Buppert: Same As It Ever IS – Just Another Government Threat

“…Government is a death cult and IS may simply be the latest variant. Your government wants you to view IS as a threat and not as the ally they truly are in the holy quest to pave the planet with monolithic government nonsense…”


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  1. Government may transform into a death cult — it certainly does so often enough — but it appears to originate as a “theft cult.” Franz Oppenheimer traced the origin of the State from marauding bands of raiders in the early hunter-gatherer era, many of whom got tired of marauding and settled down to pillage freshly subjugated stationary societies over long periods. Such groups eventually became viewed as protective authorities, according to Oppenheimer, and acquired legitimacy through the oldest of mechanisms: tradition. He pursues this line of thought in his book “The State.”

    Modern States have much in common with that evolution. Some, of course, are already death cults as well, while some others appear to be headed in that direction. But all mulct their subjects to the greatest extent they can manage, and of course return as little as possible for it.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      The priestly class had a big role to play, too. “Give us 10% of your harvest/mining/etc to ‘give to the gods’. and we’ll guarantee that the gods favor you. What’s that? Didn’t work? Well, *you* must have done something wrong, then.”

  2. Of course a few people can’t govern a few hundred million, but a state with a massive bureaucracy, militarized enforcement agencies, and local offices headed up by the state’s gauleiter, making sure the governance of the communities in his district keep in line, sure can.

    Not only have they governed, they have the population in loving thrall, as they stand up and put their hands over their hearts while listening to Lee croon away about how glad he is to be an American because he’s knows he free, and everyone else in the world isn’t, and all that other bullshit.

    You want your freedom back, dismantle the massive, centralized American federal state and return to a confederation, where the sovereign states associate with each other voluntarily and not under the threat of violent reprisal.


    Good article. The irony is in the photographs. Freeman and DiCaprio are two unabashed Hollywood liberal pukes and Obama cheerleaders. But then, most conservative/libertarian Hollywood types are in the closet or they are out of a job.

  4. outlawpatriot

    While an absolute raging anarchist he does as always make some very cogent points.

    I am however exceedingly glad that anarchists are a very small subset of the movement and the raging ones an even smaller one.

    • OLP,

      With respect; raging indeed, I will take that label but I employ the term abolitionist more often than that because the anarchist term makes collectivists fill their pants. I simply think any type of slavery is wrong.

      I, too, am exceedingly glad that the parchment worshipers, state fellators and minarchists are becoming more of a minority than ten years ago in this movement you speak of.

      It is fortunate I have no clue what your philosophy is nor your keen felicity to know that of others.

      To wit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2h2ZixoCCWI

      Bill Buppert

    • Anarchocapitalist checking in. I’ll fight by your side, but when this is over please don’t tax me, tell me I can’t own guns, tell me I can’t take drugs, or tell me that I can’t be a homosexual.

      Otherwise I go right back to war.

  5. Over the top, Bill…congratulations. One of the best, ever.

    Alan, any errors in there? I’m always looking for errors, hahaha.

    • outlawpatriot

      I’m always trying to determine which came first, Buppert or Klein.

      Your response was anticipated.

      And as I said, I’m exceedingly thankful that you and your kind are a small minority. If you don’t get too pushy, you can just be ignored.

      • Yeah, ignored…that’s what you do, right? I may not be as good at 300 yards as you, but at least I know who the enemy is. You’re trying to figure it out by divining collectivist labels in comment threads. Good luck with that; you’ll be a hoot in battle, I’m sure. Some genius will devise fake patches and you won’t know what to do.

      • Oh, you forgot to answer the question—any errors in Bill’s piece?

  6. I feel like I got an elbow strike to the head on that last paragraph. I know that to be true in my heart. I do my best to make peace with that every single day. Otherwise the dissonance caused by being surrounded behind enemy lines for this long would drive me mad. It hasn’t and it won’t thanks to you good folks.

  7. Alfred E. Neuman

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  8. ol remus and the woodpile report has an interesting commentary today.
    give it a looksee.

  9. Probably not a popular view here but……At least half of the population is of below average intelligence….so…YES, there are some people who can’t govern themselves effectively.

    They prove it every day in their poor personal choices- which affect the rest of us. In a “perfect” society that would not be an issue because they would simply suffer for their stupidity, but in our society as currently constituted, we PAY for their stupidity.

    Whether they then deserve to essentially be “ruled” is another issue entirely but the fact is that there are a large number of people who can barely function if left to their own devices and the results of their poor decisions impact the rest of us. So excuse me if I don’t embrace the whole “everybody should be their own ruler” idea.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      I know people dumber than a rock and some with several masters degrees who fellate their leaders with enthusiasm, so there’s no telling what makes people gullible. Brainwashing is an individual thing, some people are immune, and some work their way out of it. But the masses still need someone to lead them around and tell them what to do, for they themselves do not feel they know how to do it themselves.
      The IRS is a perfect example; how many folks do their own taxes, and how many hire someone to do it for them, even if it’s for a simple 1040EZ? They are too lazy mentally to do something on their own, instead will pay money if someone will do it for them. So it goes with gov’t/leadership. How many people donate money to the Sierra Club, PETA, NRA, etc, in the hope that someone will do something and they don’t have to waste their own time worrying about it? It appears to be human nature to evade responsibility, whether thru laziness, or ignorance, or as we see today, people think they have enough money to throw at something and it will fix itself. They don’t understand what the next step will entail when you run out of money and the system reverts to it’s default position, especially when it can’t happen here!

    • Will: The powers that be have decided that you cannot govern yourself. They are glad that you agree, like the good little boy that you are. Mama Michelle is soooooo proud of you.

    • “…but in our society as currently constituted, we PAY for their stupidity.”

      “As currently constituted”? In other words, “with government”. The very problem you posit is not an excuse to have government, but a result of having one.

      The way to solve the problem is to let idiots feel the full consequences of their actions. They will either perish or learn not to be so idiotic. This can only happen when government disappears.

  10. “You want your freedom back, dismantle the massive, centralized American federal state and return to a confederation, where the sovereign states associate with each other voluntarily and not under the threat of violent reprisal.”
    Well at least you’d have a choice of police states then, and we could reaname ourselves the Confederation of Police States of United America, which is an anagram CP-USA!

    Seriously a lot of states are also too damn big and too damn centralized and have too much control. Big lib cities control huge swaths of mostly empty country,sort of like the city of Baghdad controlled all of Iraq, despite having little in common with the rest of the nation.

    The Country Class over there is finally had it, and some sort of final battle looks about ready to go off.

    • Always start at the power center, and that means Washington, because they have the whip hand. Devolution of power, back to the original sovereign states, is a starting point. If that doesn’t work for some, such as California, or New York, then keep going backward until it does. A confederation will still work unless the stopping point is tribalism, and I don’t discount that outcome, given the invasion from the south.

  11. Battlefield USA

    To funny. The vision I see, is thousands of mini-serfdoms vying for control. And you will be governed by the meanest baddest MF’ers on the block. Or, dead. And that includes you “individual” inseparable of yourselves… anarchists.

    You think Rome just… happened? Athens? Syracuse? Boeotia? Carthage? Lacedaemon? Persia?

    And ohhh… the intrigue amongst the various cliques. Leagues made and broken. internecine warfare. The trophies!

    It is all going to be very interesting and amusing indeed.

    I’m not commenting on everyone here. Well, you know. Carry on children.