Sparks 31: For Your Education

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Best get on it.

2 responses to “Sparks 31: For Your Education

  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. Scan. (Get it, do it, with focus o’ forethought & all that stuff.) There’s always a starting point. If you haven’t yet got a baseline battle-rhythm of your local AO, how will you know what’s chaff & what’s grain? (This is why .gov vacuums up everything.)

    Check your local & state laws. Some places don’t allow mobile-scanners, some only allow it if you already have an amateur ticket – use a handheld instead of a mobile fixed in the vehicle, or volunteer under pretense of a county’s local SKYWARN team, but there’s always a way. It’s not about gear; it’s about craft & the doing of it. The starting point is to start.