What Has Been Lost

47 Years Ago Today: The Fastest Manned Aircraft Flight Ever

Balls that clanked when he walked.

Americans – a lot of them – had such equipment.

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  1. Now we have commercials for products like DEPENDS.
    For a nation of pants-wetters.
    What we’ve lost indeed!

  2. I worked with Pete Knight for a while back about 1990. Hell of a good guy.

    Drove a little white Honda with the license plate “X15A2”.

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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  4. I remember men like that. My father was 82nd Airborne. In 1963, when I was 13, I asked him at the dinner table what he did in the war. Without looking at me or missing a beat he said: “What I had to”. Today, he’s 94, in a nursing home in Florida, and doesn’t know who he is/was..

  5. “HAD” is the operative word. America today has become a nation of fearful sissies and their masters.

  6. We could have been on Mars by now, but instead chose to be the failed grand experiment in “Diversity & Tolerance”. We deserve the wretched fate headed our way. Whites threw away their birthright on America.
    At least after the reset, we’ll be the only ones who know how to rebuild & survive. The important lesson to be learned is cull the liberals, queers, race-mixers and other ilk along the way.

    • 50 yrs. back or more the old men said the ‘mud people’ will be the end of the U.S. Scream & yell & call them & me racist. They were right.

      • Call me a racist too. No problem. But to this day, I remember a segregationist (can’t tell you his name but I do remember he was from South Carolina) on television after Johnson had signed the civil rights act in 1964. He said the following. “Having afforded equal status to the negro, we have betrayed our posterity. For as surely as water seeks its own level, within the span of several generations we shall see our culture dragged down to the level of theirs.”

        There ya go. So shoot me.

        • I like Chris Rock’s perspective. There are black people, and there are….

          I’ll continue to judge people by the content of their character. Though those with character may seem few and far between, I’m not going to write off someone because of their skin. An idiot is an idiot is an idiot. But a liberty loving friend is a friend, regardless of any other factor. Period.

          • Twister, that’s how we got here. One good one at a time.

          • uh-huh. Fact remains, when push comes to shove, a White might kill you…because you’ve got something he wants. A Black WILL kill you…simply because you are White. They have been programmed to do so

            • “They have been programmed to do so.”

              I gotta say, you’re a funny one to be talking about being programmed.

    • Oh look, another paid Fedtroll. Yawn.

      Got no problem with gays or Blacks as long as we share the same devotion to Rightful Liberty.

  7. Regular Old Bob

    Damn, we *were* good, weren’t we? “Space is the Place”, remember that? Who says nostalgia is overrated?
    Excuse me while I get out my Faber-Castell 2/83N slide rule and remember we did almost all of that without computers.

  8. the need for speed is overrated: .308 @ 3,000/fps will be fine. And there’s plenty of Men out there honing their skills with same

  9. We still have men like that around…but the media only glorifies the cry babies, whiners and over 40 adolescents which they pass off as “men”.
    Real men are ignored but that’s ok…keep training.

  10. I used to not think much of England, they talk big; but there has rarely been any bite in my lifetime and now the usa is the same; very sad.

  11. There are some , sitting at home , not saying much , who still carry a set of nads .

    • Battlefield USA

      Where? Oh yeah… sitting at home, not saying much… thinking they have a ton of… nads.

      Come to think of it, we are not where we are today because of a bunch of nutless men. Their political philosophy may be different, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have balls. They had the balls to put… you sitting at home, not saying much… guesstimating when you are… going to get off the couch.

      Hard. I know.

      Gloom… and doom?

  12. Thank you for that wonderful walk down memory lane! As kid growing up, I was proud of the USA, proud to be a Californian, and along with all the other firms (Lockheed, Martin Marrietta, etc) it was amazing that we got the Palmdale testing grounds too. Add in lots of military bases, Malibu beach, the mountains, ski resorts-who the hell would want to grow up anywhere else? I’d personally like to thank all of the dimwitted assholes who-through “rights”, political correctness, gender equality, and other crap-have turned paradise found into hell on earth pussiness. Oh to be a school kid, going to watch the latest space mission return.

  13. Grandfather owned a pneumatic and hydraulic shop in Hialeah after getting out of the Navy post WWII. Designed retraction systems for the early NASA Gemini and Apollo spacecraft.
    Smoked, drank Schlitz beer and whiskey, built hot rods, and gave me his weapons and tools before he died. Another great man from a truly different time. Sad schools probably don’t even mention this in their “curriculum” anymore. They prosecute grade school kids for going “pew” “”pew” with their fingers.

    • Sadly, Shop Classes have been banished from high schools by the liberal elite and their innate disdain for anyone who makes a living getting their hands dirty.

      I think we need far more plumbers, machinists and carpenters than we do graduates with majors in “Women’s Social Issues”, “Ancient Mandarin Literature”, and other such crap.

  14. Marlo Stanfield

    Bad Ass is when you are strapped to Buff while going down the runway sitting in your X15! 

  15. Yes. This isn’t the country I grew up in. I don’t think we could do that again even if the people in charge wanted to. We’ve lost something, somewhere along the way.

  16. the fukkn A-team

    When I look to my right and then to my left, I can’t find anyone who will stand up with me. If anything, the fuckers will rat you out for not going along with the rest of the sheep. I have been called “terrorist” “different” and “crazy” I tried so hard. I’ve spent so much time and $ it makes me sick. What happened to America’s men? I’m so fucking disgusted.

    • another geezer lamenting his Lost Youth

      • the fukkn A-team

        You’re an idiot. I’m 50, perfect health, 185 lbs, rich, can do a hundred push-ups at one time, run circles around 18 year olds, and have a 23 year hottie on the side. Who are you calling a “geezer”? you loser.

        • livin’ the Playboy(tm) Lifestyle, c. 1966

        • LOL! Lets do some math. How many times does 50 go into 23?

          Best of luck you vain asswipe.

          • the fukkn A-team

            Answer- As many times as I want. The disparity between the classes here in Murika is too great to overcome. Some get lucky in the game of life. But in reality, luck is when opportunity meets preparedness. I don’t agree with the elites agenda of depopulation, but I certainly understand where they’re coming from. It bothers me that the great majority of people refuse to upgrade their positions in life. Is it ignorance or apathy? Life is about UPGRADE. This country was created by those who wanted better for themselves. They put in the effort to make it so, only to have it destroyed by lazy, ignorant gimme dat peasants. We’re fucked.

            Best of luck to you too asswipe.

            • intra-patriot fratricide will now cease. Luck orders it be so

            • “This country was created by those who wanted better for themselves.”

              Ya think? But now a guy can get slammed for thinking like that.

              Upgrade? For YOURSELF? You got it backwards…it’s all about sacrifice, and doing for everyone else, including every lout who wouldn’t work if his life depended on it. Sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice…give till it hurts and there’s nothing left to give. Only then can you declare yourself moral, and go on to “establish moral authority.”

              And everyone wonders what happened. It’s so tough to figure out.

        • outlawpatriot

          the fukkn A-team, did you ever post here under another handle?

  17. I think often of my Dad and his WW2 sub buddies, ballsy men who drank, smoked, farted where they pleased, and did not give a shit who didn’t like it. Thank God I grew up like him.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      The masses, who think they’re really tough, don’t realize what wussies they truly are. A few of us grew up, and worked hard at being like our WW2 parents, but most folks are cowards and shitbirds at heart. You can’t fix ’em, you can’t change ’em, we just have to work so much harder to pick up their slack, because they won’t be there helping you out.