Two From JC Dodge


The Hypocrisy Of The Powers-That-Be

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4 responses to “Two From JC Dodge

  1. as far as the evasive/deadly subject is concerned…it’s a target-rich environment. Unless he’s in Liberia by now, hiding out amid the Ebola cases

  2. Marlo Stanfield

    When they start getting attacked by people who are not on their radar, how do they search? If this guy had a can on his rifle or waited and picked someone off when they were alone, who do you hunt? If this was a personal beef? What if said shooter waited a year or two before striking or hired an out of towner to do the deed? Or if those two got dropped while on vacation because of loose lips or a Face Book post detailing an up coming vacation or other out of town event. Maybe this is why people get shot at on the highways? If you are on vacation in Vegas gambling in front of thousands of security cameras and back at home states away your worst enemies got dropped? Buy a lottery ticket, that shits not on you. Your worst enemy drowns and you don’t swim or own scuba gear? People don’t need to know every one that you know. Back in the day there was no sign hanging outside the local Ninja Academy. Ninjas just did their shit and went home after cleaning up and changing clothes. FYI having a Ninja suit at home in the closet is a bad idea. That whole man cave at home with all the toys inside, bad idea. Same goes for the Wolf’s Lair on property in your name or where you have been seen on. If the wrong people know your favorite rifle is a tricked out AR15, then some where out there should be a Sig AK. or LAR47. If you are a die hard M14 man, then no one should ever see you with a DSA Fal. Your home should be a place that the mother in-law can’t find shit on you. House guns should be that, never leaves the house. Its not hard to put distance between you and a hurricane. No need to end upon TV with a bunch of civil servants milking the over time for all its worth.