The Legal Issues of the Eric Frein Manhunt

Worth your time.

But…but…he shot one of my BROTHERS IN BLUE!!!!1!11! ZOMG!!!1!!

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    Absolutely silly article where they call Frein a “wilderness ninja” and a “sniper.”

    Wonder if Frein learned any lessons from the Dorner incident?

    Frein also seems to be a fan of Che Guevara and the Soviet Red Army. The media has constantly described him as an “anti-government survivalist,” however, in an attempt to link him to the Liberty/patriot community.

  3. One man has kept 1,000 jackboots busy for what, 5-6 weeks now… including some of the top tier SRTs in the country, filled with fresh-outta-the-stan killers. These folks have all the tech and cash in the world, and this dude is skating circles around them.

    Imagine what just 500/state would do to their resources:

    Don’t worry, they’ll never try to put you in the e Bola camp:

    Crazy times, shit’s sideways, ya’ll…

    • Imagine instead what one or two “lone wolf” per state would do to those resources. Especially if that lone wolf was smart on how he did it…

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  5. Boon Vickerson is out there

    Worth your time? Absolutely. Very thoughtfully written. Certainly a most slippery slope and tale of how far off the reservation our government is. No one is stopping these thugs or trying to tone things down. If one, alleged, lone wolf can be the cause of such arbitrary police state tactics against innocent people, for months, without respite, then the system is getting close to collapse. The thuggery and blatant violation of every concept of sovereign sanctity of individuals, their property, and liberty, leaves no doubt there is not much time remaining before these excesses of the state and its monopoly of force will eventually lead to acts of retribution violent beyond anything these arrogant public officials can imagine. Then its on like Donkey Kong.
    Draw your own conclusion.

    What would these badged thugs do if a dedicated group went after them for real? One kid on revenge? These clowns and their political masters have lost any semblance of civility and moral objectivity. Nothing justifies the overt and deliberate acts of violations of peoples liberty and dignity here, with one exception, a system of government so corrupt and of such a tyrannical form as even one kid, supposed kid with a rifle, represents an existential threat to the illegitimate nature of those running our government.

    Just who are the criminals here?
    And who are the victims of their acts of lawless abandon?

    • Better yet, what would they do if “pop a pig” became the new sport across this country? Except do it smarter than in Pennsylvania. Bolt action rifle, and do NOT eject the cartridge. Know where the traffic cameras are, so they don’t have you on video. And it DOESN’T matter what pig you get – do you see ANY of them rising up against the swill in this manhunt?

      Or are you STILL falling for the Sipsey line???

    • Eh, I wonder if it really is that different. Seems to me the po-po have always got their panties in a bind when one of their own was shot. Maybe it’s been that way since the beginning.

  6. Money quote right here..

    “We are all citizens. Donning a uniform – while granting certain temporary powers prescribed by law – does not transform an individual into more than a civilian.”

    The citizens of the area need to demand an end to this nonsense. Maybe some FREEFOR in the area should flood the zone with reports of sightings outside the search area.

  7. I live within 40 miles of this current cluster-fuck of oinkers.
    What is interesting and quite in keeping with other high-profile events, is the fact that the media is not asking critical questions. Instead they are waving the flag and offering info on where to donate money to the “hero’s in blue”. I had not heard anything about the allegations of a trooper banging Frien’s brother’s wife.

    My gut tells me Frien is long gone. Despite claims that he has been spotted. I do not believe that one man can evade 100’s of pissed off cops with dogs and choppers. Not in eastern PA. In Alaska, Montana/Wyoming Rockies, or in the North Cascades, it is possible, but not here.

    This has become a show of force and I suspect another testing ground to see if the frog is done.

  8. Mr. Frein will never make it to jail/trial. He will be shot on site/sight for resisting arrest, (even if he’s asleep when they find him.)

  9. …. In a perfect world where the people havebt handed over their birthright as an Amerikan citizen to the govt for a bowl of soup.

    The police state, Obama…. All of this is a symptom of a rampant disease infecting the Amerikan people. It’s mental and spiritual.

    And no one has the balls to really push for a cure because it would meAn really being out of a comfort zone… And possibly no more ESPN.

  10. He’s got a following. People are getting sick of the shit.

  11. Probable cause = might be the guy
    Eric Frein Lookalike Stopped By Cops 20 Times in Manhunt

    Click for MOAR intolerable acts….

  12. Don’t assume they’re looking for him all that hard. The line LEOs are making a fortune in overtime. I understand a significant percentage of the PSP are near or over 20 years in and this income dictates what their retirement pay will be. Cow = milk. Serious milk. Think they really want it to end soon? Plus, over 30 of them have been injured so far – blown knees, badly twisted ankles, falling from tree stands, etc. Lots of incentive to look tough for the cameras then go have a picnic and a nap.

    • Gimme Dat sweet tax free 3/4 disability pension

      – the NYPD officers’ motto

    • Absolutely spot on, Daniel.
      It is well known that in many jurisdictions, the cops will accumulate copious amounts of overtime in the last year before retirement. The trick is to boost the earnings in the finals years and thereby boost the retirement pay-out. These clowns have been pulling in huge paychecks for the past few weeks. Ride the gravy train and paint it like your doing heroes work.

      This whole thing is turning into a circus…..who the fuck believes Frien is still in the area? Why would he be?

      This is a conditioning exercise and opportunity to show off to the sheeple how the po-po are “out there risking life and limb….blah, blah”. The locals are baking them cookies and waving the flag.

      Bleet -keep us safe- bleet, bleet.

    • Way to spot the real principle here, Daniel. Since ancient Greece at least, it’s always about the money.

  13. I just don’t see any downside to all this. One man has demonstrated to all the world:
    1) Cops are incompetent to do what they claim is their job
    2) Cops care only about their own
    3) Cops are a waste of money
    4) Cops who have been pulled from the surrounding jurisdictions, must not actually be necessary in those jurisdictions
    5) Cops are hostile to the rights of individuals
    6) Only one determined man can bring the system to its knees

    This is a PR disaster for the Ministry of Propaganda, no matter how the “news” media tries to spin the story.

    • What you say PJ is exactly correct. And yet every town in Pa. would vote to hire 10 more cops today if possible. And that is the real problem.

  14. Marlo Stanfield

    They are not looking that hard for him. I see White Pass and over time for as long as possible. The system will take as long as possible even if they catch him. Yeah he went off the Res, but he is a white guy who went off the Res. How will is Hinckley being treated? Better than the 50 million who are getting EBT.

  15. If he was smart, he’d have an exit plan before he got into the woods. Get somewhere else and they can look forever where you aren’t.