Max V: Rightful Liberty and ‘Standing Up’

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  1. HHH Old Vet.

    Absolutely!!! I agree with you on all points Max. Going against the grain has cost me in many ways and enriched me in one, that is I won’t take a bunch of crap without pushing back from any tyranical entity.

    Here’s to breaking the last Phucking Straw.!

  2. Prepping Preacher

    death by a thousand cuts can be utilized against leviathan just as that process has been used on Rightful Liberty… each individual who stands, each group who refuses to cave in, makes a slit however large or small…
    there is, in all practicality, only one viable civil model and it is that of Rightful Liberty coupled with “the Law of the Land”… it is the duty of every individual to ensure the perpetuation and protection of both meaning “to stand” when either or both are assaulted…

    the question then comes: what does one do to stand?

    there is no “one-size-fits-all” response – realize that immediately… realize too, that no one person holds all or even most of the answers… so many are looking for “the One” to personally deliver a tailor-made plan that will be the magic steely knife that will kill the beast… give that up, pick your head up and understand that YOU are the answer… look around yourself, locate something evil and set about devising a plan to kill it… there is more to be done than “runnin’ and gunnin'”… do you have kids/grkids..??? find out what the local school board is cramming down your kids’ throats without your knowledge, find a way to challenge it or pull them out and homeschool them… take the state $$$$ for your kids away from them by homeschooling… in our county alone, there are over 4700 homeschooled kids… beyond that, why not consider forming a homeschool co-op…??? seek out like-minded help if you need it to accomplish the goal of STANDING…

    **WARNING** STANDING may well require a life-style adjustment… are you having a problem with that..?? consider the liberties lost and what there is yet to lose against making some kind of a difference in even your own life…

    it’s past time to be off the fence, waiting for the other guy to do something

    PP Chaplain IIIPSA

    • “pick your head up and understand that YOU are the answer…”

      There it is, the complete answer. Everything else is detail.

  3. Pete, sorry for the ot post but just really enjoyed this bit of fun this morning and wanted to share:

  4. Brilliant and persuasive article by Max as usual.

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    Spot on. It’s up to each one of us to stand up,not just a few of us-all of us.

  6. Even before he wrote this I must state this so there is no confusion on the playing field: the elites will never see a tactical training school or its individual trainers as neutral.

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