Book Review: Covert Rural Surveillance

Ivy Mike sends re this book.

Got skills?

The Other Guy does.

Tempus fugit.

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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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    My kind of book. Look forward to learn more procedures……

  2. so….studying the skills outlined in this book, might give you some ideas on how to defend your rural retreat from this kind of craft. looks like perimeter patrolling gets another item added to the list.

  3. Q: A squad is out patrolling their AO. Part of their assignment is to make contact with local residents. How does a patrol announce their presence without getting shot? Walk up and knock? Pop smoke? Is it different if contacted before? Different if known friendly or neutral? How to ensure the house hasn’t been compromised? etc.

    Is this something everyone but me knows? Maybe this is better asked at Max’s Forum? I searched some but didn’t find anything. Could someone repost there? (Just thought: Is it in Contact!? I haven’t read it cover to cover and don’t have a copy here.)

    • Crosby, it’s very different is known friendly or neutral. If they’re friendly, then an SOP should’ve previously been setup for conducting friendly link-up in both daylight and reduced visibility. Primarily your patrol would want to make conduct with the least signature possible to a probable third party. This means either radio contact or non-electronic such as hanging a bright orange panel(aka VS-17) in a place where they will see it and know what it is signaling. During this time you’ll want your patrol out of sight, sound, smell, and small arms range(generally 400m or more) in what’s known as an objective rally point(ORP). The patrol leader(you) should move to the link up point to meet with the designated person from the other group, and then move your guys in.
      If they are neutral, it could take a while. Do they have skills you might need? Can your group sustain a new group? This would be a great time to conduct an intelligence capability assessment. (personnel, weapons, equipment, ages, fitness level, approximate relationships between persons in the group, etc.) This only comes from observation over a long period of time, where the skills presented in this book will come in handy as well as FM 7-93. If you decide you need to link up with them, during your observations you should have monitored any communications coming from them, and once you decide you want to meet then attempt to hail them over the radio. Decide on how you want to meet,recognition signals, etc, and only send a buddy team from your patrol to meet them, but maintain an overwatch(another team observing your meetup ready to intervene if things go sour). When talking, reiterate you have no hostile intent, but make sure they don’t. If you did a good enough job with your assessment of their group in your recon and surveillance(R&S) you’ll know this already. It is a long process, and requires patience.
      I hope this clarifies things a bit.

      • This is good advice.Crosby, I’d recommend checking out the two posts CA put up by Mosby about building your tribe. You want to get your nice-to-nasty ratios dialed in long before things get chippy.

  4. I’m not familiar with this author, so US$80 for a book seems a bit stiff. On the other hand Mosby, who I was familiar with, wrote a book that was well worth the $60 I paid for it. Maybe WRSA could get this author to write a few blog posts?

  5. Jimmy the Saint

    Uh, not to get too technical, but isn’t it a good idea to sort of break up the outline of the binocular lenses?

  6. He wants to be in the know… So they can protect us…. what a PUKE…

  7. Nice info…Thanks!

  8. Sorry for being off topic…
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  9. the fukkn A-team

    I don’t believe the patrol should be compromised. Contact should be made thru the auxillary or underground.

  10. Shinmen Takezo

    This book costs $84.00 USD shipped to the USA?!
    Are these people insane?!
    Is it printed on plates of gold like the Book Of Mormon?
    Have they heard of Amazon?
    Have they heard of internet downloads?

    Give us a freakin’ break please!!!
    Someone wake me up when a pirated version is available on The Pirate Bay.

    • Nice!
      So another man’s labor is only worth something to you if you can steal it?

    • Tip of the day: Sound carries far in the mtns. I can often hear vehicles a mile away.

    • Books aren’t all $14.99 or one-cent + shipping (free shipping for Prime members!). Most books are near-free and worth that. I have a number of technical books with actual selling prices (not hopeful MSRP, or e-bay Price-It-High pricing) over $400, and they do sell. Why? Because demand exceeds supply, but volume of demand is less than a dozen books so it’s not worth a re-print. If the info is life-critical, you don’t want a piratebay version where a formula could have been changed or some mis-info inserted. Send the money, and I ship a book insured/registered mylar sealed floatable, because all I would be able to do is refund money, not replace, if something happened.

      If this book is for you, order RFN or hold your peace until feb 01. Terrible things happen to packages over the winter shipping season. Temp employees? I stop shipping 15 Oct, pull inventory lists down and do something else.

      I looked for a .pdf of the title in the usual spaces, none exists. The authors are defending their work, which is good. I would bet that the printing/binding is first-class, maybe even on anti-tear/moisture-resist paper, at this price. They mention that it’s sized for the map pouch of your ruck, so I assume sturdy (but inside gallon freezer-weight zip-lock bag anyway, as small treasures deserve).

      When you find something good, sell some boxes of cr*p to get the money while still young. You will be ahead with one nice thing to assist with training, and ahead with less weight and cr*p on your next move or to enjoy the emptiness right now.

  11. Dude mus have not heard of kindle. Maybe the book comes with Harry Potters cloak of invisibility. If so it would well be worth the money. Seriously though $84? Make it avail on kindle and charge 9.99. He would have sold 1000 copies today just from readers of this blog.