitler.

    This time it is not a drill. SYRIA & nuclear strikes in the middle east was always planned as the cover for the main event. It will also (don’t miss this point) be used as an excuse to have nuclear and biological FALSE FLAG ATTACKS on the mainland USA blamed on middle east countries or bogus boogeymen like ISIS or ISIL as certain parties like to call it.

    You must also realize…a month ago no one in the states ever heard of ISIL. It is yet another artificial enemy funded and recruited by the CIA. Why don’t they call the next group “big scary guys with machetes” or for short MACHETE after the movies they funded to create racial tensions where almost none had existed…kind of like The Ford Foundation funding LA RAZA to prevent us from getting along as we would without their attempts to stir up hatred and jealousy.

    You must realize…”peace is prosperity” for the people…no matter the race or religion. Wars and civil disturbance is prosperity only for Bankers and the Military Industrial Complex (JFK warned us about) who run this country and most others. Now do you really think they want peace between nations and races of people?

    Now who do you think orchestrated all this and why? Do not be distracted…we have been set up for a fall.

    “The destruction of America is the agenda”…not going after some idiot who faked a beheading on camera.
    They do that every single day in the middle east to children & Christians…and that never makes the nightly news.


    Their mistake was in making the internet available to the masses…the puppet masters are naked & exposed!
    It is a small world after all. The PTB should about that for a minute before they take the next step.”

    • Sounds like we have nothing left to lose…I’m not going down without bringing someone with me.

    • You do realize that the internet that they shouldn’t have made available is filled with content from a great many of those fatass, dumb and cowardly poor americans that you despise.

      You say all the right things, have lots of money (believe me, we’ve heard) but for a great man you sure as hell don’t have many followers. I used to just believe you were a horses ass, but after this previous big thread and then this I’m starting to smell a plant.

      You folks need work on it, this aint the unwashed Hutaree. Hell, why don’t you shop around and get some Zig Zigler or Alan Zimmerman self improvement tapes? See if your controllers will let you get those, you can log the hours and expense to the training bucket. And I know you folks have that, that’s where you log the mandated diversity and inclusion awareness sessions.

      And, this Media Control that you put so much emphasis on means exactly shit. It’s purpose is to control the weak, and we didn’t want them anyway. Do you seek the adoration of the masses? You’re in the wrong line of work, turn your talents to becoming a mega-church pastor or the like.

      I don’t want an army of OWS protestors, or these graying do-nothing academic worshipping old fools and fringes of society freaks as featured in this article. A few hardened, self assured men with moderate capabilities led by even harder men from the pool of former snake eaters who are laying low out there is all its going to take.

      Look at our oppostion people. Listen to what they say, watch how they react to crisis. They’re weak, in body, mind and spirit.

      • the fukkn A-team

        You really are an idiot. For your information I am one of those former “snake eaters”- you fool. Go have a nice hot cup of eat some shit.

      • Amen Brother…And fuckinass or pana or whoever you are today anytime you want to prove to me how badass you are come by the dojo and we will find out just how tough you are…And Klein when I want your input on my affairs I will kindly ask…I really don’t care what those two dipshits think about me and I will group them together when they all act like fools on here…To those that offer words of wisdom and encouragement and actually care about other Patriots I Thank You…


    To paraphrase Uncle Joe Stalin: “…and how many divisions do these greens/reds have?” Let them wave their banners. If they were attending Max V’s or Mr. Mosby”s classes, or standing in line at Thunder Ranch, then I would be concerned. I think we all need to be reminded of the old saying: A SMITH AND WESSON BEATS FOUR ACES. Keep prepping, folks.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Stalin’s (attributed, at least) other line applies a bit more appropriately: Quantity has a quality all it’s own.

  25. They probably all have iPhones, high speed internet, cars built by a private business (except for govt motors), clothes made in 3rd world countries sent here via oil burning cargo ship, starbucks for breakfast, whole foods for lunch exhale co2.

    Bunch of hypocrites.

  26. Piss upon them from a great height !

  27. When I was in collage I organized an environmental workshop, I had someone from the Sierra Club, Green Peace and Ducks Unlimited speak. Everybody was a little surprised at how the so called right and left agreed on some major points. Now, three decades later, I still think that the wild lands are worth protecting and my personal environmental view is best summed up with “Don’t shit in your sleeping bag !” That said, collectivism in any form other than absolutely voluntary is dangerous. The communists are using it as an avenue to gain acceptance. The nova used it ( successfully) to get the anti-war movement receptive to their ideology. The new “Green Reds” are doing the same. I guess my point is to get of the left v. Right paradigm, don’t mess up your habitat and support individual liberty above all else! Oh yeah, don’t commit unwarranted aggression, but if it is warranted, get it done fast and well.

    P.S. Friends help friends move. Brothers help brothers move bodies…

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    I was never fooled for a minute.

  29. As soon as the party starts, these a$$holes just disappear. I don’t even expect to hear any rhetoric or advice from them-just squeaks and running feet. Of course, these environMENTALISTS have no idea how to survive in the forests, deserts, or mountains that they so admire. We probably won’t even need to waste ammunition. I think that they will be among the first die off; more deer meat for me! 😉

  30. Sooo,
    I is a website for an enterprise called “Initiative Computing”, a company that produces “Proportional Representation” voting Systems, and is “working for electoral reform in general and for proportional representation (PR) in particular.”


  31. But they own the state and the one million + coproaches in 19,000 departments across the fetid plain from sea to shining sea.

  32. Jimmy the Saint

    What mask? Sure, the Lefty frontmen play nice, but the rest of them have never been shy about their goals (e.g., Bill Ayers has long advocated killing millions).

  33. Nothing new playing out here. This is an old game. As old as the written word.
    “15-Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. 16- By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles? 17-Likewise, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. 18-A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit. 19-Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. 20- Thus, by their fruit you will recognize them.” Matthew 7: 15-20

  34. Mighty far down the rabbit hole.

    On average, the military recruits about 5,000 noncitizens each year, nearly all of them permanent U.S. residents, or so-called “green card” holders. Starting in 2006, the military began accepting some foreigners with nonpermanent visas, such as students or tourists, if they had special skills that are highly valued.

    Cool so we are distinguishable from a MERC force how?